8 TRAVEL OUTFIT IDEAS | Style Mix + Match | ANN LE

[Music] hi everyone today styling video I'm going to show you how you can style eight vacation outfits and fit them all in one carry-on luggage so let's begin so first off we all need a pair of denim shorts and a relaxed tee they both make a great beach

cover-up and casual wear for just the chill and relaxed day to go all out in comfort you must have some sandals opt for a style that can dress up and down I'm packing these sandals with the Nutri shade and simple straps next up is my relaxed cardigan go

for a medium weight and neutral color lastly is my tote and this is something I carry aside from my luggage so it doesn't take up extra space and this is my comfortable tourist look okay so the next variation is with the same tee there are numerous looks you

could come up with just a t-shirt go for something basic or with easygoing prints and can look good with the rest of your bottoms I wanted to have a few holey covered up options and so I packed one of my favorite leggings with me it looks like shiny

leather but it's lightweight and it doesn't take up much space in my luggage next are these gold wedges wedges are a great replacement to heels especially if you're walking a lot and gold is a great accent to everything I packed following up is my army green jacket I

had this jacket for years and it's still my go-to jackets light and can easily be layered this jacket is something I would wear on my plane ride so that way I could save some space in my carry-on this overall look is great if you want to be covered

from head to toe it's always good to have that option third look is another cute way to style these leggings I packed along a bandeau top because it doesn't take much space and it's a great spring summery layering piece this alone is a complete outfit but I'd like

to have more options and layer it up a little bit just in case if I do want to cover up I have my sweater a cardigan can pretty much go with anything and having it around is perfect when you're going on a boat ride or just a chilly

night out ah the next is skirt this Elsa is suitable for just your type of outings I love love a pretty and flowy maxi skirt I decided to pair mines with a simple black tank it's simple it takes a very little packaging space to cinch it in my

waistline I'm wearing it with this hand and color belt the color of the belt and thickness gives a nice emphasis to the waistline and a tan belt with gold buckles coordinate so well with almost anything a second way to style the skirt is to turn it into a

dress this type of style is actually very popular I like to roll in the waistband up top to make the skirt less obvious by doing so you can also shorten the overall length now it's time for the wedges not only are the wedges comfortable they can be worn

with something casual to something a little bit more dress-up next with the same belts I'm going to cinch in the waistline all I need now is my mini crossbody purse I like to bring along a small purse and a tote with me a small purse like this is

easy to carry and adds a nice posh feel to the overall look this is such a cute and beach party look [Music] okay so next up is this whimsical floral dress the printing color is so pretty and feminine the neckline is a lot more daring than what I

would normally wear but for a vacation dress and going to a warmer climate or a beach setting we're showing extra skin isn't a big deal I think this just fits right in if I wanted to take this dress out for a day in town I can easily cover

it up with my army green jacket and cross body purse okay so second mix up is layering over a sweater this is a nice lightweight sweater top that has good draping to it I also love to have around a stripe top for my travels I find the print

to be versatile and it adds a nice fun element to anything here I add it my tan belt to cinch in the waistline and also to drape the sweater over it next I gave it another little tuck up front to show off the belt and the waistline floral

and stripes are two of my favorite prints to pair together the bright blue color is what the prints have in common it brings together that look quite nicely this overall look is definitely whimsical and fun les Alpha is just another way to mix up the clothes and come

up with a new look I just simply paired this sweater with the denim shorts from earlier it's a simple and chic nautical look so there you have it guys eight outfit more than you need to last you a week on vacation there are definitely more variations that can

be made with these traveling basics but I hope I can inspire you with new ideas and what to pack for the next time you're going on vacation right here I'm just showing you how I usually pack first I have my makeup bag and then my shoes in this

shoe bag it's actually a shopping bag and I just we use it as a shoe bag then I have my toiletries and then my mini purse next I have my curling iron and then I also have my accessory pack and then my belt and here I'm storing all

my undergarments and also my swimwear all goes into this one bag those are all my essential then lastly I packed on my clothing items so everything is compact in this little carry-on bag right here thank you guys so much for watching don't forget to thumbs up to keep

the momentum going and to support my videos also subscribe to me if you want to see weekly videos and I will talk to you guys next time love you ciao