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guests and some of your favorite brands and we want to know what you love most about shopping at HSN so what we what and here's I want to show you I took a photo little selfie so you can see what I love about shopping at HSN what I love about HSN is that you are here and I love having you and and you allowing me to be part of the show so this these are the kind of things that you we want you to let us know I I hashtag love HSN because it's the best place to shop flex pays 30 day guarantee VIP coupons happy 43rd birthday that was from grace and so we love that so what we want you to do is take your picture let us know what you love about HSN and be sure to hashtag love HSN you can put it on Facebook you can put it on Instagram we just want to see it let's hear from Diane Gilman's and she is the lady of the hour I dreamt of being a designer all through my childhood but my real passion for design came when I kind of sailed into middle-age and I suddenly couldn't wear jeans anymore designed the first dg2 Jean for me and it's so changed my life and the way I felt about Aging that I thought if one Jean could do this for me it could do it for millions of women it's a jean and a design philosophy for an entire generation my generation [Music] so you were hearing from Diane herself we are so glad to be in our second hour of dg2 fashion Shivan Sarna is joining us and we're glad you're here as well also you're on Facebook live so definitely I see a lot of you are kind of chatting back and forth Rosalyn Linda Mary Lou Kathy Jill thanks for being there and we're gonna jump in to our next piece for you and it is this beautiful burnout printed and embellished top so the front is where all of the beautiful print is and then the back of this is gonna be completely solid so you're looking here at the chambray Paisley take a look here at the Navy butterfly oh that's very pretty so this is the second time in these 2 hours that we've seen butterflies if this is your more T motif this is what you love definitely jump on that we also have the navy stripe look at how great that one is this one is the rust Paisley and remember you've got all of this beautiful print and embellishment on the front and in the back is going to be completely solid so you can see it just like that so that's the rust Paisley we have it in the black animal print look at that ooh he's coming to get you and then the last our last option is the khaki camo this is really sweet because it's like a camo in the background but it's floral in the foreground which is very interesting and different we've got a feature price on this one it's extra small this one is extra small through 5x and let me explain that because a lot of you have asked and given us your feedback and so that you want some expanded sizes so we've been able to do that in some of the silhouettes that we're featuring in this hour so this top is extra small to 5x it's a poly rayon blend machine washable Nadya looks great in that Navy stripe and Siobhan is wearing it in the rust Paisley right Tamara this is a top that everybody who originally saw the first version of it fell in love with and the team at dg2 heard that call loud and clear and then this year so that was last year and last year and then this year this is the newest version of it it has so much art to it it has this beautifully precision placed sequence the art is astonishing isn't it exciting to have three designer clothes that are so affordable yes you see that's gonna go back to navy blue and your chambray with that vivid sort of indigo sets of colors there but also that chambray Paisley works back to that I have the jeans on by the way that exactly match the sleeve is right to it's not too short the length of the top is also just right it's not one of those like micro tees of course it's dg2 so it's never gonna be too short the butterflies with white jeans right now yes spectacular my little display which looks so pretty there and then this was inspired by Diane love for nautical and of course who doesn't love florals so a striped tee done right like this is will never go out of style none of these will ever go to style Paisley is still going strong of course all of the the kitty cat okay okay Tamara that kitty cat is not going to get you and keep you up when you're trying to take a catnap dianna my both love our kitties and that's a Snow Leopard very special exotic animal you and you you mentioned how special the camo is which really looks so abstract it almost looks like tie-dye in a way also a little bit of a you know animal print feel there and then those gorgeous huge cabbage roses what and it looks like with the crystals on the leaves and the flowers like they're just you know drenched in do with the sun shining on them these are blue very very beautiful they're so different it's just such a different kind of print all of them have a lot of personality to them you're gonna see Diane wearing her favorite few as you can see in her jeans and just kind of hanging out and just beautiful the way that she's got it on just simple again jeans and a t-shirt but when you do a designer t-shirt and a designer pair of jeans it just holds your attention differently so you're seeing all of the prints there up close but your you'll notice when you get them home how you have texture on them and so so it's got more of a tactile feel when you wear it and you mentioned Siobhan the sleeve length I like that it covers the top part of your shoulder it covers the the kind of back part of your arm the part that a lot of women are not too keen to show it's 27 inches in length you can machine wash even though it's got all this beautiful print you can easily machine wash it and just as simple as throwing on jeans and a tee but you look this good and the length is so right you've got a little bit longer in the back as nadia was just showing you it's automatically got that sort of side vent to because of the way the side seam is done this is beyond just a little tee right it is a really special top and the word burnout I just wanted to address that it's what's giving that visual texture on like the white there you know Burnett's usually reserved for velvet at the holidays it's just that kind of special fabric technique that we've added to this top to elevate it and by the way this top launched what's today Tamara speaking which can't remember what right so about I do I dunno today's just a couple of weeks ago this launched and it's already a customer pick because they are so special because they are so imaginative and so beautiful and also going back to the performance all the time these perform they wash like a dream what's going on on Facebook well Facebook lives I was trying to tell the world we were doing the show because it's such a good one well I'll tell you there are a lot of you who are shot I kind of text talking back and forth Chris says she has three of these burnout tops and she loves them and she was wondering because she has the butterfly top which is the most limited and the one that's almost gone wondering if we have any more of the butterfly genes remaining so Chris I'm gonna ask her producer rocky if he'll give us he's on it let you know if we have any of those butterfly genes ready yes the ones yes the 500 from last hour so definitely those would be great the black shirt very loved and I think there are a lot of animal lovers cat lovers out there for sure it's so great to see you there are a lot of you who are saying you've got so many pairs of jeans you love them you collect them that's what we love because you find a brand that works for you in one area because maybe you always go to dg2 for the Jean but maybe you don't have as many of the tops this is an opportunity to branch out it's a t-shirt yes but it's done in a designer way that just really just like the jeans you could buy any old plane jeans anywhere with Diane you're gonna get great fit great comfort great feel Siobhan I love the softness of this as well it's so delicious against your skin and in the heat you don't want anything sticking to you right you don't want to have to be worrying about you know again slim wear and all that I speak to my own experience and you want to be just like you know drifting over you gliding over your curves giving you plenty of confidence and coverage not having you know overthink is the swing too short blah blah blah No is really what I would call that perfect top and whether it is a pair of the matching jeans coordinating jeans or some Bermudas later on when it does start to get cool you've got a perfect top to wear under all these great jackets collect this is a collector's moment because I've already become a collector now is a perfect time now is the time do it for flex of eight dollars and 28 cents customer pick these are 7:06 137 and Chris who's on Facebook we found the butterfly jeans for you so here is the item number and this is seven zero zero two seven zero you can get them in chambray if you want it to go lighter or you could get them in the oh yeah that's right chambray is the is the option with the butterfly and I actually think that they would work beautifully so thanks for your question Brandi says Siobhan maybe you can pass this on to Diane too Brandi wants Diane to revolutionize undergarments just like she did with jeans I want her to also do that for shoes great let me share with you I know that a lot of you are maybe shopping with us here at HSN for the first time we've got our fit guide on hsn.

com so if you ever have questions about what spit to get which size is going to be right for you you can always go to hsn.

com type and the fit guide you can see which size is gonna fit your measurements and even how to take your measurements so you're never questioning and if you do still have questions after that our customer service reps can always help you out with that for sure but check out the fit guide on hsn.

com okay let's talk about this jacket it makes me so happy because it's so pretty and feminine it's the ruffled hem classic stretch denim jacket this one is semi fitted so it's not gonna be as close to the body but you've got stretch in here so you know it's still gonna be comfy extra small to 3x Nadia is wearing it in chambray and we've got so many beautiful I call them sorbet colors that we're gonna share with you this is such a great piece you got a feature price and flex pay and again customer pick on hsn.

com so we've got this for you in lavender so Siobhan this is gonna be the hard part which one do we choose now the lavender is the most limited 200 remaining we do have all sizes extra small to 3x in the lavender this is the chambray that you just saw there on Nadia here is aqua I like and check out those aqua buttons I mean this is just so sweet we have it for you in pink so nice in that pink we've got it in lemon yellows my favorite color so I'm always gonna go yellow first so there's that lemon here it is in white and then we have it for you in mid-tone if you want it to stick with your blue jean colors so let's talk about this one it's no wonder it became a customer pick oh I'm not surprised at all and by the way that pink is a little bit like a piece of watermelon pink yes so just to clarify which color pink that is so it's called the ruffled hem it's a soft peplum and if you haven't touched this this is a so unique it's the graphics right now nicely time it's a sort of a wash what is that Tamara it's a an enzyme wash that the classic stretch goes through to give it extra special softness even softer than it already was which is pretty wild and so you have your classic stretch there's tons of stretch and recovery here and this was the first time they did dyed to match enamel buttons so in the in the chambray there it's the classical sort of pewter silver tone but on the other ones it is a dyed to match enamel button so it's extra cool extra my mom would call it snazzy you're thinking perhaps in a way because of what it does for the waistline it actually gives you a really nice balance to your curves and there's the stretch here's the other thing don't ever feel obligated to button it through the bust for example if you're gonna be wearing it as a you know over a tank top all the time just order the one that you would normally order in a denim jacket it is a classic start so you go with your true size and this has those great seams on the front giving you a nice elongation this is so by the collar stays up when you pop it but they are super special and these are also one of those you know it's a collectible moment when they are gone this is not going to be like next month we're gonna bring in you know more in the sorbet purple or anything like that it's just it's that's the thing about the big dg2 you know these are capsule collections every season and that's what it's so exciting because the creativity continues to shine through and the fabric developments is always there but for those of you who shop by color like Tamra's giving her her yellow I got my pink and purple and white and blue it's a great weight it's it's never gonna go out of style either is always gonna be a favorite yes and you're right it is so not your man's denim jacket yeah this is all this it's feminine I love the idea of because we talk all the time about let's say you're wearing like a maxi dress throw on a denim jacket on top of it okay this is the one you throw on because it doesn't take down the the softness of what you're wearing underneath if anything it adds to it so it still gives you your flirty personality but it's not over-the-top and it's not too much because even that ruffle at the hem is not big and bulky and kind of look at me it's just a great style right there along that hem bottom and of course you throw these in the wash you throw these and they'll dry you wear them forever you're gonna love this jacket so if you want to go for it take advantage of the feature price and the flex pay that we've got on them read the reviews because this is a customer pick on hsn.

com and we would love to send yours out to you so again lavender chambray this is aqua we've got it in pink here it is in lemon we've got white and then there it is in mid-tone so go for yours and I'd love for you to get it home and put it on and just kind of have that fun flirty moment that this jacket is designed for so go for it for sure and I also want to share with you because we have a feature price but we could make that jacket even even better for you and that is if you are getting a brand-new HSN card now all you do is call us or you can go to hsn.

com slash HSN card and apply and when you're approved you take $40 off of the first single item purchase that you make with that brand-new HSN card and what's but the only thing is that that offer ends tomorrow July 19th so if you want to take advantage of that you've been wanting an HSN card for all of the benefits that it brings to you then definitely definitely go ahead and pick that up we've got another Jean for you in this hour but this one this one's cropped as well this one is a bootcut last hour we had the skinnies this hour we've got the floral sequin cropped bootcut Jean I'm showing it to you and will show you all the detail but here it is in indigo look at I mean I mean all of your interest in the front and then the back is gonna be solid but I love that kind of copper color of the sequin there so that's indigo here they are in black wow that's beautiful this one is called camel it's very rich very beautiful that's camel and lastly we've got purple a deeper purple I would call it a true purple then the purple we had last hour and average petite and tall inseam the petite inseam is 23 inches the average is 25 inches the tallest 27 inches and we've got them for you in size 0 to 24 and once again we're trying to expand our size range and so we were able to do it with this Jean and that was based off of your feedback saying you wanted to expand the range so size 0 to 24 women's on these siobhan these are great and they're new this month there this is such a hot hot moment mrs.

bootie Jean you're not finding these out in the world they're exclusive here to HSN like everything from dg2 but what I love about this Tamara is that that relaxation from the knee down and let's talk about the embellishment okay almost a thousand sequins here that are also faceted and there are tiny teeny ones and you know from doing jewelry right jewelry shows the light reflects reflects refraction reflects off of these surfaces so it really gives you a huge huge Sparkle factor with the reflection off of these pets or sequins and the artistry is sublime so just like you know the embroidery with just thread which is beautiful in precision we have that here with the sequins very elongated through the leg because of the way it's been placed on the jeans but super relaxed so maybe you wouldn't wear sequins necessarily during the day on a pair of skinny jeans or a pair of classic bootcut jeans but with the cropped and having the soft relaxed opening of about 14 and a half inches it gives you a really cool daytime vibe where right you can you know imagine wearing it with a flat gold sandal or a metallic or as the season changes with some booties some shooties even a little bit of a higher boot the fact that you also have the petite the average and tall is so cool because that way maybe you want them a little bit longer okay and your average go for the tall so much versatility and whether it's a luggage color or like that color camel which is really almost like a copper yes and you want to do some of the Browns some of the earth tones and you know even a distressed leathers and boots you already have and then you pick up like a highlight with those sequins this is a really really I know we've said it a couple of times this couple of hours but these are really special like you're not gonna see yourself coming and going in these and they are a way to be fashionable without being over-the-top right right it's a way for you to still be appropriate and comfortable and but like you said fashionable personality you know you're kind of shining through you do want something different maybe there are some occasions that you that have you've had to miss you know in these first few months of the year and you're saying but you know what but I still have reason to you know my brother and sister-in-law just celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary yesterday and sudra this is the kind of thing that she if she'd had it yesterday would have worn because yes it was just a kind of a low-key celebration but this just shows it's a celebration you know even if it's a fact of every Sunday you know you get up and you make your favorite breakfast that's the celebration these are the kinds of things that you put on just for those moments and I wanted to draw attention also to Laura because we have these in petite average and tall Laura is five nine and she's wearing these in the tall and they're cropped but do you see how this crop is longer than the one we had last hour so it's gonna be still if you're saying to Siobhan's point if you just wanted to fit a certain way then keep that in mind and getting the petite average and tall so even though she's tall she's five nine this is a longer crop for for you to keep that going and we've got them for you on three flex of $23 these are exclusive these are beautifully made and again with all of the stretch and comfort and fit that you would expect with dg2 and you see how she adorned it with this great flutter sleeve top what we've got coming up so because Siobhan I know some women are thinking well I really like those jeans what am I going to pull them all together really simply right again jeans and a t-shirt jeans and a t-shirt exactly and some cute shoes and you know so to me this is like oh it's not a you know springtime crop of course you can wear them in the spring this is more like that transitional fall style crop whenever you want it but it is a longer one so I'm glad you pointed that out Tamara it's actually when you get a skinny jean from dg2 and it's a crop this is the more the length that it is so I call it almost like an ankle length versus crop crop I know the graphics are you know the law [Laughter] ankle and I don't want to call it a flare even though technically it would be a flare when I think of flares I think that you know the inside of your ankle of the pants are gonna flap against each other that's not what this is it's just a soft relaxed like baby flare and that's a 14 and a half inch opening that means that you're gonna have plenty of room for a bootie or shooting plenty of room for an ankle strap around your your your espadrilles and all that but that art and then in the camel would like that burnished copper yeah these are exquisite this is what you know you go to Vegas and you hope you find you go to a boot scene and you hope you find and they you know you you've hire your girlfriend who's into crafts and art and you're like look I have these jeans would you please do something which isn't really how gang got started right yeah the rockers and the rollers were like I need something for stage what am I gonna do and she's like if I got your number I will I will make you magic and that's exactly what she did and she's still making the magic to this day thank goodness definitely because because what I think is when she did it for those rockers back in the day she made one pair right a work of art for one pair maybe for one performance and then they were not seen again these are the ones we're gonna wear we're gonna reach out for we're gonna live in and they're still gonna fit our bodies because we talk about the design and we talked about the embellishment but don't forget we couldn't do that on a pair of jeans if they didn't fit right because then they would just live in your closet don't buy clothes to live in your closet but pick up clothes but you're actually gonna wear and you're gonna live in and that's what you're seeing right here so I'm glad that we've got them for you the tops that you see on the girls are coming up in just a few moments so definitely keep these in mind and remember we expanded the size range on this now we start with size zero and we go to size 24 and you do have stretch in them you can wash these at home we suggest because of that in that sequence either you wash it on gentle or you hand wash but you know that's it because you just want to make sure that they stay looking just as good and I love whether it's flats or whether it's a cute heel the jeans just agree yeah pointy toe pumps even a kitten heel would be so cute with this yeah I just turned them inside out when I washed them oh right if I do put them in a machine I just turn them inside out you know my chip about hand wash too right I just throw it in the in the shower or bathtub with you that is such a Tamra idea you know what I love that tip that's a tip for folks who just have a lot to do let me just do as much as I can while I'm here anyway so so you come here first shopping and four really great hacks so definitely all in one spot that's why we love HSN so if you want to go for it we've got them for you this is the Indigo I love a dark blue jean so I think that's why I'm always holding onto the Indigo we have them in black and this is this is a solid rich black even the the fastenings are all black there's no wash there's no whiskering this is a beautiful black Jean and I think because of that and that sequin it could go a little dressy if you want it to depending on the shoe and the top and the jewelry that you put with that so that's going to be black oh through and through can beautiful and a little bit deeper it's not like a khaki it's richer it's warmer than that to me this reminds me of fall and the fact that we're in the middle of July oh my gosh fall is gonna be here very soon so if you want to go for that camel you can do that and then this richer purple let me tell you most limited in this purple it's a beautiful rich purple that could be any time of year and so I would not kind of walk away from that one go for yours zero eight five six nine three we'd love to send it out to you and I know that a lot of you are calling in definitely stay there you can also stay on hsn.

com as well stay with us because we've got the top that I'm wearing the top the flutter sleeve top that you saw on Laura coming up oh and one other pair of jeans and another trivia question so stay with that good with the power of HP from HSN reinvent how you work how you play how you live technology that makes life better for everyone everywhere and deals designed for every budget HP on HSN and at hsn.

com our HSN price is a great value that we bring to you every day we work hard and have the buying power to make sure it's a value that you'll love so go ahead treat yourself with the confidence to buy now at the HSN price I found it in Peru China Morocco amethyst mine in the middle of nowhere every day is a new adventure we go right to the mines you can actually show people okay this is how it all starts and every rough material jet is like opening your Christmas present you're able to sculpt it make it into something that's really unique very special very limited and I think that that's what people love they know the history of it [Music] it's our birthday come join the fun [Music] well you're watching HSN my name is Tamara hooks and I'm your host and I'm glad that you're here we're celebrating our 43rd anniversary or birthday I should say here at HSN so for 43 years we've been having a good time and we're glad that you're with us now Shivan Sarna is skyping in and Siobhan we have another trivia question for you okay I think you're gonna get this what do I collect a chess sets be stones or C dolls d all of the above I think I collect I know okay I think you collect chess sets Tamra yes I did I collect them on my travels around the world I haven't picked up one in a while but that's what I collect do you collect anything of course I collect dg2 and my parents collected bells that was their business the bells of Sarna so yeah I collect Bell yes so you're watching you're getting to know a little bit more about us we're glad that you're here we're glad that you're shopping again a lot of you are on Facebook Chris just so you know Chris wanted a white embellished Jean we don't have white we have cream it's coming up in just a few moments just so you know hang out with us but let's talk about this tea that Laura's wearing it's the flutter sleeve tee it's so pretty 26 and 1/2 inches in length it's a cotton Modell blend it's got just a beautiful drape a little just kind of a little hi-low not too drastic in any way and this one is all about that sleeve and shoulder detail that we're seeing so much of and I think that this started back in the spring and we're continuing to see it so you see it there on Laura in the peach I'll show you the other colors as well all soft and beautiful so this is cream this is what Laura was wearing in peach we have it for you in black this one is called chartreuse this one is the strawberry but it is more on the orange side just or coral side just keep that in mind and we have it in navy as well and once again it feels like your favorite shirt that you've washed a hundred times and it's exactly like you want it to be isn't it beautiful it's it's a gorgeous one I do love the way the sleeve works to cover in the upper arm a little bit I have worn this with a jacket to Tamra it's not like this leave is so big but it you can't wear it with a jacket and I wanted to show you this this is just an example of those dressmaker details I go crazy over for with dg2 this did not need to be done look at that inset right there that is so there's no peekaboo right nothing is revealed you see that so that's where all of the extra special love goes into each and every garment from dg2 isn't that impressive look at that and there you go see practical yeah so you know it's gonna fit right it's not gonna pull in the front and the back because you've got that extra panel I love these I love these things nobody sees them nobody knows about them but that's why it fits so well exactly and also you don't have to feel like oh do I need to wear a cami underneath it because it does come up really nicely just you know it fits back to that whole idea of things actually not just fitting like a generic but actually fitting a real woman's body yeah and they definitely have more appeal on the body speaking of which been on the hanger terrific and I love it layered underneath that ruffle jacket you were talking about earlier it looks fantastic on one more time not going to cling to because of that cotton Modell combo it is a very resilient fabric it feels fantastic and has a hand that is soft and delicious substantial but lightweight at the same time if that makes any sense yeah no it does it really does and it's a semi fitted top so it's I call it forgiving in that it just it skims the body but then it kind of falls away so you're not having to worry about you know what's going on underneath that if people are seeing what's going on underneath that tea no worries there so you've got a comfort level that's built in to a really great look and I think jewelry looks great with this tea sometimes you have a tea and it just the neck lines are kind of fighting with each other but the way that this neckline works I think your jewelry is gonna look really good with it and it's just airy and lightweight yeah and simple and shavonne and everyone watching it's so hot in almost every place in the country right now we need light and airy we really do we need it mentally emotionally spiritually physically in our clothes this is one of those that if you shop by color Tamra's getting the chartreuse especially the pink that is such a complexion booster in that coral color black so you know we were talking to Tamara about how personal that red shirt with the Starr Pierce jeans from last hour yes and then the how do you wear black during the summer how do you wear monitor like monochromatic in a color make sure that you have silhouettes so if you're wearing black jeans and you're wearing a black t-shirt make sure that the t-shirt has some interest in terms of the shape and the silhouette like the sleeve on this you're gonna have the interest here of that shape and that's what allows you if anybody is interested in being able to like crack the code of how to dress monochromatic top and bottom same color but still have it be very chic and not boring you always need to look for silhouette and little details in texture and in shape and that's what you have here in this top yes yes and and you know what that that really is the code that's how you look put together and with interest like you were saying instead of just kind of just covered and when you have pieces like these when you have pieces that you can reach for it just makes all the difference in how you feel when you look at yourself if you're if you're you know kind of show up in a photo you're never gonna say oh gosh I I didn't put myself together that day you're gonna love it enjoy call us or shop on hsn.

com that one is exclusive that when is we're so glad to be able to bring that to you on flexpay as well okay you asked and we deliver our friend Chris on Facebook was saying she was looking for some white embellished jeans that she could wear well we found about three different styles but take a look at these these are the bootcut in ivory and they're beautiful here's the item number it's six nine seven seven six zero those are really nice okay so always check hsn.

com if you want to other options and now all until this is our producer rocky he is powering this this screen all he did was go to hsn.

com and type in white embellished jeans and three choices came up all dg2 you've got some with patterns you've got one with the pinstripe on the side and just take a look and you can see everything that we've got available for you okay good luck Chris okay let's talk about the top that I'm wearing this one is the pleat front Dolman top and so what I like is it's got a interest in a lot of different ways you've got your Dolman sleeve you've got a really great curved kind of hem right there along the front but you also have a cold shoulder so it's the best of all worlds we've got it in olive there's the front there's the back and you can see it's just a nice kind of really great silhouette here is the red and this is a deeper red so I think this is a great red you can wear now and into the fall and winter as well here is white and this is white so if you want it bright and just clean go for that one this one is aqua very pretty we also have it for you in coral that's the one that I'm wearing and also in black this one is on flexpay for $14.

50 you're gonna order it in extra small to 3x you've got spandex in here Siobhan this top I mean I think in all colors you could wear this with everything you really could it has so much personality and each color gives it even more dimension in terms of that personality cold-shoulder is never going away okay there is a way to have a cold shoulder that is glamorous and that is exactly what you're rocking right there thank you what side shimmy there but one this gives you that perfect upper calf right so it's not like you're having to worry about like oh he's thinking about you know rotate or anything and by the way put a little shimmer right there you just turn it into an evening daytime glamour bah bah bah boom camera right I love the way you were showing it before sort of half half up half down sideways it still works with the jacket this is a glamorous top this is what right so ten years ago we would have called something like this a blouse right but now it's relaxed and it's built like your favorite t-shirts but it's dressier it gives you that hostess with the mostess arm extension the signature moved with all HSN models thank you very much you know if you're like I haven't good biceps are triceps you know push-ups pull-ups and ages want to show a little skin I don't want to be too hot but I also like coverage this is you know hitting every single point that you could possibly want at a top and also really nice you know tummy camouflage with those please so yeah another collectible moment right Tamara for sure I mean it really is and and again if this top were just had even just one of the multi features that it had it would be a great top but the fact that you've got all of them built in that's why I was saying this could be the top that you get in as many colors as you can and then this is the one that you reach for I'm showing it to you because this one is again all obviously because of the Dolman sleeve and the way that it fits in the middle it is made to be looser and it is made to be forgiving so it doesn't matter if you've got anything going on in the tummy area or in the back area nobody's gonna see that so you've got just a really great comfy top that you feel good in and this is one that if you are doing work calls for home you could be wearing this and after the call is over after your call your you know our long conference call meeting is over you're not gonna think oh gosh I've got to get out of that top and put on something that feels good you're gonna keep this on because it was made to be comfy and fashionable at the same time so this is olive this olive to me is a little bit more on the gray side because sometimes you'll see olive that is a true you know very green this one is a little bit more on the gray side but you'll order olive this is that deep red this is the white that you saw on Nadia aqua getting very limited this peach this quarrel I should say also getting very limited and then you have to also get it in black Siobhan do you agree you get a color but you've got to get this top in black if you can get it in white black in a color yes definitely and you know that is in that olive color that's one of the first times we've seen that in the past couple of months so we are you know thinking forward to fall that would be beautiful as the weather changes but you know it talks like this don't exist easily on the marketplace it's not like oh everybody's got it no this is a dg2 exclusive everything you're seeing from dg2 is exclusive to HSN and she has cracked the code on making sure that you have a flattering top that gives you the coverage you want that is still glamorous that isn't gonna show too much arm but does give you enough very resort feeling away Tamra hmm definitely a lifestyle top not just with a fashion Flair not just like okay I'm now like you said just cover you know exhibiting your style and your Flair and you know maybe you want to do it in red with those star Pierce jeans or you you love the idea of black jeans or black leggings and a black top but you you really get what I was saying before is that you need to have shape and silhouette when you're gonna go from monochromatic to still be fashion-forward that's what all jewelry is welcome and then my gosh and you're gonna I mean you're gonna reach for this time and time again go for it use use flex pay $14.

50 to get at home and remember the Aqua and the coral that I'm wearing are the most limited of these colors or I should say the aqua and the white excuse me most limited six five four eight six one is the number to get this home now I wanted to remind you as well of our fit guide on hsn.

com now we've put this together because we know that there are a lot of people who are new to shopping with us here and you just want to make sure you get your right size when you're ordering so this is how you measure yourself you just use a tape measure your bust your waist your hips and then those measurements can kind of coordinate with the sizing charts that we have whether they are extra small to 3x or whether they are numerical sizes and then of course each garment was designed to fit a certain way like this Dolman top that we were just sharing with you is loose-fitting it's designed to be loose so you can easily keep that in mind as you're shopping our next Jean and the last one that we scheduled are designed to be a fitted Jean but you have stretch and so when I hear fitted butt stretch I know okay okay I know how to order and I always order my regular size in dg2 these are the embellished fringe hem cropped Jean and these are cropped in a little bit of a different way and the fringe is hits in a different the embellishment hits in a different way these are in a sale price but the sale price expires tonight at midnight on the East Coast just so you know you're seeing them in the the Indigo so we have them in indigo right behind that we've got them in chambray and then all of that interest is right there on the leg the back is gonna be nice and solid here they are in black and again this is a washed black so it's not a deep dark black we've got them in cream and then look at that blush how pretty is this so petite average and petite average and tall the petite inseam is 25 and 1/2 inches in length average is 27 and a half and the tall inseam is 29 and half and you'll order sizes 2 to 24 women's I know that's a mouthful but when you see them on you're going to say I want them look at Laura looks so good yeah look at all that embroidery and so much spirit to these the fringe what a blast right this is this is a lot of personality we've been talking about a lot of cheerfulness we could all use that that's just like pure joy of fashion right there that just celebrates femininity the beauty of nature the color is like the inside of a conch shell that cameo color that is just lush lush lush and yes how much fun with all of your shoes with that slight angle by the way if you ever feel like your ankles are fuller give yourself an angle at the ink Kohl and visually but I just love that close-up of the embroidery so this is this is just like Full Tilt camera right there it's the greatest hits yes you've got a great color you've got great stretch fabric and premium denim from dg2 you have the placement of the embroidery super super flattering you've got the fringe on the bottom for the whimsy but totally totally makes sense yes because of the spirit of the flowers and the colors they they are they're charming I think that's the word for it they're charming they are and very different and I want and I would love for and we're gonna show you the embellishment that you've got because remember it's not just oh the Jean is a different color but the embellishment stays the same the color the threading the detail is different as well and I can't really get all oh yes I can I do 14 years I finally got it I wanted you to see all of the embellishment and embroidery because it's all so beautifully done you know in the front that indigo or the mid-tone with the red just so with that red dolmens we top you're wearing perfect or white the chambray also with those two colors the black with black it's a great outfit and then that that tone the creamy sandy color that's for you know the leather shoes the metallics the ivory you know the rich girl colors that Diane talks about which is like you know Bruce khaki and white always in style and then the creamy peachy pink is just it's just lush as we've just been seeing on Laura you just can't go wrong by the way if you were feeling shy that day you don't want to have someone wave at you from across the thing I don't wear these yeah these are conversation pieces these are showstoppers these are spirit and personality and optimism and positivity and you're gonna make yourself smile and other people smile too when they see wearing them you will and just I mean and even how to pull these together I love that Laura popped on that I'm ruffled jacket that we had a little bit earlier she wore that in white and then her tea that she's wearing is one of the embellished tees that we had that one was that khaki camo tee that she has on and so you see politically together and I'll say it again she's wearing jeans and a t-shirt but these are designer jeans designer t-shirt with designer details and that is what sets you apart from everybody else it's dg2 so it is going to fit all of that persuasion stitching right there you know if you this is where it it doesn't disappoint you be closed up you get microscopic on those stitches and you see the precision it's not like no it's like wow the expectations are high we're going on 16 million pairs of jeans and one of the reasons why is because look at that pink and the blue Tamara oh my gosh that belly pink it's so pretty it's because of the quality and the workmanship it's because of the fit you can have great fit lousy workmanship no one would be happy right good haven't workmanship no fit hope I'm saying these opposites you know what I'm saying yes there's more pink there too and it would be a disappointment it wouldn't have lasted you know this is this is good this is good enough to exceed the expectations of HSN customers and that kind of scrutiny is welcomed and that's why customer picks are out there and why the reviews are real good bad and ugly and the vast majority – you know let's face that all those customer picks all those reviews they're glowing fast is that relief of finding a brand they get to you it meets to where you are and also celebrates your feminine and the celebrates beauty and still performs absolutely there and at last and it's every time and it's the kind of thing you can count on I wanted to give you the item number if you love the way that Nadia put it together with the Dolman top the same top that I'm wearing here's the item number for that top at six five four eight six one so she's wearing it in the dark and in the red and you can see it really works well with the embellishment that you've got on that Jean as well so let me just remind you if you are looking at for a jean that you can wear now you can continue to wear because it's special and it's different it's got a custom feel to it but it's not just your basic Jean that you might already have a half a dozen or more in your closet that's what you're looking at right here it's a cropped Jean and I'll give you those petite average and tall inseam measurements again but it is as a matter of fact we're gonna pop him up on the screen so that you can see but you've got a cropped Jean you've got I'm sorry I keep moving you've got beautiful embroidery and there are your in seams right there so that you can decide which way is gonna be right for you but you've got beautiful embroidery you've got this great fringe and to Siobhan's point this is the kind that is not going to unravel because it's stitched so this is all fringe and then it's stitched just above you you don't even notice it unless you're looking for it but that means it's never gonna continue to unravel it's not like pantyhose where you get one unravel and it goes all the way up you're not gonna be the case it goes all the way around all of your embellishment is in the front of the leg the back the seat the waist at the top is all gonna be nice and smooth so you don't have to worry about sitting on any of the embellishment and it being uncomfortable but this is a different kind of the Jean this is not again the same well got six half a dozen pair of jeans in my closet and they all look the same no this is the one that you pull out when you do want something a little special and a little unique and personality which is what we've been talking about for these entire two hours of dg2 fashion and that not everybody's gonna have on but everybody is going to comment and even if they don't say anything because girls don't you notice when you know you're looking good even if nobody says anything you know they're looking at you and you're checking and they're checking you out great taste and great clothes and we might not say anything but we do that internal like like oh she looks so cute I wonder where she got that and for you this is a sale price but today this price will expire at midnight tonight on the east coast so you've got it on flexpay of $21.

25 oh now is the time call us or shop on hsn.

com we would love to send them out if you want them in cream or if you want them in that beautiful blush definitely do it and then of course we have your denim jean colors in black that washed black or the chambray or the Indigo and Siobhan I I love a blue jean but I think the blush and this one is my favorite they're really terrific this is very much personality driven this is for those of you who are bold when it comes to fashion and you're wanting pretty pretty peachy color but if you just want to like okay how do I elevate my jeans experience so that I can wear jeans out to a cafe or over to friend's house and I want to let them know that I know it's a special occasion right every day should be a special occasion you wear jeans like this yeah this is where they're spirited they're gorgeous look at that workmanship you and if you Rock some turquoise jewelry especially in that color would be so pretty those heat sealed studs that are faceted all of that precision work and you know I was thinking about you and dolls for a second because one of the false things that you said you might collect when you're trying to trick me in dolls and remember Tina berry happy birthday HSN Tina our beloved Tina one of the very first hosts she taught me about doll collecting and I used to do the doll shows when she was like you know on vacation and she always used to say and it made so much sense when you see the face of a doll that's the hardest thing to do because it's artistry right you know it can go wrong very quickly same thing with botanicals and embroidery and actually garments in general but that art that can go wrong really really quickly but that's so consistently right with dg2 these are special this is for making every single day shine every single day special you want to maintain your status as a fashion diva but you're not gonna necessarily be wearing stilettos going forward immediately some jeans but you still get to wear your flip-flops or your little cute ballet flat and you're still looking charming you know wearing flats is tricky because it does instantly make something more casual which is why I think the footwear industry has you know added more sparkle and velvet and you know done so much fun embellishment that's what Diana's been doing for decades she's been elevate what we wear every day she has been making every day special for us where you can shine you don't have to feel like you have to have $1000 so we design her bag and no under sunglasses which she can't even wear inside anyway wearable arts and even if you just get a few key pieces it really makes a huge difference in how you feel and how you present yourself to the world most importantly how you feel how you feel but didn't sign a little light out there in the world and people can appreciate what you're up to and the effort you know get up get dressed but with dg2 it makes it very very easy and effortless and again the beautiful results are all there I love the way Nadia put that on it with Laura looks amazing those are great outfit I think so too and I think about talked to my mom about this a lot but you know there are some things that we do over and over and over we don't think about it we never like to do it we're used to it but when you stop doing it you kind of never go back and I think stilettos and uncomfortable heels and you know tight shapewear once you stop wearing it because you didn't have to wear it you're not going back but when it comes to jeans there is nobody who says oh I'll never wear jeans again no we're gonna get these kind of things we're gonna continue to wear which means we're gonna continue to need and want something special and something that represents us in the best way and so if you love this embellishment the fact that it's not too much it's not like a full leg or the full front and back and the side and everything it's just a little kiss here a little kiss they're beautiful cropped a great fringe and the most important is the right fit you've got it all built in to this Jean so if you want the lighter colors you go with cream blush if you want the the Jean colors then you go with chambray indigo or black the choice is yours but the price will expire tonight at midnight on the East Coast it's just for one day and it's that special price kind of an honor of our 43rd birthday and our birthday faves and friends weekend so I do invite you to call us or to shop on hsn.

com and remember you're ordering petite average or tall inseams size 2 to 24 women's order your regular dg2 size you do have stretch in here and these are I think gonna be the ones that you look forward to wearing because Siobhan just like we haven't seen each other in a long time so the first time I see you I don't want to be looking sloppy I want to look good you always bring it that's what dg2 allows all of us to do to have an effortless fashion to have the performance you're not going to be disappointed and you know there's no boutique in the world that's going to be able to deliver all of that for that kind of situation there with all those flexpays and stuff Tamara happy birthday HSN hey happy host pick coming up thank you thank you and it's always good to see you Siobhan you take care until next time okay thank you can't wait can't wait we sure love you too and for all of you who are watching and and chatting with us on Facebook thank you as well we've got so much more shopping Sara's coming up next with our today's special birthdays were made for shopping [Music] hey we've got the cake so let's cue the confetti it's our birthday friends and faves weekend here at HSN so good evening thanks so much for having me in your home my name is Sarah Anderson this hour it's all about an incredible today's special so I do want you to stick around we've got one of the biggest and best values we've ever offered from our friends at HP but in the meantime.