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you put the happy and our birthday wow you never look so good happy birthday hsn oh my goodness what a treat this hour is going to be welcome to hsn i'm your host callie northagen and this is one of the many beautiful scarves that is coming up in this hour of clever carriage handbags scarves make all the difference in the world they can just be the easiest way to just pop up the outfit or make it really look super sexy and sassy and what i love about our show tonight is that we have five beautiful bags brand-new from kim and clever carriage and they all have matching scarves so you can get them both you can get one or the other it's absolutely up to you but it's always about the stories that kim isaacson who is you know what she is the creator of this amazing brand 25 years ago she birthed this beautiful brand called clever carriage it's all about the most incredible one-of-a-kind goods eclectic unique high-end and boy kim oh my gosh you look amazing look at your long hair i haven't seen it i haven't need to hit this in five months well you're so amazing welcome to my home look it's amazing oh my gosh i love that we get to have a little sneak peek into your personal life thank you for letting us join you kim we're going to start it's going to be a fast and furious hour it's been too long since we've seen you so you've been hard at work i can see let's start with your beautiful scarves kim i love how i feel when i wear this i love i love ribbon okay i collect ribbons you know ribbons have been around for years and there's something in haberdashery they always add to your outfit and ribbons i always think that a ribbon is like a seal of approval it's like it's my medal so i collect ribbons so these were all inspired by victorian embroidered ribbons so you can see how we actually took it from the bag and we took the ribbons from the bag and we made a matching scarf and what's amazing about digital printing on silk is that the actual silk is actually printed all the way through so if you wear it on either side you want to flip it over it looks fabulous because the actual print is actually permeated into the silk and you've got a luxurious silk and you know what i was i was using this one on my bed it looks unbelievable at the end of the bed oh what a great idea everywhere in the home and the end of your bed i always use them when you've got a couch that's got a little bit of a hole a coverage with a scarf so there's something about this digital print in this embroidery that it just it's got this luxurious it's also big so you can use it right through the season and the and the actual detail of the actual you can see how we did the the ribbons actually you can see the embroidery of how we actually and you can see the actual stitch count on the embroidery which is amazing so i have to let everybody know kim if anybody is new to shopping with kim and clever carriage yes this is this woman is amazing first of all i'm just going to say this complete 100 silk so it's the best of qualities we have so few at any one thing for example we are down to 55 scarves we have 55 lucky ladies who can treat yourselves to this beautiful the quality of what kim does you it's it's impossible to explain until you see something in person but i love your love of ribbons and so many other things that are so i don't know they just kind of brighten our spirits during times that have been more challenging than any of us can explain so yes it's you know it's not the most inexpensive brand i will say that worth every dime when you buy quality kim you have it forever right it's an investment piece and that's really what's beautiful you fall in love with it you wear it and it's like i'm in a period in my time right now where i want stuff that i absolutely love you know we all have seen what happened in four months to us that this is the time to honestly to invest in yourself and buy something that you passionate about you know who knows what we're going tomorrow away look what happened to us in four months you know i'm wearing when i'm going out i'm wearing the most expensive espadrilles i'm putting on the most expensive perfume i'm not keeping anything hey this is a time to honestly invest in yourself boy i couldn't agree with you more and it is true like right now i've had days came where i'm just like i can't take it so sometimes no but you buy a scarf and it hides everything i put on the cover 20.

probably look over 25.

my my bra was even uncomfortable tonight okay so i hear you it's different and the scott hides everything it does i mean immediately it hides everything it's so true so i know all silk and by the way 80 by 40 inches love the little tassels and with kim's love of ribbons you guys can like you can you can tell this is going to be something that you'll just enjoy wearing so let's talk about the matching handbag next kim this is amazing it's right it looks amazing so you've got all that you've got embroidered the ribbons on both sides of the bag it's trimmed in leather it's lightweight i always say that the bags must weigh nothing because i weigh enough so i wanted to create an interesting bag that it you know that is a medal for you for going through this whole period of the last four months and what i did i made a heart charm it's embroidered on the website it's not embroidered they show the wrong side so this is the correct side it's embroidered and it's got a tassel and it's to teach you to love yourself which i think is such an important to remember every single day that this that you've got yourself through this that this is this ribbon is your medallion and in the victorian times ribbons were used everywhere queen victoria love roses and every single there's something beautiful about in ribbons and i think that's the beauty of the of the ribbon and the colors that it goes with everything and it's season this you can wear it right through the year oh i love the colors they're so bright and cheerful the bright pinks and the reds and the greens i'm going to open this bag up kim so i can show everybody of course you're getting your dust bag but the inside is just open so nice and wide some of those fell in there but you can see it's got the zippered compartment here you've got pouches on the opposite side in terms of the size of the bag itself it's really the perfect sweet spot let's see 13 in length six in width it's ten and a half in the height and it's got the two nine and a half inch leather straps can we talk about your leathers kim because they're incomparable you know we they we use soft leather you know there's a recipe on a bag in other words the bag has got it it's got to have a decent shoulder drop because there's nothing with the strap knot and then it's got feet at the bottom in case you're go into a ladies room and you put you know you don't have to hang it around your neck so it's all everything is really comfortable and it's lightweight and there's something beautiful about a ribbon bag that it it will never age and it will always look better look at this and they've just pulled you together so kim you said you took the print of this ribbon bag and you digitally you digitize it to the silk scarf to match that's pretty amazing yes it is look at it's amazing we you know we mix the benefit of hand work and and i searched for these ribbons in other words i really looked for like i wanted lavenders i wanted purples i wanted pinks i wanted reds and i it was you know it's very easy and that's really what clever carriage stands for it's the eclectic mix of different kind of in different colors and i think that it's got a melody in other words of a symphony of ribbons just the most beautiful choice i love that you've been collecting ribbons as a little girl and you're right this is one of those nights it's like treat yourself to something that just uplifts you i mean whether it's this look at this scarves are game changers this is what we just we started the show with so i'll remind you of it and this is the brand all brand new from kim she's been working feverishly behind the scenes and i know kim your bags take so long to create and especially with the second bag that's coming up the tote in just a few moments we'll elaborate on that i'd love to also welcome everybody to join uh on the testimonial lines and give us a call because and it's so wonderful to have friends and family you know no one's been in here for four months so i feel like it's amazing to have all of you in my home i love it it is a treat thank you for welcoming us you've been with us 14 years kim it's amazing and your brand i mean it has stood the test of time for obvious reasons the quality and the investments that you make in these because the truth is kim scarves maybe something that are maybe a little bit more frivolous handbags aren't we need handbags and why carriers only handbag that doesn't have like personality like this one does we i love i love something and i think that already at this time period that we've been going through we want something that's authentic that's unique that's different that you're not going to see everybody and that that you know it's when we go out we've got to carry our paintings with us it's like wearable art in the street right no one's coming to your house anymore so basically this is your painting this is where you going out you've got to make a statement so it's got to be eye candy and a conversation piece yeah i agree with you wholeheartedly you know and it's really hard to even tell from the the television screen kim the materials that you've used here there's some beautiful like metallic threading i mean this is all embroidered it ribbons it's incredible take a look at this i know you know when i when i do something i take it i really had to take it to the next notch i didn't want to just do a regular ribbon it had to be an encrusted heavily embroidered ribbon so that it had a texture to it which i loved and i love the mixture of all the different colors on the ribbons and you know what every one of us deserve a medal we deserve something that we've gone through something i buy my own trophies i've never won a trophy i buy my own ribbon horse racing i love ribbons i tie them on everywhere and this is kind of your kind of bag to treat yourself well i agree your spirit is just so good for my heart tonight kim and everything that you've been working on that we're able to offer our ladies tonight in terms of the scarf we are down to about two or three dozen we've got about three dozen left of this beautiful victorian ribbon satchel this is absolutely like i said it's 13 and a half in length it really is look at how pretty this is with my blue blouse look at how it just kicks up all the colors of that oh it's just beautiful look at that and you and you can wear it in the fall as well and that's with jeans you can i we i'm really trying to go seasonless in other words that you can wear stuff we you know in right through the year that's exactly right seasonless buy it now wear it now and i do agree with your philosophy like make yourself feel good during these times if if a little retail therapy is going to do that or some bright colors these are medals of honor to be able to carry something that is so one-of-a-kind i mean limited editions truly heirloom quality no question about it we definitely hope that you guys can live for today right that is what this show is all about with kim i agree with you kim well i'm going to change from one scarf to another as we move into our next bag of the show and is my favorite i i can't even begin look at the exquisite detailing on this my gosh okay so this let's back up it's called the capri hand crafted hand braided hand knotted this is the best selling bag that kim ever ever did for us in the past and we have it now in these beautiful colors of leather the bone the navy blue called denim or red oh my gosh kim i have to show everybody first of all look at how that opens up with the double zip look at the pull leather pulls i'll just kind of give you an idea look at the glide of the zippers but it's really to me the functionality is incredible but look at these details it's absolutely mind-boggling these hand-crafted everything about it is leather and i know it takes over 10 hours to create each panel of each side of these bags so let's take a look because i'll have kim go through the specifics as to i mean the way that the handles are braided and the knotting on the front of this bag you can see it from a picture but you can see it even better when we get these close-ups all of this is done by hand all braided all knotted all cut all see it's incredible kim and this bag is over a hundred dollars it's a hundred and twenty dollars off tonight uh during this show with you what a treat this is kim oh my gosh where do we begin this bag is made by leather artisans and they really are leather artisans because they've got to go through a college of craft college seriously five years so this is not just made by anyone and i think that's what we enter this time period we're into a period whereby we want authentic we want people that are qualified in a job qualified to do their work and these are artisans and this is all done it takes 10 hours to do and each one of these knots is hand knotted and then it's braided into into the weaving so you're looking at 10 hours on each side then you've got the handle is completely braided completely braided and then even the detail of the little belt the loops and i also believe that it's all about the details when it comes to a bag it's a it's a symphony in a story it's about the shape and this shape is amazing because you've got it's kind of got a retro vintage shape to it and you've got two compartments so you can totally organize yourself then the leather we use the soft butter leather which is really amazing which ages so well that it looks better in five years time so it's about the handwork i've collected leathercraft for years i've collected belts with weaving and all kinds now that i don't have a waist i don't really need belts anymore so i've basically gone into leather craft in handbags but that but there's something about leather craft and it's you know when something is made by hand i believe that they're two hearts the heart that makes it and then the heart that buys it it's the appreciation of the person making it and the appreciation of the person buying it wow such a great statement kim you are hilarious now that i don't have a waist anymore that's awesome i want to show everybody the inside of the bag as well i'm going to go over to our our handbag cam and show you how this opens i love this the way this look at this how it nestles against your body the leathers are amazing so follow me over here kim and i'll let you you know explain how you you know functionality is as important as anything and especially with a bag that you're going to be using so much and you're hard on you want the best qualities of leathers so there we go the clever carriage company genuine leather made in india look at this beautiful inside detailing pockets on both sides to keep organized and i like the dual chamber kind of design here you know i must tell you something kelly your hat a handbag a woman's handbag is more with her than her husband her boyfriend or a best friend you're realizing that it's your it is it's with you all the time so it's your respect level for yourself to organize yourself because it's kind of like your filing cabinet to organize yourself and it's it's our place to keep our own secrets and i want a bag that's comfortable the bag is lightweight and yet interesting there's a tactile quality about it this is the red color then you've got the bone which is actually my favorite i love that i love the bone i love the bone the bone has got this it's got this antique retro look about it which i think is so interesting and i think that even the you know the detail of the we of the braiding and then it's wrapped and then all of these hand knots and then this intricate you know effect of how they actually weave it go onto hsn.

com and you can actually see all the visual actually how they make each knot and then each knot is actually put in and placed inside where you can get like a tight of the actual design of this is what we call hand work leather craft at its best oh it's just exquisite i just i every time you look at it you just realize how much work has gone into this and then look at how this color just pops i mean just a basic blue top and you know something oh it's just such a power color too i'm such a fan of red this is the most popular and i think we've got maybe two or three dozen left of oh two dozen left in red eeks two dozen you know you know red is there's something about red because you can wear it right through the year and and you want to know what it's always everybody always notices a red handbag it's like a conversation piece it's like that's the one piece that your eye focuses on is the red personally i'm going for the i love the denim is also a very interesting dinner you know it's i gotta tell you i work so hard i just want to show you just i wanted to show you these are the different color swatches that i started with to find the perfect red to find the perfect nothing that i do is easy and i always say my mum used to say that a rose is always beautiful at the end and then you've got to go through a lot of thorns well i go through a tremendous amount of work to get to the product that it ends that it's beautiful at the end absolutely your mom look what she look what she brought into the world you and look at what you're bringing into the world all these gorgeous things this is another scarf that is from the collection and it goes with any one of the colors of this handbag that we're featuring right now the capri came when i think back to you know you've been here 14 years and i don't get to work with you nearly enough this is probably the biggest record-breaking bag that you've ever brought to us it is it's been forever since it's been been back so thank you i know it takes forever for one of these bags to be made you can you can you can see the braiding you know it it takes hours look at the handle braiding i mean it's you know and if you've ever braided your own hair but it's this is you know it's intricate and they spend hours and you really are working with craftsmen and artisans that love their what love what they do that you can tell look at that i just walked in behind it look at that those are the handles look at the multiple layers of leather that are reinforcing you know that's a stress point but all those that's not you know it's easy enough to just throw some hardware in there there's no hardware attaching anything it's all leather hand work handle handles or handcrafted and you know if my mom used to talk about recipes that you have to have respect for a handbag and this bag loses respect because it's a statement piece because it's beautiful it's one of those pieces that are beautiful it is so beautiful if i had to pick my favorite i'm with you i love the bone the bone is my choice in this bag red last call guys last call on red we also have it in the navy by the way the this is the scarf we're going to feature for you in just a moment i will say this though it is really a treat to carry something this special because i think a lot of us are we're tired of the basics you know you can go somewhere and find some brand that everybody else in the world carries it's another thing to carry something like this that's heirloom quality limited edition one-of-a-kind pieces and you know what know your stories in other words know what leathercraft know that it takes 10 hours know that it's done with a hand knot know about the braiding there is something about knowing what you're buying that you you know we want clever women around us we want you know i want to you know my circle of friends i started 25 years ago and people you know are my friends that have bought my bag and the bags are even more beautiful when you get them home than you actually see on television yeah there's no question which is by the way thank you for mentioning that 30 days for you to be able to inspect and feel and smell and play with it and and see what you think before you make your decision not to mention best selling bag of all time from clever carriages 120 off in this show tonight so thank you for your calls and orders i'll remind you of that and give you an update in a moment but look at this every color of the rainbow is featured in this mosaic look at that i was so excited to tell when i saw you in a royal blue because it looked amazing with this capri scarf this capri scarf i wanted to do little brush strokes of happiness that's what we called it so it's because i wanted to try and do a scarf which had i love pink and red i love turquon royal and it's a midnight navy black ground and it's got an olive green it's got so many different shades in it that i it's like a painting that would look amazing on floating glass amazing on a white couch or amazing on a white duvet and they it would look fabulous and what i love about the scarf is tassels i believe in tassels for one very important reason tassels ward off bad spirits so in the army all mach you know in all military have all tassels at the end of the berry to you know to keep them powerful and ward off anything bad so i think it's like a lucky piece to keep with you and it's huge and we use the best silk and you can see that the silk the print goes all the way through i hate when you turn around the scarf and you get like white behind it so it means you can't flip it you can wear this with a coat you can wear this with jeans you can literally wear this right through the year and it's huge as you can see you've got a smart safe it's at 79 by 40 inches uh and by the way you could wear this you could wear this as a swimsuit cover-up like as a sarong i mean you could do it right you can hide your ba you can hide the bathing suit yes cover me you can literally cover yourself yeah the thought of being in a bathing suit after all we've been through i don't think so but something like this look at how it gives you upper arm coverage you can wear scarf in so many ways i think kim you love scarves because it gives you like it's almost like wearing a turtleneck in the summer without being too obvious well it's like my neck is so bad and i think that a scarf for a woman over 40 it's like a facelift it's an immediate quick face look and without a scarf i carry scarves everywhere i carry them in my bag and it's kind of like a security that that you can do you know you can if you have to go out for dinner you're going somewhere you put on the scarf and in two minutes you dress and this scarf oozes personality and it's the colors because it's just got that happy it's a happy happy happy scarf and i think with all the gloom we're going through look how fabulous it looks it looks amazing on and it's it's the brushstrokes of the colors which is so fantastic that i worked so hard with on this we must have done four or five different artwork versions of it oh my gosh when it comes to a scarf it's about the design of the scarf it's the it's the print and then it's the colors it's little blocks of happiness every color of the rainbow is featured here and the tassels i love the history on the tassels thank you for sharing that i know we're going to move on and share with you two we have three other bags and scarves to share tonight this is 702-641 i have to remind you my pick of the hours right here the capri you will love this bag keep in mind again i know it's 579 normally it's on sale by 120 off tonight so on a flex pay yeah i know it's a little more than 150 dollars but can i tell you something these are bags you will write into your will people we've heard stories kim will share more when we come back after a little break but that's the kind of quality and long time wear that you'll get out of it you'll wear them now you'll wear them every season of the year they will won't wear out because they're all handmade details coming up 702 640 and take a look at that video on hsn.

com to see how that hand knotting is done it's fascinating but we have more to come from clever carriage this is an exciting show glad you're with us skinny girl is designed by a woman for women it's functional comfortable and fashionable [Music] i wanted to celebrate every age all sizes it's a line for everybody now more than ever we all need a little extra fun that's what birthdays are for come celebrate our 43rd birthday all month long cue to confetti more deals more special guests more new products more big events daily surprises and giveaways galore 43 to be exact some things just get better with age find your fun all month long [Music] we're making bigger even better with our super size values and they're available only at hsn super size values are based on the price grounds of the same item in a smaller size however they do not reflect a price at which hsn would sell the item have questions call us at 1-800-284-3900 are you obsessed with beauty join our beauty birthday celebration all day long on july 29th 24 hours devoted to beauty shop your favorite beauty brands like tweet the beauty spy and beauty bioscience and discover our next big brands with the big find plus don't miss a three hour beauty report with amy morrison at 9pm it's an entire day of beauty with valuable birthday surprises too find new favorites wednesday at midnight on hsn and [Music] hsn.

com [Music] happy 43rd birthday hsn you don't look a day older than 21.

well what a treat to have kim isaacson from clever carriage join us for our final week of our birthday celebration here at hsn 43 years we are going strong i am callie and as we welcome kim isaacson back in from her place in new york i have a quick trivia question for you kim as we celebrate our birthday are you ready i hate trivia i'm not the stupid well this should be easy because i know you're on the show tonight later on with colleen when did the list thursday night show first premiere was it 2012 13 or 14.

[Music] 13.

close the answer is 14 can you believe it so yeah you were close you were just a year off whatever yeah [Laughter] you're so funny i hate trivia so do i so we're going to talk next about bowdrum this is an interesting i love the variations and this is the bag that's coming up all embroidered on leather this is the scarf that could potentially go along with it and it's such a beautiful i mean there's a reason for everything kim does and this one has such a dimensional quality the bow drum scarf this is again 100 silk it's 80 by 40 inches it too has the tassels it too can be worn in so many ways something happens when you put on a scarf like this and wear it more like a i don't know like like this but you can wear it however you want to wear it right kim you know the the mix of the scarf it's a collage and that's really what i wanted to get across over here i took it from this embroidery that we did and if you get a close shot over here the embroidery has a black and white border around it so i wanted to introduce the black and white twist in the stripe so that when you wear the scarf whichever way that you wear it it's got stripe at the end of it on going down and then you've got the stripe going across and then you can mix it so that when you tie it you get a whole different look it's like an and it looks fabulous at the end of the couch i wonder yeah i you know i love scarves that are interesting that you know that give you a little bit of a twist that when you're wearing it you can wear it on different ways if you wear it over your shoulder or you wear it up and down with a coat i like a scarf you know i collect scarves i love my mother i kept all her scars and i think scars tell so much about a person they're like a storyteller of the person when a person walks in with a scarf you can tell so much about what scarf they wearing that is an interesting thing i'm going to start noticing that i know for me one of the choices i make or when i'm considering buying scarves and i'm a collector too i just i think there's such a useful thing to have in your wardrobe because you can wear them as part of your outfit or part of your you know accessories or in your home but i love the colors and now the colors you've chosen in this are totally different from the first two they were brighter this one is just elegant look at those rich deep look at the rusts and we've lavenders you it's very very it's a very sophisticated color story here that it's you can wear this year-round because of the colors yeah exactly if you look that yeah it will look amazing with a pair of jeans and great with a black suit you know what i like a magnet for compliments that's really what i'm going for i don't want someone to notice that i put on 20 pounds i need them to notice my scarf okay so really that's really what i'm uh my whole object is i want when i woke up there used to be a story of a man when he saw something he wanted his house and when people walked in they dropped dead period that's how fabulous the house was and really when you're walking outside with amazing heart with an amazing spot you want people to be impressed at your taste level your your sophistication on what you bought and there's something interesting have a look next time you notice what scarves people will be because i think that when someone wears a scarf you can there's so much you can tell what what do they buy flowers do they buy is it geometric is it plain black and white people tell you who they are by their stars it's an interesting really interesting point i think a scarf is just the quickest easiest most fabulous way to just like finish an outfit just like that perfect little punctuation mark at the end of the sentence we want to move into the tote though kim because this one also brand-new and bowdrum which is that whole that combination of the embroidery the striping and some of the florals this is so special so let's go through this now this is also that go ahead i did this because you know if i've got to do something it's got to be there's a reason why i've done it it's got it i have never ever seen a bag with this is done with a cruel stitch embroidery but i've never seen a bag that was padded that it had a dimensional quality to the actual to the back of it so that it's got a raised effect it's done with a cruel stitch a cruise stitch means basically it's a chain stitch and in the olden days crew was done by hand and the needle that used to make it used to prick you so it was cruel so that's where the name the embroidery name came from yeah now obviously this is done by machine because crew embroidery can be done by machine but there's a there's a tactile quality of the raised effect of this embroidery i'd seen it first time in uzbekistan and then i wanted to create it and it took so many attempts to get this embroidery right it you know it took sample after sample of the sample because i wanted the raised effect and i wanted the black and white stripes and i wanted the colors i wanted the pinks and the blues and then their lows and and the sages so that you could wear it right through the year and i love the butter leather it's on a the color is fantastic i was just going to comment on that it's just a beautiful buttery soft and neutral there you go oh look at it it's a and it's and not only if the embroidery is on the front the embroidery is on the back the embroidery is on the side so you've got it's completely whatever which way that you wear it and you know there's something comfortable about this bag it's got a decent shoulder drop it's got a zipper closure it's got a zipper inside you've got feet at the bottom but the bag is an interesting bag and you'll wear it right through the year and it will update any outfit from last year which is really what you know we all going out now and when we go out we want to we want to we're not going out that much that we when we do go out we need to wear something that we proud of that we got that oozes personality i think i couldn't agree more why not now is the time to make every single thing we do special and memorable and during especially as it's lingering on and on and on something like this can really do a pick-me-up yes and i use my bags all the time for magazines i use them for headbands i use bags around my apartment because this bag will look fantastic in a living room with magazines in it with a cruel embroidery try and use your in other words use your accessories in your home right yeah they look this will look fabulous with magazines in it and it looks good i love it and these close-up shots kim is showing us this is not like a painted leather this is not something this is literally dimensional embroidery yes and that's why i did it that was the major reason of doing it i had done cool embroidery i've always got it there's always a reason why i do something because i want to always take it one step up if i've already done a cool embroidery i now want to do a padded embroidery and i wanna you know around it i wanted the black and white stripe and we couldn't get this black and white texture it wasn't the easiest thing to do we kept on getting black and gray and i wanted the drama of the black and white so that when it was twisted you got the actual effect of the black and white and that's why i wanted the black and white and the scarf so that you got the stripe effect going in the scarf too okay well and that's that's a great oh there you go thank you for showing i'm going to show everybody the inside of the bag kim the the size on this is 13 inches in length 5 and a half width 11 in the height with two padded 10 inch double straps all leather but look at the inside just it opens so nice and wide everything all of your bags are so functional i can't stand a bag that's like the zipper is this long you can't even get your hand in there you've got the pocket on this side two pockets there why because you need a bag with a big mouth kim no no i'm serious i'm serious about it i mean there's certain there's certain like rules on a bag you want there's nothing worse than a bag that's got a small opening seriously there's nothing worse than a bag when the handle is too short and it doesn't fit you there's nothing worse when the bag is heavy and before you've walked out the house you're dragged down by this heavy bag you've got to get an interesting bag that you fall in love with because of the the the artwork and i really want to get across that we're at a time period right now where people we all are nurturing towards uniqueness we want something that's different something we haven't seen before and something that you you you feel when you're walking out the door that you have something that's wearable art no one's coming to my house so you carry your painting with you that's right and here it is at off the regular price too so keeping that in mind and also three flex or four if you have an hsn card you could get this for eighty dollars on its way if you don't have that card you can apply for that card and get ten dollars off your first purchase as well so again matching scarf there's the info to be able to apply for the hsn card it always lets you add another flex pay so it's always a nice option and by the way flex pay is the best it's interest free individual monthly payments so that means you pay a little today to get your bag delivered and then you've got a month to be able to play with it and enjoy so we're going to move on because we've got two more bags we get to share with you tonight from clever carriage but this is 702 634 to get the scarf the bag itself the tote is 702638 all right we're going to move into our next bag and actually let's talk scarves these scarves kim let's talk the fact you use all silk this one is so elegant and beautiful it's called portovino we've got the black and ivory that one is so beautiful and then there's an ivory on ivory which is a little bit more monotone or you know monochromatic so a little bit more subtle but this is really all about uh the the i don't know it's just the is it the bird motif that's really making my eye uh is that it okay well it's a bird motif this is 90 wall 10 10 cotton so it's really year-round and it's the the embroidery on this is an array stitch embroidery it's slightly different than cruel array embroidery means layering of the actual stitches so you can see that it's if on the close-up you can actually see how many layers there are of the actual embroidery and just to show you how i started when we started this embroidery this is what we started with you can see that there was a lot of little that you could see right through the stitches so i worked really hard to get it to this effect so you can see how many where they send me samples of the tassels every single thing is thought up you know when you buy something on television you want someone that's actually looking through the stuff for you so that when you get it if you it's already been someone's already had given us a stamp of approval and this particular portofino scoff it's about the embroidery it's the drama of the embroidery it's the blackened ivory and it is it's the bird motif and the floral motif and you know what kelly in this time period the bird motif is very very symbolic because birds symbolize a new beginnings and new opportunities and i think that wearing the scarf it's kind of like a lucky scarf to wear it outside that it's a time period that we all waiting for a new beginning a new time period new things to happen new adventures and i think we've been waiting and sitting too long that we want something unique to happen to us and i think that the scarf can every single time you wear it you'll feel like you're wearing something that's beautiful and the scarf especially the ivory one i've had it on an ivory couch inside and it looks beautiful this is my favorite scarf i love this we've got about three dozen of each again all of the clever carriage items are so so limited this is the ivory on ivory obviously julia is wearing the black and ivory sizing is a little different as is the material this is cotton and wool so 90 cotton 10 percent wool it's 60 and 69 inches by about 28 about 29 inches so instead of the rectangular styles that we had earlier in silk this one is so incredible this is like lines and rows of gorgeous embroidery can you guys oh yeah that's the shot be beautiful kim oh i love this one but that's what you want okay you want to scoff it when you see it it's like an oh my god moment yeah and that's really what we're going for at clever carriage we i've worked for eight months to bring you product that you're going to fall in love with and every single time that you wear it you'll have a bigger appreciation of the beauty of the craft of the embroidery and that's really what i want to bring on clever carriage it's uniqueness it's embroideries it's hand work it's hand craft it's leather craft and it's memorable and i think that's really what we we want heirlooms from a different period there are memories when we walk out the door we feel good about ourselves that's really what we've got and and we're going to get more into that too but the the whole story of the bird being a sign of rebirth and new beginnings and opportunities that in and of itself speaks to me but it's truly when you see this and you touch this you're going to be like it honestly is the most incredible quality so we're going to move into some matching bags not that it's the same exact motif but it's so beautifully and close enough that kim you kill me every time look at this incredible bag we have just the two colors tan and ivory we literally have 90 total between both colors this is called the it's a portofino handcrafted leather hobo and i shouldn't brush by hand crafted because that is the whole point of this line being a little on the pricier side it's worth it the investment that you're making is going to be with you for the rest of your life look at that slouchy style on this more of the hobo style kim about 18 and a half inches in length two and a half in width 12 in the height with an 11 inch double strap drop and that bag opens up so beautifully as well i'll show that to you in a minute okay okay kelly this is a work of art it's got like the karate chop and it's got this drape effect on this bag but you've got 10 hours on this bag we've done this bag before in santa pay and this one i wanted to take it up a notch so you if you go into hsn.

com you can actually see how they actually color block this and then twist it so the handle is completely braided and this is inlay of leather craft but what's really fantastic so you've got the the actual the on one one and then another one and then the opening the brace it's all about details even the the actual zipper pull is braided but what's really interesting kelly about this bag let me show you a hidden story it's got a magnet underneath here so what happens is if you're wearing it and you want to open your bag you don't have to take the whole bag off to open the bag so because of the magnet it's got a magnet on the side here well isn't that at the back so that you can actually wear the bag and go into the bag when you're searching for your money or searching for anything so that you don't have to take the whole bag off to where you know to flip it what is this bag it's all about you know it's i'm here to think for you i don't know trivia but i know anything of embroidery okay i'm good kim you crack me up i'm gonna go to the cam the overhead cam so i can show you the inside of this bag because it's really it's as important as anything and donna's showing us the tan color we also have it of course in the black this one on a flex you guys it's a like it's 128 dollars less than that with an hsn card so again i'm going to open this up to show you that is such a cool i hate to use the word clever but it is clever and then of course the nice wide opening with the braided zip pull pocket on the inside clever carriage leather name tag two pockets on the opposite side and plenty of room to hold all of our things i love the way you've used the slouchier style yet you've incorporated these two it's really the the top and the bottom or the north and the south that make look at that work look at that can you see isn't it it's really it is it's the actual the artistry and the craft of the leather and we use the softest lamb leather so that this bag is going to age even more beautifully and you can go to hsn.

com and actually see how they actually make it you know it's a labor of love all this handwork and i think we're in a time this is the time to buy products and buy accessories one piece that you fall in love with and you use every single day i couldn't agree and the back has got a drape about it that's beautiful the shape of this bag is interesting if the whole bag has it's got this craft feel which is amazing oh it's just incredible i love the contrast of the black and the white uh you know kim if somebody is just tuning in i know it's really late on this coast but you know california the whole west side of the country is maybe just tuning in tell everybody if if they are not familiar with your brand you started clever carriage 25 years ago you've been with us for 14.

tell everybody a little bit more about your beginnings and what was what was it that really got you into this world i thought i started with this in the in the beginning i started with uniqueness i wanted to do products and that i couldn't find and that when you walked into a room you got compliments that was pretty much as simple as it came and i wanted to do products that you knew what you were buying and you were educated and clever you knew the embroidery stitch you knew the leather stitch you knew the name of the craft so that and i think more so now in 2020 we all want to be that educated clever consumer that's buying a product that we love and we understand how it was made and the authenticity of the product and you know how it's made what a view and to that point you can look at a video on hsn.

com to show how all this is hand cut hand tied hand knotted hand braided that is not something that you see anymore and you know it's also you look at this bag and you realize that is not a bag you're going to see common and go and this is so limited you guys you are going to be one of maybe like i don't know 50 people in the world to be able to say this is your bag and nobody else they're almost like one of a kind limited edition each and every bag that you make and because of the computer hand work has become a dying world and that's why it's getting harder and harder to find artisans to actually do hand work i've been doing it for 25 years and i must tell you because people have just moved on to a computer age where everything is so quick and disposable i think we are all dying and striving for handwork and handcrafted because you can't get it anymore yeah it's it's so true and that's why these are bags like stories are told around these bags they're conversation starters people will just be in awe of oh especially when you get close and can really see this in person and that's why i encourage you to you know at least if you're curious get it home and see what you think you can touch it and play with it and smell the leathers and just inspect the workmanship and what a treat that is i mean obviously some bags from clever carriage have we had some beautiful embroidered bags early earlier this to me is just signature clever carriage at its finest it is the most incredible experience to own these bags i said it earlier kim and i didn't mean it as a joke women literally write their clever carriage bags into their wills we've talked to them yeah no they do because you're investing in a bag for life in other words you're investing in a bag that you're going to love and you're going to wear it and then you're going to bring it back in a year's time and that's really what clever carriage is about it's an investment into an heirloom piece that you can pass on to generation and pass it on you know we always believe that it's a circle of friends of clever woman that buy clever carriage company and that's what it is it's about passing on the the craft to someone else and passing on something that's handmade that's right we're going to move into what i think from talking with you earlier maybe your favorite bag of the night look at this this is a whole new departure from clever carriage look at the casablanca this one is so beautiful we've got the black and blue black and red and black on let's see black and white so take a quick look that whole both front and back panels all hand braided all side panels everything about these bags are leather and by the way this is over 80 off the regular hsn price in spite of the fact that it is brand-new double compartments i love that feature and then this feature is my favorite there's like a secret compartment in the middle section so right there it's like this is like an accordion style bag but really beautifully functional is this not i love this bag this is my favorite bag i love this bag because it i love braiding i love when you go onto hnhsn.

com and you actually see the inlay of this intricate basket weave of the how long it takes even to do one or two rows if you try and do it yourself you'll see it takes hours and it's the whole braiding and then i did it with color blocking because i wanted the drama of the color blocking to actually make it that striking piece of eye candy and it's hand woven on both sides and then you've got this very elegant shoulder strap detail and this bag has got three kelly did you see the secret middle piece yes it's got a secret it's got a secret pocket in the center they're totally for your money and it's a very interesting size it's not a it's not a big bag and it's like a handbag kind of smaller shopper and the shape of it is amazing you've got feet at the bottom a decent shoulder drop and it's the most comfortable bag to put on your shoulder it feels like you're carrying nothing well it's a beautiful design it's more of a north-south silhouette with that wonderful again the functionality of this that secret compartment is my favorite both sides offer you pockets and so you've got organization available to you let me give you the dimensions here ten and a half in length four and a half width twelve and a half in the height with a ten and a quarter inch double strap all leather do you see the feet at the bottom it stands up on its own it's and what am what amazes me kim is that you did this interwoven braided element yet all those rows are completely straight that's crazy i know i know is that not amazing yeah seriously and that's what it is these people the woman and that make it there's a craft that they that they are so passionate about that it's all about details and i think that's what we've come down to we're in a time period where we've all had time and it's about patience and you know in the victorian era you know in the renaissance people made stuff with their hands and there was a respect level for hand work and i think what we've gone through with the four months now we all are in the same head frame that we are thriving and dying for hand work and hand craft and uniqueness oh look at this and again it's nice i love the black and white i love the black and white and the black and white is drawn both sides are woven both sides are that wonderful color blocking story that really is special more of a spectator look here let me show you all your choices the red and white is fabulous and then the blue okay i guess i didn't wear the right tie i know i told you you were absolutely perfect the writer right it look it there's something striking and drama about this bag and it really it is it's it's one of those bags that every single time you wear it it will kind of pull you together that's what it's like whatever you're wearing that's why accessories are the most important i think part of any outfit and then we're going to end our show tonight with this scarf coming up in a little bit i love this scarf it is the coolest thing because it's really all about the vintage doors that i know you've got stories to share with us so it's coming up in just a moment the scarves kim are awesome i'm so glad you do so many scarves for us because they're the most functional i mean in addition to handbags that we carry every single day why not carry a handbag that's handmade hand crafted an old you know a lost art for most people in most parts of the world so the scarf you can see on the side of the screen right now as well but this i love hearing from you kim because you designed so many bags you must have so many favorite little babies and i'm sure it's hard to pick a favorite even in one hour shows but this i know you were really really proud of them yeah it is my favorite because i like the size of it it's an interesting size and i love the weaving of it the front and the back and i love the color blocking because normally you see a color block bag but it's not got weaving and it's you know what it is it's about the recipe of the bag in other words when you're making food you've got to use good ingredients you've got to use good leather soft lamb leather it's got to be the craft of the interweaving has got to be good the shape has got to be good and then the blocking the color blocking to give a drama so it's it's kind of like a symphony orchestra and if one thing is out you don't get a good looking bag and my job for a clever carriage is to see that every single product that clever carriage makes you're proud to wear and it oozes personality well that is a an absolute guarantee with any bag that you're put you're purchasing i know many of you been collecting over the 14 years kim has been with us with clever carriage and what a treat it is to have her back with us it's been far too long yet obviously kim has been hard at work behind the scenes getting all of this ready for our big birthday celebration i know kim is going to be with us for one show later tonight on the list and then we look forward to seeing full hours coming up early in september as this brand really is and i i realized you know it's not within reach for everybody but flex pay sure helps plus the treat yourself and treat yourself i agree with you you told me that up in new york it's it's so rare to even get out onto the street to go like to the grocery store so why not i said i think you said you wear your most expensive perfume why not live for today i put on the best looking bag i put on the best looking espadrilles i use my most expensive anything because in all honesty it's the time that you should really we've we've been through so much the last four months it's a time to spend on yourself and to treat yourself well you know we've all seen you don't know what's around tomorrow we never ever expected this in the last four months buy yourself roses buy yourself perfume by yourself you know there's something about we haven't discussed a psyche of getting a new bag when you get the psychological effect of getting a new bag and putting your stuff in a new bag it puts a pep in your step you suddenly walk out the door with a new energy new vigor and as if you're going to a new opportunity and i think we all need that new beginning of getting out getting something new and putting your stuff in a new bag and organizing yourself in a new world and a new time frame and a new place and we need to move on i agree and and i'm with you 100 uh two dozen no one doesn't left in the red red is most limited at this point there's the blue and white plus all the black and white black and white is very popular too just a beautiful choice but obviously one of a kind so the black and white is beautiful yeah that's my my personal favorite okay kim got a couple of minutes left tell us about your vintage doors scarf this is okay wow look at that i love it it's casablanca and i wanted vintage doors i wanted these bright colored doors so that it went so well with these the actual bag i believe in vintage doors because i think that doors are so interesting you never i always want to imagine who lives behind that door and i think their doors tell so many stories so i wanted to do a scarf with all those interesting doors that you could see the intricate iron work at the top of the door and the colors of these are amazing this it would look amazing on a white couch amazing on a white duvet use your scarves all around the house really they if i'm with you i mean i i've used scarves on my table my dining table as runners as part of the decoration uh up for a tabletop but you're right chairs sofas end of the bed you can wear them on your handbags you can wear them around your neck on your body like this obviously scarves are not just for you know a certain season they are all year if you give you want some upper arm coverage if you want to fill this in at the neckline in the winter you've got a nice beautiful you know winter full coat look at the color that this brings to look at all these colors kim the colors are amazing and this would look amazing as well kelly in floating glass i was thinking you could and then you frame this in a white in a floating glass these doors there's something about interesting about interesting doors that really add so much to it i am with you i'm with you on this obsession because it does there's a mystery behind each door and i want to go visit every single one of them this is cotton model by the way go ahead go to hsn.

com and treat yourself think of yourself you know what we are the most important and enjoy every single day and buy handwork and buy craft and buy products and accessories that you love and i'll be on at nine o'clock with for the less that's great tonight thank you so much and i'm so grateful to everybody to have you know we're working with hsn you know we're we're a small little brand that brings you unique products we love you so i'm so grateful so thank you so much thank you kim it is so great to see you have a wonderful night continue ordering all the beautiful clever carriage bags everyone enjoy now more than ever we all need a little extra fun that's what birthdays are for come celebrate our 43rd birthday all month long cue to confetti more deals more special guests more new products more big events daily surprises and giveaways galore 43 to be exact some things just get better with age find your fun all month long [Music] are you obsessed with beauty join our beauty birthday celebration all day long on july 29th 24 hours devoted to beauty shop your favorite beauty brands like tweet the beauty spy and beauty bioscience and discover our next big brands with the big find plus don't miss a three hour beauty report with amy morrison at 9pm it's an entire day of beauty with valuable birthday surprises too find new favorites wednesday at midnight on hsn and hsn.

com happy 43rd birthday hsn you don't look a day older than.