DIY Clothes Using SCHOOL SUPPLIES!! DIY Ideas & Outfits for Fun & SCHOOL!

♫ Music ♫ 👗 Fashion DIY's 👗 🦄 Wengie 🦄 Hey guys! 😀 🦄 Its wengie, 🦄 *wengiecorns scream* 🦄 Welcome back and.



🦄 🤗 Cross-eyed hug! 🤗 👗So today's video's super exciting because we are going to be doing some amazing DIY's 👗 ✂️ and the coolest thing about these DIY's is you literally just use your school supplies! 😮 ✂️ 🤔 You know what? 🤔 (what wengie) 😀 The DIY's I did today was litterally my first attempt, 😀 (really wengie? you said that you got bleach on your surface) 😀 so I think they're super easy and you guys can do it at home aswell! 😀(but bleach wengie, bleach) 💜 Hold up! If you guys aren't part of the fam yet, 💜 (who isn't?) 💜 I encourage you guys to join! 💜 👍 Just click the subscribe button.

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📹 👗 The wish app is an amazing online store where you can find clothes, 👗 👠 shoes, pretty much anything.

👠 In fact I orderd the items I DIYed this week through the app.

(is this a spon?) ⛵Because these items are sent overseas they may take a little longer then normal to arrive ⛵ 👍 Oh my gosh guys, the items are sooo affordable I really think it's worth it.

👍 👍 I'm totally doing another like challenge this week, so lets try to get this video to 150, 00 thumbs up! 👍 🦄I really do appreciate every single like you guys give me and it only takes a couple of seconds🦄 🦄 So thank-you guys so much and without further a-do lets get on to the video! 🦄 🦄 Leeets go! 🦄(where?) 🦄 This unicorn top is so cute! 🦄 (unicorns are your fave, of course they are cute) 😔 I just wish it was a bit – umm.


a little bit different.

😔 (but wengie i spent a lot of money buying you this) ✨ DIY queen mode activated! ✨('you got glitter in my mouf wen-gee') 🔷avvsdvasdasdvvavdavssdvsvasvdvsadasdsadas 🔷 (wengie are you okay?) 🦄(i know wengiecorns gasp at the queens amazing-ness)🦄 🔷 asdsadasdasdassabvavaasasd 🔷 (wengie seriously) #cutout tank ♫Music♫ 👚 Did you know you can totally re-vamp old tee-shirts and make them into the coolest tank tops? 👚 (yes) and all you need are.




(here come a load of things you need) ✂️ a pair of scissors (and a shirt of course lmao) ✂️ ✂️ Simply lay a tee-shirt out how think you want the straps and how low you want you arm holes to be.

✂️ ✂️I chose to do a very low cut sided tank so I cut it out like this.

✂️ ✂️What I love about tee-shirt fabric is you can just cut it, and it makes it look suuuper edgy, ✂️ ✂️ and you don't really need to finish it with anything.

✂️ ✂️ Now to make it the same shape on each side, ✂️ ✂️ I took the side I cut out as a guide for the other side.

✂️ 🦄 Pretty neat trick, huh? 🦄 (yes wengie or should I call you wengie alberto einstein) 🦄 and now.


you almost there 🦄 (to hogwarts?) -click- 🦄Done! (woo-hoo!)🦄 ✂️You can totally just leave it like this if you want but I'm going to cut a lower neckline to match.

✂️ (k) ✂️ So just cut out your designs shape and when your half way ✂️ ✂️ what i did was actually fold it over to use it as a guide, to make sure both sides are the same! ✂️ ✂️ Or you could simply trace out the shape first using fabric chalk ✂️ Now, this is completely optional, ✂️I took the sleeves we cut off and cut out the band at the end of the sleeve, ✂️ ✂️ and this turned into this really cool elastic.

✂️ ✂️ Now turn your tank top to the back and gather it about 1/3 of the way down the back.

✂️ ✂️ Then simply use this elastic to tie a cute knot, and you have this really cute gathered racer back.

✂️ ✂️You can tie it up using string as well or create your own fabric tie.

✂️ 🦄Its completely up to you what you want your back design to be.

🦄 (i thought your back design is your spinal cord) 🦄 and thats it! 🦄 🏋️ These tanktops are so perfect to go to the gym with, 🏋️ (on wednesday i took my date, tanktop to the gym) 🦄or a great way to glam up a pair of PJ's 🦄 ♫Music♫ 👖(excited breath noises) “Oh my gosh, Wengie those shorts are so cool! Where'd you get them?” 👖 (o! o! i guess target) 🦄”Oh these? they're from my pencil case.

” 😛 🦄 (wtf wengie why do you have a pencil case you are like 30) 🦄”Huh?” *confusion intensifies* “What?” 🦄 🦄”Yah! Cool huh?” *savage wengie face* 🦄 ✨ DIY queen mode activated! ✨ -pop!- #highlighter shorts♫Music ♫ 👖 For this DIY, I turned these very plain looking pair of denim shorts, into a bright colorful and fun pair, 👖 (of nickerbockers?) 🦄That will add a pop of colour to any outfit.

🦄 ✍️ And I did this using something you probably use every day at school.

✍️ (pencil? eraser?) ✍️ Yep! Highlighters.

✍️ (not what I said but ok) Alright lets do this! 👖First, you'll need any pair of denim shorts ($25 from wish btw)👖 ✍️ Some highlighters, ✍️ Kitchen sponges and some bleach.

😞Make sure you cover the surface before you do this as bleach can really ruin your carpets and other surfaces.

😞 😞Yep, I would know.

I made this mistake.

😞 👖(put on some gloves) Now dip your sponge into the bleach and start applying it where you want your colour👖 👖to fade.

👖 🍵I started around half way down the shorts and also drip some bleach on the pockets around the top 🍵 👖to create a nice dotted pattern kinda like this.

👖 🍵Alternatively, you can also dip half your shorts in a bucket of bleach if you like, 🍵 🍵Just make sure you dip it in a bit lower than where you want it as the bleach will absorb onto the fabric and climb up as it soaks.

🍵 👖If found that the sponge gave me a lot more control, and I could do more designs with it👖.

👖Once I was done, I let the sponges sit on the bottom of the fabric to keep it soaked as you don't want the bleach to dry out as it is doing it's thing.

👖 So keep checking on it.

Oh-yeah! 👃Also do this in a well ventilated area, as it does not smell nice at all.

👃 😷In fact, I felt like I was choking on the smell.

😷 👖Now, after a few hours just wash your shorts as normal, and it should turn out something like this.

👖 👖Seriously, you can already stop here and the short will look super cute as well.

👖 ✍️The bleach is really to make sure that your highlighter colours show up clearly.

✍️ 👖But I would, tottally just wear it like this.

👖 ✍️Ok, to the fun part.

I chose pink and blue highlighters for this part.

✍️ 👖Pour some warm water into some bowls and take your highlighter and pull the back to reveal the little colour nib bit inside.

👖 Put this into the water and you'll see the colours start to come out.

👖Keep turning it around and squeezing and you'll see the beautiful highlighter juice just spill into the water.

👖 👌It's so pretty, oh yeah wear gloves as this stains your fingers.

👌 💜I made the mistake for you and umm my fingers were pink.

💜 😮Remember, the more colour and less water the brighter the colour and vise versa.

😮 👖 I used a clean kicthen sponge and started dabbing the colour onto the bleached areas of the shorts.

👖 💙 I started of with the blue, and blended it down.

💙 🎀 Then taking the pink, I dripped some colour on to create some dotted patterns, and then to the sponge and started blending it towards the end of the shorts.

🎀 👖 What I love about these two colours is that in the middle where they meet, it created this beautiful purple shade, So it turned out to be a amazing watercolour ombre design! 👖 ✍️ Also, don't forget to get a few highlighters as you may need to mix more than one so just keep mixing until your finished with your shorts.

✍️ 👖 Do the same on the back of the shorts and then your done! 👖 👖 Now its time to let it dry, either in the sun outside or in a dryer and the colour will stain the denim and will create a beautiful bright pair of shorts.

👖 ♫Music ♫ 🦄 “Hi wengie!” 🦄 🦄 “Hi wendy!” 🦄 🦄 “Uh-huh.

” 🦄 🦄 'I thought we bought these shoes together last weekend, did you get a different pair? We totally had the same ones.

' 🦄 🦄 'No they're the same ones.

' (sly wengie activated) 🦄 🦄 'Wha-at!' 🦄 🦄 'No your lying! you just want to be the only one with cool shoes.

' 🦄 🦄'No really, these are the same ones.

' 🦄 🦄'What! some friend you are.


'🦄 🦄' I know! how about we make your's today?'🦄 🦄'Huh?'🦄 🦄'Lets do it!'🦄 🦄'Whatt.


'🦄 #sharpie shoes♫Music ♫ 🦄This DIY is seriously one of the coolest things I've ever done, I turned these plain white canvas shoes into these georgous galaxy inspired sneakers, that look truly magical, 🦄 🦄 and guess what? 🦄 👟 all you need are sharpies! (and white canvas sneakers of course) 👟 👟 Yep! Its that simple! 👟 👟 SO grab a pair of plain canvas shoes and some sharpies ($9 from wish) 👟 👟 I chose theese galazy inspired colours.

👟 👟 Start colouring patches of colour all along your shoes 👟 👟 I alternated between all my galaxy colours, all around the shoe like this.

👟 👟 You don't really need to be neat, because of what we are going to do next 😀 👟 👟Try thinking about placing colours that will look amazing blended into eachother.

👟 👟 I tried to create a galaxy gradient by blending in lighter colours like pink, slowly into the darker like black.

👟 👟 The most important thing about the galaxy pattern is to try and make it random and not too neat.

👟 💙 You can do a swirl of navy blue around the shoe and fill it in with the other colours in alternating patterns.

💙 ♫Music♫ 👟 In the end you should have something that looks kinda like this.

👟 🦄 There! We're done! 🦄 🦄 It doesn't really look like a galaxy much at the moment does it? 🦄 🦄 But don't worry! We got this 🦄 🦄 The next part is seriously the most fun! 🦄 🦄 Take some rubbing alcohol, 🦄 🦄 I used 98% Isopropyl (i thought it was ice-o-pro-kill) alcohol.

🦄 🦄 Try and get as close to 100% as you can 🦄 🦄 You can usually find this in a pharmacy or supermarket.

🦄 🦄 Then simply pour this all over the shoe, I started off spraying it, worrying it would blend to quickly.

🦄 👟 Then I realized, I l really had to get in there and just literally soak it through for the colours to blend evenly.

👟 👟 Don't worry if the colour's don't blend straight away either, they do take a little bit of time.

👟 🦄 The leave it for about 5-15 minutes to see the full effect.

🦄 🦄 It'll start to look like this, like woah how cool is it? 🦄 🖤I noticed t hat the black didn't really blend well, 🖤 🖤 So I just got his q-tip and rubbed it up a bit to help it along.

🖤 🦄 The other colours blended beautifully though, like this.

🦄 🦄 Let it dry overnight and the next day it will look gorgeous.

🦄 🦄 Now to complete the galaxy design, I took some spray.


🦄 ⬜ fabric paint in white, but you could also paint it on with a tiny brush.

⬜ 🦄 But I found that sprinkling white all over the shoe made the perfect looking star dust.

🦄 🦄I was also soooo scared because I only had 1 chance at this spray.

🦄 ♫Music ♫ 🦄 Finally, Draw some bigger stars around the shoes if you like and let the fabric paint dry.

🦄 🦄 Tire your laces back on and your ready to wear these super cute shoes.

🦄 ♫Music ♫ 🦄Oh my gosh! I am totally in love with these.

🦄 👟The best thing about it is that no one will have a pair like yours.

They are totally unique!👟 👟”Now we can wear the same shoes everyday! BFF's forever!”👟 -cricket noises- 🦄”Oh no.

What did I get myself into?”🦄 🦗-cricket noises and magic blinking noises🦗 ♫Music ♫ 🦄How cool were these DIY's?🦄 🦄I hope you guys give this a-go at home yourselves, 🦄 🦄and if you want to order the items I DIYed of the wish app🦄 🦄I have put a link to the app down below as well as the wish list of all the things I used today that you can get from the app!🦄 🦄and until next week, I'm gonna miss you guys sooo much, I'm going to be on social media and on my vlog channel.

🦄 🦄and until next week.


🦄 🦄Bye guys.