15 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Best Friends or Couples | Brooklyn and Bailey

Hey guys! It's Brooklyn and Bailey.

And today's video is going to be fifteen best friend/couple Halloween costumes.

They're super creative and super cute! Y'all are going to love them.

They're not like the classic couple costumes.

But like I wanna be all, like Parker and I want to be all of them! Mason, Taylor and I want to be all of them! We want to be best friend goals for Halloween! We're super excited.

So if you guys are also excited for all of the Halloween videos and Halloween traditions, just Halloween in general.

Give this video a huge thumbs up! Now let's get on with the video! We are ready to take y'all out to the ball game! That's right! We dressed up as baseball players! So this one is super easy to shop for! All you have to do is find matching baseball tees and matching baseball hats! And then hopefully find a baseball bat or glove somewhere and then you guys are set to go! It's peanut butter and jelly time with this costume! TBH ya'll there is nothing that goes better together than peanut butter and jelly! Like I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday for the rest of my life honestly.

So I love this costume! It's super easy to make.

All you have to do is find a red t-shirt and a tan t-shirt or a brown t-shirt.

And put the words peanut butter and jelly on them! Super easy and super cute! Guys.



It's pizza! Not only would you be dressing up as the world's best food ever, but because you are a pizza delivery man that means you have an excuse to carry pizza around on Halloween night! I say YES! To this costume.

Is it possible to get arrested for looking too delicious? Because I think it's about time I arrest this donut! All you need for this costume is, an inflatable tube decorated like a donut.

And a cop costume which you can get pretty much anywhere! If you guys want more information on how to make this donut costume.

Go check out Kamri's video in the description box below! We may be blind.


But we sure can bust a move! That's right! If you want your squad to look like goals on Halloween then this is the costume for y'all.

All you have to do is find some matching black clothing, and cute mouse accessories.

Like ears a bowtie and a cane! And you'll look like the three blind mice in no time! E.


phone home.


This is Elliot and Gertie and they are the main characters of the movie E.


If you want to be Gertie all you need is a pair of black overalls, a black and white striped turtleneck, a potted flower, Reese's Pieces, and pigtails! If you want to be Elliot and you need is a pair of jeans, a red hoodie, and an E.

T doll! Being struck by lighting was a shocking experience! Get it? Because shocking and lighting.


Okay I'll stop! Anywho! You and your best friend can dress up as lighting and being struck by lighting.

For lightning all you need is a black t-shirt with a lighting bolt on it.

As for the person who is be struck you need a ripped up t-shirt, broken umbrella and some crazy frizzy hair! Hey boys.


I don't know where you are going for Halloween but I think I just found your destination.



If you thought that pick-up line was great, imagine how many times you can use it while wearing this costume on Halloween! All you have to do is buy a gray t-shirt, print out some icons and street names on sticky paper, put them on your t-shirt, and cut out a red Google Maps destination point.

If you guys are ready to have a fiesta on Halloween, then this is the costume for you.

One of you guys can dress up as the birthday person.

I literally just went out and bought birthday signs and wore them.

And then the other person can dress up as a piñata! For our piñata dress we just cut out felt detailing and put it on a dress from Target.

Now the real question is.


Who is twiddle dee and tweedle dum.

This costume is super easy to make all you have to do is find a pair of red shorts, a yellow t-shirt and glue on ribbon and felt onto your shirt.

Get a hat and make a flag for the top! If anyone needs saving on Halloween night then you and your best friend will be ready to fly in and save the day with this costume! All you need is are two superhero t-shirts and then you can dress them up however you would like.

Pokémon go anybody? Why play the game if you can be the game? This costume is Pikachu and Ash and it gives you a nice easy excuse to go trick or treating at all the Pokéstops.



If you and your best friend are the jokester types and you guys want to be able to scare people on Halloween.

Then I would 10/10 recommend this costume.

We found some black morph suits and put black clothing on top.

You literally disappear! It is the perfect setup for you and your best friend to scare people.

I don't know about y'all but Bailey and I are so ready to dive into our Halloween candy this year.

Wearing this costume you are definitely not going to look like all of the other fish in the sea.

For this costume all you need is a set of black clothes, googles, and the rest you can make out of felt, tubing, and soda bottles! Merry HalloThanksMas am I right guys? Just because its Halloween doesn't mean we can't pull in Christmas.

I mean Christmas is always a good choice! All you need for this costume is a white t-shirt with black buttons on it a red scarf, a black top-hat, and black boots.

And by picking this costume you and your best friend are sure to look festive on Halloween! Thank you guys so much for watching! I hope y'all found this video in some way shape or form helpful for y'alls Halloween costumes! We are really excited to dress up so I hope that we will see y'all and y'alls recreation of the costumes.

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