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Now you've probably seen a bunch offundraisers out there and honestly done most of them.

And you know there'sback-to-school fundraisers where you're asked to buy a million magazines, or loadup on cookies, or maybe just buy a billion scented candles you might neverlight.

Or, maybe you're just going around asking people to make donations.

Well, we're here today to tell you that you can raise money without selling anythingor asking anyone for money.

Hi I'm Eric.

And, I'm Kristy.

And, we're with Funds2Orgs.

And, our creative fundraiser will help you raise money for your organization, while helping the planet and helping those in developing nations.

That's awin-win.

But, you're probably asking what is this magical fundraiser? Well, we're gonna tell you.

We'retalking about shoe drive fundraisers.

With a shoe drive fundraiser, you don'thave to ask anyone to buy anything they don't want or need.

All you have to do isask them to clean out their closet and they can support you.

Yeah, with a shoe drive fundraiser we will pay you by the pound for all theshoes you collected.

That means your organization could raise one thousand, three thousand, five thousand or more just by collecting gently worn, used andnew shoes.

But what happens to the shoes? I hope she says something soon cause it's gonna be real awkward video.

Theshoes you collect go directly overseas where they are used in micro-enterprisesto provide a hand up, not a handout.

The shoes are given a second lease onlife in places like Haiti where 85% of the population rely on shoes as the mainmode of transportation.

So, how do you do it? If you're interested in learning moreabout how to do a successful shoe drive fundraiser stay tuned.

So, we're gonna tell you step-by-stepexactly how to have a successful shoe drive fundraiser.

Step one, when you sign up on Funds2Orgs.

com, you automatically get a dedicatedfundraising coaching team.

This isn't one of those fundraisers where you're toldto just good luck go do it.

We take an active role and yourfundraising coach will help you every step of the way.

Once you've had aplanning call with your fundraising coaching team, you're gonna get yourfirst starter kit.

It looks like this.

I'm behind the box.

Inside you'll findrubber bands, collection materials such as bags to bag up the gently worn, used and new shoes, as well as marketing materials to help you out.

You will beconnecting with your coach weekly, so ensure that you're telling them what's working and what's not working so you can get the best ideas from them.

And, when you'redoing great and hitting your goals you'll probably hear us in thebackground cheering you on.

Step two, engage your network.

Your coach hasalready helped you out with figuring out what you need by way of support for yourfundraiser.

Plus you need to engage them.

Connect with people in your communitysuch as friends, churches, family, teams neighbors, pizzaplaces, gyms, restaurants and other local businesses.

Whether it's in person or online, connect with your network of supporters and ask them to clean outtheir closets.

Ask them to help you collect gently worn, used and new shoesso that you can reach your goal and earn your fundraising check.

You can evenconnect with schools.

This kind of fundraiser not only helps your communityand what you're doing, but it helps communities around the world.

Step three, collect the shoes.

You've connected with your coach, you set up a plan and youassessed your network, now it's time to bag your gently worn, used and new shoes.

First, you're going to bag 25 pairs in each bag.

Make sure their rubber band or tiedtogether by the shoelaces.

Hold on.

We're actually still here .

I just wanted to see what you would do.

Did I tell you that the bags and rubber bands are free? Not only will Funds2Orgs provideyou with the materials we need, but we'll also provide you with digital materials, posters, handouts, fliers, we'll help you with social media templates.

Everything youneed to be successful we're gonna give you for free.

Now what are you gonna dowith all those bags of shoes? You're gonna want to store them in a 10 by 10storage place.

This could be a garage, a spare bedroom, or even a basement.

Justmake sure it's dry, pest free and it's accessible by 26 foot truck.

Basicallythe big U-Haul truck it fits four bedrooms.

Step four, shoe pickup.

Now I'mnot talking about your leg being picking up your shoe off the ground.

I'm talking aboutthe logistics team that's gonna connect with you to come up with a time and dateto pick up your shoes.

When the driver arrives, make sure to have two to threevolunteers per 50 bags.

Step 5, celebrate your success you did it! Youcollected a hundred plus bags of gently worn, used and new shoes and now it'stime to celebrate your fundraising check.

Yep, make sure you congratulate all yoursupporters and everybody that's helped you out, and also do that throughout yourentire fundraiser.

Thank the people that helped you.

Now you officially know howto raise money without selling a thing.

Look out for your certificate.

I just gotmine.

If you have any questions about shoe drive fundraising make sure tovisit us at Funds2Orgs.


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I'll just put it in both places.

Right there.

We hope these five tips help you out to raise money withoutactually asking for money.

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My name is Kristy.

And, my name is Eric.

And we'll see you guys next time.


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