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of replacing or recreating the item not the possible sell or purchase price because subjective estimates and judgments are involved appraisals may vary by as much as 25 call your customer service rep for more information [Music] you're watching hsn my name is tamara hooks i'm glad that you're here um i'm your host and we're talking fashion we're talking diane gilman now if you're just tuning in we've already had one hour so far so if you've missed anything you can always go to hsn.

com and you can scroll at the bottom it says items previously aired and you can see everything that you missed like this jacket like these boot cut jeans maybe it was the easy tank but we've got so much more for you in this hour coming up closer to the end of the hour are the skinnies and this is your classic stretch in the skinny jean and so of course classic stretch classic colors we've got them for you in that mid-tone we've got indigo chambray black we even have a few fashion colors as well so those are coming up if you like a skinny you love the classic stretch because it fits your body so well then stay with us that one is on the way but i promise you a lot of great pieces in this hour as a matter of fact pieces that you can wear now and even continue on as we change into a new season a different kind of unusual weather so definitely stay with us let's start off with the classic stretch in the pull-on bermuda short so let me show you the colors we've got them in the chambray that you see right here next to that we've got the indigo and we also have them in black and these at 3 flex pay of 14 i think is a great steal you're going to see these in extra small to 3x we've got average or petite in the length the petite length is 11 and a half inches the average length is 13 and a half inches and just to give you some something to kind of measure against a lot of the shorts that you see in the stores are like nine inches so i love that diane gave us a comfortable level uh to when we're wearing our bermudas from every angle we look good from every angle diane gilman is skyping in and diane these are as soon as you get these home you're going to put these jeans on and wear them and wear them and wear them yeah i fear it's going to be warm far far into october and it's very interesting like where i live in the northeast um a lot of families will rent out their summer hamptons home and then they move in after labor day and until thanksgiving they're out in the sun they're walking around enjoying the seashore this is fabulous okay so this is um a bermuda that comes down over the kneecap and ends at the bottom of the kneecap so you're not showing off what might be the most challenging part of our leg i mean there's no way to exercise your way into an attractive kneecap so why not well think about it i said why not cover it i never thought about it think about that yeah like my knees got very fat like water filled or something in my old age and i don't really want to show them i like my legs but you can't have your legs minus your kneecaps so if i cover it then i love love love and then i think to myself it's more sophisticated it's more wearable it's more like a city short but it really is the difference is that comfort waist with a quarter inch of elastic tunneled underneath at the top now you're going to get your arm exercises tamara oh yeah so this is about holding in your stomach actually gliding down over your upper hip no muffin spill whatsoever but also no gaping at the back when we do the comfort waste we cut it like we're cutting on a three-dimensional body it's got shape to it because that's of course what our upper bodies have and we keep in mind that so many of us like me put on a ton of weight around the middle oh my gosh that's all the weight in my body is right there around my tummy my waist and my torso so this keeps that under control the front has faux pockets but the coin pocket works the back has traditional pockets you can see on a net who's five nine it's it's coming down lower knee on somebody like me at five seven it's definitely coming down right at the end of the kneecap there we go i'm in my um yes of course i'm in my bermuda shorts standing by my fireplace but yeah like does that make sense no but that is two ways to wear the short one way very preppy with blazer very newport rhode island and the other more eclectic in the indigo version and more like i'm out and about for the day i've got a million errands to run or do it with an impactful t-shirt like the one that we see on a net yes but this again is so well made so soft and stretchy it is what we call the new classic yes which is a new way of watching washing our classic denim that just makes it much more forgiving and much much softer and this is a great purchase and we are by the way not doing i love the cell fringe around the bottom but we are doing something new for my 27th anniversary ts okay next may this was our mates okay so you cannot totally count on the fact that we're going to be bringing back a bermuda like this next year oh good point reinventing ourselves if you want them black indigo or chambray and chambray is getting very limited in those remember you can pick those up we'd love to send those out to you in extra small to 3x let's talk about the top that annette's wearing and i'm going to show you some options not only different colors but completely different prints as well in this burnout printed and embellished top so we have it for you in the rust paisley look at that it's beautiful in these prints the back is on this one is going to be solid each one has its own personality so that's rust paisley here is the chambray paisley very pretty and you can see on this one just a great look in the blues we also have it for you if you want a deeper blue we've got that in the in the a navy butterfly um very pretty we only have five dozen left i was thinking gosh i know that this one is limited five dozen left in that navy butterfly we're going to move on over to the navy stripe and you can see its stripes and florals which is so pretty and unique and this one is going to be striped all the way through and through behind that we have the khaki camo i think this is the most unique look because it's i love that yeah and the floral and that one is again um going to be solid on the back but all that print on the front and um the black animal print this is the one that annette was wearing if you like that tiger there they they've all got jewels they've all got appropriate jewels the t-shirts have approximately 260 jewels per front but tamara yes i can can you hold up the camo floral to your needlepoint jacket oh because i think ah-ha yes okay oh i'm kind of loving that oh yes look at that oh my gosh yeah oh and then put it with the solid sham jean yeah how cool is that oh this is just kind of perfect i would not have thought of it but now that i see it together i mean you've got to you've got to do it look at that yeah oh wow it just all works and you look like a fashion genius and wow the price is great on that t-shirt and you you're not spending a fortune to get a really unique look you're going to love the fabric in this t-shirt it is a cotton model it is the softest and the drapiest the most breathable has its own texture to it which is a burnout and then of course we print on top of it the prints are settled the prints are this one i love its faded cabbage roses with a very very subtle camo overall in the background and then with that needlepoint jacket it's just a killer that is just perfect yeah this is stunning i love i love to put this kind of stuff together this is my whole thing yeah i mean and it just totally works if you were if you missed us last hour we offered this jacket and these boot cuts last hour you can still get them this fabric you were talking about i swear you could sleep on it it's so so yummy oh my gosh you know um i don't know about you tamara but as i got older i found that my skin got more sensitive i'm not i don't want to put scratchy i don't want to put overheated i don't want to put rough against my body i want things that are constantly feeling like a cool caress and that is exactly what that cotton model is and then you've got the beautiful instead of just a side slit we've got a dolphin hem this that orange has fire opals wow and gold yeah oh my gosh they're all so unique and i'll tell you you've got them on three flex for 11 you're getting such unique pieces of art home that you're going to look forward to wearing these are 706 137 i'm giving you that number because i know we do have to move but they're 27 inches in length it's a poly rayon blend and the hardest part is choosing which one you which one you want the black with the animal print that's that rust paisley the chambray paisley the navy butterfly if we still have your size it's almost gone this is the navy stripe with that great floral and then it's the only one with the full front and back and then we also have that camo that khaki camo with the um floral so go for it choose the ones you want use flex pay and we'd love to send them out to you okay now i was showing off the jean jacket that we featured for you last hour with this great cross stitch that we've that we had we have another jean jacket for you and this one is a little bit different it's not about the embellishment that's on the jacket it's the way that it's made completely it's this ruffled hem classic stretch denim jacket so let me show you yeah you're used to stretch when it comes to diane gilman's um classic stretch you're not used to stretch when it comes to a traditional denim jacket so we have to show you that so here it is in the mid-tone we have it in chambray how pretty is that there it is in white let me show you the other colors as well we've got it in aqua right behind that we have the lavender this one is pink and we also have it in lemon and we do have a featured price we've got it on 4 flex of 16.

19 and i'll i'm going to turn it over to diane but just know extra small to 3x these are the kind of styles that when you wear them these are the ones that people say where did you get that i've never seen a jacket like that maybe this is the denim jacket that you look for because it is the picture of femininity and typically when you think of a denim jacket maybe you think of like the boyfriend style but this is the girlfriend style this is the way that if you like a little bit more of a feminine look you do it in the ruffle with the color i love it there in the white i'm even surprised we still have it in white and you'll notice that the white um and all of the colors have dyed to match buttons and hardware so it's just a nice clean look you can see enameled colored buttons the princess seaming you can pop that collar and we call it a jacket but when you button it all the way up it can be your denim shirt as well so we've got it for you on a featured price four flex of 16.

99 and i see that diane changed into this jacket because i own it in every color and i absolutely love it and i'll tell you why i find it a normal i love um the regularity and you can always identify oh it's a jean jacket it's a classic but i like classics with a little bit of a twist to them so when you do this you get an hourglass figure and when you do it that ruffle at the bottom always keeps it away from the mid area from your eye going to the mid area then again that shaping to it is amazing and the stretch on this it's our new classic so the stretch is incredible it started out as indigo and then we did special enzyme washing so you really see every seam and when you see every seam what that does is it does give you that hourglass effect i think the fascinating thing too is to see the undercut so you see where the color started when we dipped it eight times in the real indigo die the most expensive natural dye on earth and then we start washing it down the more you wash it the stretchier it gets the stretchier it gets the more comfortable but there is something about this peplum on what was developed originally as a very utilitarian masculine body and now it's ours and now it is definitely the girlfriend jacket you are so right about that and comfortable i own this in white black chambray and this shade which i think is called indigo yes and it is i have i reached for this when i went um to see my friends on the isle of capri in italy this was the jacket i took with me for a windy night it was the jacket i took with me to paris over christmas and ward every day as a tourist in that gorgeous city of light and women would come up to me french women with real style and say oh i love that jacket where did you get it so this is the jacket that's impactful you're not spending a fortune to get a real statement out of it and it has its own femininity built in and even look at the stitching we did on the buttonholes they're real keyhole buttons which means that does not go and stay in a normal factory that actually has to be sent out to a coat factory oh but that yeah but that's good and why do they put those buttons on coats because you need the you need the strength of it with the coat button but it also makes its own little almost embroidery statement uh this i i would not own this jacket in four colors right if i wasn't completely in love with the shape of it the message it gives and and i've washed it a zillion times and it comes back looking beautiful every time it's interesting how enduring how enduring it is and i love borrowing from the boys but making it our own yes that's exactly what this is it's a boy's jacket with totally unexpected feminine twist to it absolutely and i know that again our clock is gone on this one um it's 688-254 janine on facebook was saying she has this in white and loves it so we were showing you that white but also don't forget the aqua the lavender is limited we've got pink lemon we have that chambray and we also had the mid-tone color that diane and carol are wearing and that's the one i was showing you and diane i'm glad you mentioned about the buttons because as i was stretching that did you notice that the buttons did not pop they stayed nice and tight yes and i like it even when we have it the way carol has it to where it's high low where the top underneath also has a peplum but it's much drapier fabric but hangs down that peplum shape the only thing i've seen that was an equivalent to that was um a jacket by a very uh contemporary set of design pardon me i'm hiccuping a contemporary set of designers and that they had a peplum jacket like this i think that it was a denim jacket and it was eight hundred dollars oh my gosh well you know what in denim i just never understand the prices of those expensive brands it's crazy and better yet tamara it didn't have any spandex in it it had no no stretch oh my gosh that that is that's the torture chamber i'm not liking that that and the fact that sometimes i think those high high designer prices they just throw out a price just to see if somebody will pay it like that's outrageous let me show you these jeans okay this is the blue boucle side stripe skinny jean so this is one of two skinnies we're going to feature in the hour this one in the colors that we have for you this is chambray there's the front there's the back we have it for you in the indigo there's the front there's the back we have it in black wow look at that next to that we've got the cream take a look at the cream beautiful and we also have it for you and we're calling this one strawberry we brought it in petite and average and tall the petite is 25 and a half inches the average is 27.

5 inches the tall is 29.

5 inches on the inseam and you can order this one in size 2 to 24 women's now um diane sometimes there's so many new and so much product that sometimes we don't get to see it all this one is new to me i hadn't seen it before but it is yeah well here's here's um the history on this so the last time i was able to travel or even get any time off was in december and i was just beginning to work on my bucket list traveling so part of it was um i know paris very well but i've only worked there i've either done my fashion work there or i've done my tv work there i never really have been there as a tourist so i decided that i was going to take a few days and go to paris as a tourist and where did i go of course i went shopping and where did i want to go first of course i wanted to go to chanel and what did they have they had a boucle braid side stripe jean that matched a chanel quilted bag and the jeans were 1200 oh my gosh so um i didn't want to look like a totally opportunistic fashion um you know highwayman or so i i took it into the dressing room and i took pictures of the boucle running down the side how tacky right and um we were able to get the same effect on our jean it looks like a chanel boucle striped jean and i wish i could have offered the handbag to i mean it is honestly so chic so parisian so chanel so upscale and at the same time you've got great color to work with everything from navy to black to ivory to a shade of cherry red in there but it's the chicness of it and the other thing is take a look and what you will see is what we call seam forward which means we don't put it right on the side seam do you see how we bring it in an inch from what should be the side seam yes and that leads the eye in makes your hips and your thighs all up and down your leg look narrower makes that extra inch on each side just melt away because your eye just naturally keeps going to that bouquet stride yeah because this is the actual side of where it would be but do you see how it's forward yeah yeah and i wish i could have bought the original naturally doesn't everybody i wish i could have bought the original with the purse to match that was just killer so i love how this is a little bit of carl lagerfeld chanel at its very best chanel loves to take denim and then do like a 5 000 denim handbag for right right like excuse me but it seems like there's something a little wrong with that price but so this is to me such a high class jean it's classy it has its reference points in probably the most famous couture house in the world it looks like a million bucks on it makes you look leaner but taller at the same time and then footwear with it is very easy because all of the bouquets have black in them they all have the self color of the denim in them um red might be your manicure color or your or your lipstick color and you know what just put it with a plain black sweater or blazer and let it do let it do its job which is to just make you the star of the room i think it's so unexpected to have that on a gene i think so too it gives it something special and something very fashion and yeah so you again you don't have to give up your love of fashion just because you want the comfort and practicality of a gene when you see it in this way this one is a customer pick read the reviews and really i mean when it comes to dg2 jeans they really are always customer picks because the first thing that's important is fit but then we fall in love with all the different styles and the different embellishments and for that reason even if you say well i have some black jeans in my closet or i have some indigo or a deeper blue jean in my closet but i want these two there's nothing to say that you can't do it we've got a sale price you've got flex pay of 19.

yeah 19.

97 yeah i look at that retail value dyad at 90 and then i think about the retail value the retail price you saw in paris hilarious it's hilarious like this is a giveaway in comparison to what you would pay when you see designer looks individual looks like these and these are the ones that you're not going to see them on everybody you're these are your jeans you're going to be the one wearing them you amongst your circle of friends and family are going to be the one that says oh oh yes of course she's got a boucle a jean with a blue clay um design and if you happen to have a handbag with the blacks and whites of boucle why not go ahead and carry that with it or or a little blazer would be so great with this and yeah what's wrong with the statement of fashion you know what it also is you're not breaking the bank to get something with a lot of impact so for instance we've all been in our pajamas for a few months so finally my my hair salon opens back up and lots of rich and famous women go to it so i think the first time i went there um i just i hadn't been out for a while and i thought i don't think this is okay to go here in my exercise leggings and my ratty little t-shirt you know what you put on a jean like this put on a simple white men's t-shirt a dg2 blazer or a jean jacket but i love it with a blazer a very simple shoe and guess what you look like you really care about how you look and you look taller and thinner but also that reference point on the side to the house of chanel can never be mistaken but for what it is yeah and it just looks so high class it doesn't look like you're trying to flaunt it just looks like this is just a natural piece for you to wear and it's got a statement going that is nothing but upscale and fabulous and unique and boutique quality and you just turn it inside out to wash it but i love these and on a day when i don't want to do too much thinking about fashion but have to run out do errands whatever i'm doing i will put on this jean with what i said as either a simple white t-shirt or a simple i would like i have it in um the chambray color oh no i'm sorry the mid-tone color mid-tone so i'll put on a white t-shirt men's white t-shirt our stretch crepe navy blazer i'll put on a pair of white platform tennis shoes a faux quilted you-know-what bag i'm out and about i mean that's it i mean it's simple yeah i don't have to must and i don't have to worry about how i look because i know that this one element that gene is making the whole statement for me yes yes yeah and and i'm glad that we've got it easily without you trying too hard and that's the thing it really makes that statement it's it doesn't have to always be over the top it can be a nod to a classic a nod to knowing what style and what fashion is and that's what you see in these jeans and then of course you can go all day you can sit if you if that's what you're doing you can sit in front of your computer or whatever it is for your day to day and still be comfortable because you still have the stretch you've got your great silhouette that you love so many women love the skinny jean and even though you're seeing different cuts if skinny is for you then then do it get your skinny jeans in sew in different um different looks so that if that's the the gene you always want to pull out let it be something different every time and exactly and that that looks good with the winter boot up and underneath that is an ankle-like jean so there there are jeans that to me scream festive or festival this gene is for the everyday woman who wants to look special but doesn't want to spend an inordinate amount of time getting dressed this leads you into the colors you can wear a navy boot with this a black boot with this if you're bold a red boot with it a white tennis shoe or cat any kind of casual shoe really and because it's ankle legs of course a kid in the heel but that might also be something where if i was going to give up the day job and go into real estate i would wear that with a nice navy blue blazer the sham or the mid-tone and a simple layering piece underneath a nice maybe i'd slip on a navy blue um pump for showing a house rather than something more casual and i would look affluent yes i would look like somebody who was successful at what i did which that in turn creates a lot of aura of confidence around you yes and you know those are the pieces where i feel that if you have to work at looking good if you have to spend more than maybe 240 seconds getting dressed in the morning i'm lost because then i can tell you i'm not liking what i'm doing and i'm i'm starting to take stuff off and just throw it and look for it this is you don't need to strain your brain to look fabulous yes that's it this is the way you go for it it's 083 739 that's the item number to pick this up um three flex of 19.

97 we're gonna take a quick break to give you a chance to go ahead and pick up your brand new jeans we're gonna check in with the big find and then come back for more with diane gilman last year qvc and hsn searched across america for the best and the brightest these people and products were a big hit now here's your chance to be a part of something even bigger are you our next great discovery we're searching for the big find show us what you've got america applications open now search the big find on qvc.

com and hsn.

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com [Music] well you are watching hsn my name is tamara hooks i'm your host and we are in the midst of well i guess the last half hour of a two-hour show with diane gilman so this has been a lot of fun and if you are just tuning in and maybe you missed some of the show so far always check hsn.

com on the home page just go down and you can see the last items aired and you can see anything that we that you may have missed and you can even shop for them there so we've got our skinny jeans coming up in just a few moments stay with us but we've got to talk about this top and you've seen it if you were watching just a few minutes ago this is the top that annette has been wearing it's the acid wash tee and yes those sleeves are lace how cool and what a great placement for the lace on this tee this is a sale price we took a few dollars off you still have flex pay you get it home for 12.

53 annette is wearing it in the red and these are acid wash so they're not going to be like that bright vibrant in your face it's kind of like a softer look in the color so that one is red and i'll show you the other colors as well and this is the red the one that annette was wearing here it is in coral we've got it in white look at that and then i'll show you we've got three other colors we also have it in olive 50 left in olive i was just about to say this one is stunning yeah you thought so too 50 left here it is in black and remember it's acid wash so it has a little bit more of a washed kind of black gray kind of look that's the black and then this one is the eggshell and let me do something real quick before we bring diane in so this one is the eggshell this is the white i just wanted you to see those next to each other so that you could recognize they are they are a different color so if you want white it's this one if you want eggshell it's it's the one that's hanging diane what again a beautiful look in a tea very different in its styling very artisan looking and i'm going to ask you to do me and you a favor take the olive and hold it next to your jacket okay because the leaves of your cross stitch are the same color look at how beautiful that looks together it looks like you have a vintage tee under a vintage needlepoint jacket and if we could get the other jackets back i would love to put i would love to be able to play with these t-shirts going underneath those jackets so i know i know the studio is kind of strange now and you're sort of there all by yourself but i'm hoping you can do that okay because the one that annette has on could go underneath the indigo embroidered jacket um and the one with the gray could go underneath the black embroidered jacket and then you would have the femininity of this particular tea with that gorgeous um poly model burnout and a flexible crochet stitch lace and you'd have that against the embroidery what an incredible outfit to put together i love doing that where i mix textures mix a little bit of message and metaphor but in the case of the jacket and this t-shirt they're really both all about femininity it's all about a different take on feminine it's not girly it's it just looks so rich and enriched yes so yeah it really does i love it for that and and that crochet is very soft and stretchy and it's not going to be fragile you're going to be able to throw this in a washer and a dryer but it's nice to have that crocheted lace up around the neckline and the face it it just creates a very pretty very feminine and and a kind of delicate looking tableau oh much oh yeah that's what i'm talking about so look at this this is the cross stitch jacket that we had last hour and i popped the red under here look at how yeah oh that would be perfect if you did that one oh that would be you know what i could almost do the coral too uh with this you could you could also do the vintage black because the jacket has let's do that the gray in it yeah it's fun to do this you know what i actually do this at home all the time i i put a one hanger underneath another underneath another and i play with it yeah now if you wanted something oh yeah a little more look at that more subdued but it's it works perfectly oh i love it how fab look i know i know look at that because i'm thrilled that we got both pieces in the same um two-hour show because you can you know sometimes you look at something like the jacket it's an investment and you say i don't know though i mean i don't have anything to wear underneath it well now you do now you too i love the idea and now you could also take i could go on forever no let's do it just stop me oh you could take the cream color okay and wear it with your chambray jacket okay let me show you because that cream color is just and the coral also okay look it would be beautiful so if you did oops i think i dropped the red you could see that how pretty is that yep oh i love so pretty together oh look and it's so pretty it's really bringing it out i think i dropped the red let me back up real fast because i don't want that red to fall yeah it's all good it's all good and then let me show you that moss green or you know the coral i think is a little bright but i still think that yeah from a distance that looks very good oh that looks very good together so depending on where you are in the country if you're in a gulf coast state i think that this coral color or the ivory would be perfect for me in new york i would go for the moss green t-shirt because that's a little more of a leave-in mm-hmm to fall and i could wear that with like a suede shootie yes this is the perfect honestly perfect company man and i think with that the sale price you know excellent to think about putting these together i'm going to pop this green in here i know that the green is almost gone but if you got the green if you're able to get oh that's perfect isn't it oh i love it it's so fabulous together you know all you need to do is have one t-shirt like this and you will find not only beyond the jacket working with the needlepoint jacket yeah you'll find you're just going to love this and wear it again and again and again i'm not someone who likes a lot of busyness up close to my face because my hair is so busy it can hardly handle itself but i like when it's something like this where it's a subtle lace and where it's perfectly dyed to match i also like that these t-shirts have such a glorious cool feel against the skin it really feels like a silk net it's lovely and they're very durable you just wash them and then i say lay flat to dry but they go perfectly with that needlepoint jacket or the needlepoint jeans so if you bought either of those and you're thinking you know i really don't have a top that that is going to maximize the look well now you do with this top and the other thing that's really good about it tamara is i love the sleeve i think that doing the sleeping the crochet really kicks it up a notch but at the same time it's not tough to layer that sleeve underneath a jacket you don't have any bulk to it that's right it just lays against your skin do you see that yeah you've got some airiness to it without your arms being out so again this is the one that you as soon as you get it home you're you're putting putting it straight on and wearing it i love the back detail that you've got i love the plate look at that and i know these are getting limited the um red and the olive are okay the olive is gone the red we have 200 left and then we say goodbye to that one um we still have it in black a lot of you are calling in for this one in black i love the black with the black jacket but then you know what i live in a big city that's all gray and and so that's perfect but also because of my white hair that vintage black all shades of gray are kind to me now so i'm always looking for great and a little less harsh than black always looking for great gray pieces yes so we will also have a lot of great gray jeans come fall ladies that are going to work perfectly with this but i think for the embroidered pieces we showed today this has to be the ultimate t-shirt to wear with those for sure for sure i encourage you i know that we do have to go because these are going don't miss out on them hundreds of you have called in to order in either the red the white the olive is gone we have it in eggshell we've got coral and we have black and we started with extra small to 3x go ahead and pick yours up uh those are six five seven eight six zero that's the number to get those home okay we are going to move on we do have another top for you and this is the one that if you were with us just a little bit ago when we had the peplum denim jacket and carol was wearing this underneath this is the top she was wearing underneath look there's it's so special but let me show you the colors and then we'll have to talk about the details on this so we have it for you in the uh in the olive you can see oh gosh i love the way it moves too this one is the scarlet we have it in wine there it is in black we're going to move on over so that you can see this in espresso that's the beautiful brown that you see there behind that we have the camel two dozen left in camel and then we also have it in green 80 left in green and this is a very gosh what color green is this teal it's like a teal green okay um it's extra small to 3x 26 inches long and this is a bamboo crossover top let's talk about this one diane well interestingly enough i used to um own a beautiful little farm with a farmhouse that was probably built in 1870 or something and that farm the guy that owned it for years was a horticulturist and he grew a bamboo forest i had a bamboo forest on my property people used to drive for miles around and i always just catch people clipping my bamboo which actually really annoyed me wow but yeah but here's the point bamboo is a great form of alternative to cotton fiber to work with it is stronger than cotton it uses less water and energy to process it it actually grows ten times faster than cotton does and it only uses about eight percent of the amount of water you need for cotton so it is eco-sensitive eco-friendly soft as all get out unbelievably drapey i mean could not be more it looks gorgeous under all our jean jackets that would look beautiful under the jean jacket you have on right now as well let me just because the leaves how about it now see there you're trading the femininity of the lace for the femininity of the cross over peplum which is so drapey and so feminine so um this is a pleasure to wear a lot of what we've shown today is really highlighting uh the wearability of our of our fabrics against the skin and the fact that it's a tough time of year to choose what you're going to buy what's going to work into next season but look at how bamboo takes color if you look at it in the wine color and again in the brown color and it just saturates it is so enriched and stretchy look at that that that is a gorgeous shade of wine whoa so this is all about a new fiber and here's the interesting thing too you you you take everything for granted until you realize how rare it is and so you could have a thousand factories and make clothing for you tamara and all 1000 would make a cotton t-shirt from knitting it from carting the yarn to knitting it to cutting it to sewing it out of the thousand factories probably only one can do bamboo it's very rare it is very very difficult to find a factory that is knowledgeable and can get their hands on it and knows how to cart it which is you take the fibers you get bamboo stocks and each end are like terrible split ends so you cut those off and then you start peeling off the fibers and then you card it which means you spin it almost like on a mechanical spinning wheel and then you come out with this beautifully creative bias draped petal top beautiful peplum to it a gorgeous hand feel to it and i love what things do why i love it i love to be a multi-tasker i like my clothing to be multitasking it's helping save the earth it's helping conserve water conserve electricity and at the same time you're using a resource that grows so plentifully i mean my bamboo forest turned into a true force it was crazy wow just crazy i love how populated it was love that we have this as an option and you know um the fact that thank you carol you're doing something great and you're and you're actually getting something even better you're not giving anything up just so you know the brown the espresso that you see there on carol and the olive green almost gone those are going to be the first two to go we cannot keep olive green in stock it keeps going so if you want to go ahead and pick up those tops we still have it in black in camel in scarlet and in wine and the green okay yeah and you can see with carol moving in it how graceful it is and you know something it may be incredibly warm all the way through october tops like this save your life because they become the bridge between winter and indian summer that's right that's right go ahead and pick yours up and i know that there are a lot of you on the phone for that top i want to show you these skinnies we've been kind of teasing you about them throughout your favorites these are classic stretch i'm going to find out why they're your favorites but let me show you the colors first so we have them in chambray so we have them in all of your denim colors that you love they're chambray this is indigo here is mid-tone we also have them in black and when it comes to skinnies you need at least one pair in each one of these options oh yeah just because it's part of your wardrobe and then we've got a few in the fashion colors and so don't be afraid of these this is magenta here it is in rust would be a great color when you're ready to go into fall and then we also have it in the seafoam green now you're going to order these in sizes 2 to 24 women's you're going to order them in average petite or tall and let me tell you one more time we've got the petite inseam of 27 inches the average inseam is 29 inches the tall inseam is 31 inches yes of course you have stretch in your jeans but i cannot get over diane your favorites classic stretch amazing skinny cut for only three flex payments of 13 seriously yeah you know that is incredible yeah and and that's incredible ladies because out of the 15 and a half million jeans that we've sold i i have to say a good 7 000 of them seven million of them have been in the skinny so classic stretch what is that that's a classic denim that we all grew up with but now we've added spandex and now we like to call it the new classic because we've also added enzyme washes that make it softer and stretchier this is the gene for the mature woman's body if you're 40 or over if you feel that you've lost control of your tummy area i'm holding my hand up that would be me if you feel like you've got junk around the trunk that would be me if you feel like your derriere has fallen ever so slightly hello i'm there again you are going to be set for the biggest treat of your life because if you do not have a pair of skinny jeans do not fear that you are not skinny enough to wear our skinnies just trust us make that first purchase and let us show you how we can make you look so skinny while you have the same kind of bodies that we all do past a certain age which is bodies without that perfection of youth let us give you back your sexy in a pair of skinnies the new classic denim is softer it's stretchier it feels wonderful on the body and it allows you an entry level price back into the world of denim again and you if you haven't bought gentlemen years here's where you need to begin if you haven't bought denim for years and you've been wearing old pull on mama bubba you know wide leg shapeless clothing because you don't know what else to do you just came home i am in my 70s i wear these every day and if you have bigger hips they're going to help smooth those out if you have bigger thighs they're going to glide over them if you have a big stomach like i do it's going to give you a leaner profile you are going to feel like you are wearing something that you are very secure in that you're not going to bubble out and over the top of and they're really not a skinny skinny skinny you know like i can't possibly ever wear those kind of jeans they are a lean cut that makes the best out of whatever shape you are and that is how we have sold millions and millions and millions of them and to be able to get five star reviews on a skinny fitted bottom that you have to buy over television tells you everything i mean we built these on my body and i wear them every day of my life since i have been and by the way we're almost at 16 million tamara hi i invented dg2 when i turned middle age in my late 50s i've never worn anything else but my jeans since then why should i they're so comfortable they are so flattering i get so many compliments i feel like me again you know you could be in your 70s or your 60s and feel like you're in your 50s or your 40s yeah that's how you feel on the inside but how do you match up that feeling on the outside well you do with the sexy jean that gives you your sexy back that's right and look at the price you're paying now the one downside is we tamara and i don't want you to think that because it's a jean for just 41 that you're getting something in a pant leg that's expendable that is going to last one season then it's gonna have i don't know the the bell loops gonna come undone the battery popped off uh-uh the real downside for me as a designer and manufacturer is this gene is gonna last you ten years or longer it's gonna stay out i wish you know i always said i wish on a rainy day like we've got today in new york that you walked outside of my jeans and they kind of melted off of you and you immediately had to buy another pair but these are built like iron so if you're saying to yourself you know what it's a whole new ballgame out there i need more casual now than dressy yeah i need clothing that i can live in i need more practicality than just fashion smashing here's the bottom that could change your life it changed my life first thing i designed oh my cat irena no we'll not get out wants to be a part of this game get out of the way irina face the camera no she'll never face the camera never irena's irene is a trish girl all the way i should make little jeans for her with cute little back pockets these absolutely changed my life they made me i always believe when we age we should be able to age sexy and be able to age really and truly with dignity but also retain ourselves retain the things from our youth just kind of you know do them in the moment that's what these jeans do yes now you wouldn't think that a woman in her mid-70s could rock a skinny jean but i swear to you i do and they're so comfortable i love them they hold my tummy in they lift my derriere i'm not spending a fortune on them and you know what you may be going into let's say meeting and greeting the public you may be holding zoom meetings which i do all the time get the indigo get get a dark color get a color that you can switch off from corporate to casual in a heartbeat or get the softest of them all which is the chambray yeah but the black on i can never get away if i had 100 pairs of them it wouldn't be enough there are so simple to put on they are so comfy they wash like a dream and suddenly everything in your wardrobe is revived i personally love a skinny because you can use every kind of footwear you can put an ankle boot up and underneath any kind of shootie any kind of platform kenny make it casual make it dressy make it corporate make it preppy this is your perfect black blank canvas yes to paint your fashion mood and picture i can't think of a more practical enduring um purchase to make this skin aging agreed and i know that we're down into our last 90 seconds in this two-hour show but if you've been waiting because i've been kind of teasing you that we were going to have the skinny jean at the end of this hour if you've been waiting for it because you're saying this is my uniform do it we've got it on flex pay for 13.

67 you get them home you try them on you wear them and if if they're not the right size if they're not the right ones for you you send them back we always have our 30-day return policy so no worries there so a lot of a lot in life has changed some things haven't and that's us here at hsn we make it very easy for you to shop we'll send it straight to you and diane i always say especially a gene like this is like a best friend you've got to have something that you can count on no matter what and i think that's this gene and also something that lifts your spirits every time you put it on every time you put it on and i swear to you i'm the same way i put it on i look in the mirror and i go yeah hey i still got it going yes so yeah even with that extra 10 pounds from kovid that's okay you know what if i had to if i had to say there was one piece that honestly will revive tired old pieces in your wardrobe energize you again with the compliments you get this is and you've got a great price and not spend a fortune it is my beloved my go-to my rock my pillar of my wardrobe my skinny diane thank you so much we'll see you again next time tamara for sure see you again next time thursday bye bye definitely stay with us colleen is coming up get the best next on the things you love with the hsn card as an hsn card vip you'll get all kinds of perks like 12-month vip financing on select items plus extra flex on beauty jewelry shoe and fashion purchases all day every day and at least eight vip savings events a year includes fraud protection and there's no annual fee apply now and instantly get 10 off when you're approved call 1-800-695-1418 or visit hsn.

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