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I'm going to show you guys how to dress likeJohn legend.

So if any of you guys have aspirations todress like John legend, or you guys find them as like a stash and role model.

This is the deal for you.

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So why don't we do it this video, but breakdown three characteristics that I believe John legend has and that which you can implementinto your own style to evolve your style and just to grow as a person from fashion firstand foremost, let's get right into John legend.

You guys may known him for his iconic music, you know, A voice of an angel John legend.

So I'm gonna get into a few things about Johnlegend.

I truly believe that he has an at which youcan embody for his own fashion and his own highlights.

So let me get right into this.

So this is a silver Fox of the bottom man, and this someone should listen up too, because it shows maturity.

It shows that he knows how to just for hisage.

And that is something rare when it does comedown to a lot of people.

We do not know how to adjust for the age andthey kind of dress too young on a dress way too old, but he has a mix of understandingwhat works for him and what doesn't.

So I would talk about a few different things.

So you guys have a better understanding, sowe can see him right here where he's.

Wearing a pastel violet suit with some, Ithink those are chakra shoes, but right there is showing someone who's really mature withinhis own style and is comfortable with who he is as a person.

And is embracing that someone of that stature, someone who's able to wear clothes like that, that sprinkly someone just being mature.

Someone likes what they like and they wearit.

Now it's going to be counterintuitive nowbecause it's not only about.

Justin your age, but not Jesse, too young, but this is the sweet spot.

So John legend, he's wearing a varsity jacketit with an all white tee shirt to denim jeans and white shoes.

But the way he puts it on the works, you don'tlook at it and say, you know, is he trying to go back to, you know, the Heisman trophydays? Well, this is the look of, this is what Ilike.

And so I wear it and.

I'm just expressing myself in a differentway.

So this is just a great example of someonewho is mature, but also can dip into, you know, the euphoria of the high school erain a maturity.

I think I look like this for the Grammys isquite.


And it's also quite groundbreaking at thesame time.

As in North America culture, you may not seea lot of clothing that is long, like a skirt, like, but if you look into European fashionand you've seen the Scottish men, they were killed.

So this is what I mean by maturity.

When you see John legend, where.

A full suit, but it's a little bit differentthat long kilt looking piece of the suit, that's that's inspiration from the Scottishsomething they wear.

One thing I want to mention about the Johnlegend, that he's very, very comfortable with what he wears.

You see them right here with his wife andhis baby that he's wearing a linen shirt.

You know, some short pants and some classicwhite sneakers.

That's like the basis of a Moola stick man.

But at the same time, he's just comfortablewith what he wears.

And I think that's the essence of when itcomes down to someone who's fashionable, but also relaxed and laid back.

You just feel comfortable with what you'rewearing and you feel confident in that.

That's the most important thing yet? Again, another picture of him and his ladysweatshirt, all black sweatshirt, casual pants, and then he got some low croc shoes, not nothingcuffed, nothing tailored.

It's just letting it fall down at the endof his pants.

One thing I like about John Virgin as wellis that no, only that he was comfortable, but he knows how to turn the ignition on.

So what I mean by that, he knows when to turnthe emblem on the burner, when it comes down to his sweaters or here it comes down to hislike bomber jacket.

That's when he kind of really puts on a show.

That's when he kind of really.

Both that's when he kind of peacocks provehis own maturity, but his own style.

So that being said, when it comes down towearing his suits, where it comes down to wearing his bombers, you can see multiplepatterns, multiple designs.

That's where he really shows off his style, especially when it comes down to a lot of patterns.

It's either the patterns is in the shirt andthe blazer and the parents were neutral tones or just a solid color.

Or it's the blazer that has the patterns.

He always has an eye perspective of attractionwhere it's, what he's wearing is either going to get looked at or never ignored.

It's always going to be spotted in someone'speripherals.

So that is something, I mean, by someone whocan, who is able to command attention for what they were for something subtle, but alsosomething direct, because I think there's only embedded in that, does it in a modernsr.

Silver Fox way, the John legend, because Itruly see how he develops his style for doing it again, because if this is a simplisticway of how you can actually stand out within your own style, if you are not the type tobe flamboyant, if you're not the type to be a showboater, you can be simple.

But also stand out in the way you dress bywearing certain things.

So Mitch Thompson patterns is something thathe masters pretty well.

I love how he puts them all together intoone.

So I just want to share those insights.

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