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all right it's our birthday friends and faves weekend do you have a fave i've got a fave might be one of her signature jackets i know one of your all-time favorite collections here at hsn is dgt let me try it again dg2 it's one of my favorites as well my name is sarah anderson and boy do we have a great show planned for you we've got a ton of brand new items not to mention some of your favorite jeans whether they're skinny jeans or boot cut jeans or maybe you like jeans with a little extra flash a little extra flair well let me tell you i can't wait to show you one of the brand new pairs of jeans that's debuting tonight you're going to want to shop these early they're absolutely fabulous they are not only the most gorgeous slim skinny jean that you've ever seen from diane gilman these have a side stripe for a fun little sporty embellishment all the way down the outer seam but then if you guys can come in close on sonya's ankles that's right we're gonna we're gonna go in because you've gotta see the best part of these jeans that's at the bottom look at that cute little fringe a little beaded design so you've got all kinds of flair and motion they're so cute and they're so fun and flirty and by the way those are 90 dollar jeans for 69 dollars today we have white we also have the teal color we've got chambray indigo and black so we've got all your classic colors not to mention some fun colors we're going to have a blast today and thanks so much for tuning in during our big birthday month this is an exclusive collection of fashions you'll only find here at hsn and tonight we get to hang out with the one and only javon sarna who's bringing her expert advice via skype siobhan i'm so looking forward to hanging out with you for an hour oh it's going to be fabulous and hey nice nice ankle cam there sarah i know i hope sonia was ready for her close-up on her she's always ready for her close-up she's always ready she looks gorgeous okay ready good to see you good to see you siobhan we've got a great show planned let's start with one of the most popular items of the entire visit the easy tank that's done in prince this is of course the basic easy tank with all new designs all new prints for a big birthday month you love the easy tank it's one of their number one best-selling designs in their entire collection and now the prints are absolutely gorgeous so here's what you love you love the length you love that it's got the layered look you also love that it covers up the bra straps and not only that but it's got a beautiful solid stretch jersey knit in the back and you've got the beautiful crepe to shin print in the front so this one is called our blossom stripe it has a black background get your favorite color and then get your size extra small through 3x available you can machine wash these this one is called our wine snake so it's got the snake print it's got the wine colors and sort of a vertical stripe that's really cool i love that one then if you love your blues you're going to shop the palm blue amaryllis blue amaryllis that's what i was going to say rolls off the tongue blue amaryllis that's your blue floral design over here we've got our leafy floral that's the creamy ivory background with the beautiful gorgeous pink flowers that's what sonia is wearing oh isn't this darlene and then we have it for you in our palm we're calling that palm leaf uh so that's uh that beautiful brilliant green color if you shop the turquoise we had last tower that's gonna match beautifully and then wait for it neutral leopard isn't that cool it actually almost looks like faux fur you can almost see that beautiful design of the print that really makes it three-dimensional okay siobhan take it away my friend okay this is one of the first times that we've ever done a print on the easy tank and the easy tank is a bra friendly as sarah showed you two layer tank that has stretch in the back just to demo what that means it means if you're fuller through the bust it'll never pull across here this is that wine color python inspired snake idea with those nice you know elongating stripes through the front we have them in solids they sell out all the time and here's your chance to get these original prints that by the way are exclusive to dg2 whether you're wearing this without a jacket or perfect with any of the jackets especially if you like to have the little peekaboo like you have the layering look it works perfectly every time which one's your favorite sarah well i got to give an update we've already had a sellout which one just sold out is it this one oh okay sonia you're half gone you're gonna have to find it a new top so the leafy floral is gone however i'll give you a quick update this is called our blossom stripe this is our wine snake this is our blue amaryllis this is my favorite i love that that's the palm leaf isn't that pretty and fun and tropical oh and then we've got neutral leopard okay siobhan sorry to interrupt you my friend hey no problem sarah do you see how wrinkle resistant that was i mean too i pick it up off the floor very gracefully very gracefully yes i did it on one leg uh well that's that's kind of how i get ready in the morning uh sometimes you know it takes all i can do to get it dressed and get it on the hanger so you're right two shoes match each other right that's happened just how many times getting dressed in the dark whoops one blue and one black anyway this this whole tank has a huge following it's it's a huge customer pick and the story about how i got into this tank sarah is that i was you know getting dressed for show on air as a host at hsn and was just going to wardrobe and put on the tank and the middle of my show was like electronics i was like i love this tank shop this is working really really well for me and then i started a collection right then and there that day and i've never looked back so these are not going to be coming back in these designs and these patterns once they're gone so definitely a collectible moment for sure and these have been very popular i would just jump right in and make sure you get your favorite color and your favorite size and you're right we are kind of obsessed with the easy tank so i do have the solids for everyone and we have them in that beautiful creamy ivory we're calling off white we also have it in a navy and we also have it in a black so these are like the ultimate foundations the building blocks of your wardrobe they're only thirty three dollars uh also you've got the length they really are like a true tunic length they cover everything and i think what everyone loves siobhan is that they they really camouflage that whole midsection you're exactly right that that double layer right there it does a great job of hiding the you know tummy you never have to wear shapewear with it and i think that's what i really first loved about it and then i love that it would never pull through the bust because of the stretch in the back and that i never had to worry about well do i have to dry clean this thing it is like the opposite of the old school camis and you know little ribbed tanks that really just stuck to you right it's a phenomenal phenomenal garment oh you're gonna love it and you can never go wrong we've got flex pay for you as well and again final final show of the day so just go ahead and treat yourself you made it through another great weekend here at hsn and if you have any questions about look or about the fit or about how to find your size you can go to our fit guide on hsn.

com it'll tell you how to measure where you are in the dg2 collection i know we've got a lot of fans watching it's been around for siobhan can i say 25 years now at hsn it's pretty incredible but i know so many of you love dg2 she's been bringing you some of the most amazing designs and fabulous finds whether it's denim jeans or whether it's just great tops to go with your jeans let's give you a great little flutter sleeve top that's coming up here next this is again that go-to summer tee so if you're finding that you're always running out of tees you don't have the right color you don't have the right shape or they're not feminine enough let me show you this one it comes in some really gorgeous colors and i'll take you on a tour of each one of these let's see we've got our cream that you see here so another beautiful neutral and of course this is the nice flutter sleeve by the way it has this beautiful extra rib detail sort of a trepunto stitch on the sleeve so it really gives you a really great arm detail make sure upper arms look really small we love that and the nice length is 26.

5 inches in the center back length it's a cotton model blend it's super soft that's our cream then we've got our beautiful peach color which i love let's call it strawberry sorry strawberry because there is a peach over here which is lighter so that's the peach this is strawberry we've got a great black and we also have it for you in the navy excuse my reach which is right there uh wonderful siobhan i love this tea that tea okay i have it in a pink i'm not sure if there are any pink left but just to show what you were talking about with that underarm detail okay well the navy it's so great to have navy because navy t-shirts are good ones are so hard to find i love how she's showing it doing the half tuck it's got a lot of arm coverage but you know what's so cool about this sarah is that you still have so much breeze right it's not going to overwhelm you it doesn't cling to you even if it's like 92 degrees outside you're still gonna have that feeling of being like sleeveless practically but you have the coverage oh just really really cute and and let's talk about the blend this cotton model blend chavon it's super soft it's super soft and this is that slub knit that we have been so obsessing over since i would say it's about about a year and a half since it launched and everyone who gets them loves them and comes back for more we have so many you know so many collectors now but it's it's interesting because it's lightweight but still hearty and substantial enough so you don't have show through and you know it's one of those sort of miraculous materials which is certainly what dg2 is known for between virtual stretch classic stretch her silks and this slub knit it's giving you a lot of a lot of performance in a tea especially when so many other you know out there in the world of of ready to wear a lot of things are going super thin this gives you the best of all worlds without it being um see-through so it's it's a great great fabric and you can see from the way that the sleeves are draping that it has a great hand to it and a great weight to it yeah it's the perfect perfect perfect weight for a summer tea really really soft and if you don't have a cotton model blend i would love for you to try this i love how it just it hangs beautifully it's not going to be too tight it's not going to be too big it just floats over your hips it's a little bit longer than some of those boxy tees that you buy you know the average department store so it doesn't cut you off in a weird place i love the length that's gonna hang out from underneath the jacket or it'll layer beautifully under a blazer or a cardigan or anything that you're throwing on as it gets into the cooler months and then the arms are just so fabulous seeing the sleeve detail right now it's a little bit of that sort of red carpet inspiration but really done in a fun and casual way and remember the bigger the arm opening the smaller your arm looks so it's all about optical illusion right absolutely i call it the theater of fashion a little bit of theater i love it that's right whatever whatever it takes here's our beautiful peach we've got this cream color which is just lovely if you wear a lot of animal prints if you wear a lot of khakis if you wear a lot of olives of course that goes with everything we've got a great navy for you we've got again a black so think about it what teas are you always looking for and don't you hate it when they're tight around your arm or they're tight around your bust or they don't hang long enough this one is beautifully designed and then here is the last color which i think we are calling strawberry okay and again extra small through 3x a nice high low hand that will go with everything in your wardrobe and they're going to go with your jeans which everyone is talking about we've got jeans for everybody petite average tall skinny boot cut you name it you can check out the entire collection online at hsn.

com the ones i'm wearing are just the classic skinnies because i own these i live in these we're not going to get a presentation of them but for those of you that want the virtual stretch which is her number one best-selling fabric it's got all that forgiving stretch it actually sort of snaps back into place you can bend you can move you can drive you can ease into your life and they are so very comfortable uh they're not like skin tight which i love they're just a nice clean straight leg and you can get these home for less than 50 bucks we have lots of great colors it's a classic five pocket style so you can pick your color you can pick your length i'm wearing the average uh because i'm i'm just average you know i'm not above average i'm just average today i'm five six i wear the average length but they also come in petite and tall okay i'm over here hi guys hi cameraman okay let's do this the jacket i want to give everyone a sneak peek siobhan do you have any highlights you can share it's the signature absolutely jacket i know this is like a true collector's item it really is i love the way it looks with that yellow you have on yes there's the diane gilman embroidered signature so so tasteful yet still so status and you are wearing the i think it's the chambray butterfly i need to confirm that in terms of the name but that's what i nicknamed it and you have so much embroidery there of fuchsia butterfly yellow teal we have lots and lots of tops to go with but that is oh my gosh sarah it looks so good on you the symbol of transformation for those of you who are new diane got started with designing fashions for jimmy and janice and jefferson airplane and all these incredible musicians in the 60s and the 70s and she's had an illustrious career in washable silks and at hsn for going on 26 years actually i think it is 26 years and so when you see a jacket like this know that all of that legitimate legacy is built into every single stitch and it's in now this is in the stretch so you so i don't want anyone to think if they're not used to you know yeah they're not used to seeing a denim jacket from dg2 you think it's just a normal denim jacket no all the jackets stretch okay it's coming up uh this is just one of the many different colors you can get also i've been wearing this tank for the last couple hours so if you've been admiring this by the way it is so comfortable covers everything and i mean everything the midsection the waist the hips even part of the upper thigh because you've got that asymmetric ruffle design and look at how it wraps around so it has this beautiful slimming effect and then a very subtle ruffle that just gives you that float and that grace and that ease right where you need it so it just pops on right over the top of your jeans it's really cute we have like a dozen colors and it's only 34 dollars so really really affordable so if you are new to hsn you can always order online you can go to hsn.

com you can just type in the item number you can give us a call we'd love to hear from you and the other great way to jump in is to apply today and buy today with the hsn credit card you can get forty dollars off your very first purchase and i love getting you forty dollars back it's fantastic so a wonderful way to shop and save today you apply today you buy today we get you 40 off and you'll find out why 15 million pairs of jeans and counting by dg2 it's our number one denim brand here at hsn you're going to love your jeans you're going to love the way they fit you're going to love the way they feel and you're going to love that you won't look like anyone else this is where you get that rock and roll influence this is where you get that cool that edgy that upscale vibe and these are all brand new jeans you're seeing it here first tonight on hsn and you can get these home on four interest-free monthly payments of just 17.

and 25 cents i am so excited because i saw these a few days ago knowing they were going to be in my show and let me give you a little sneak peek it's your classic five pocket style this is the classic stretch denim it's a beautiful slim leg you've got this quote side stripe it's not really a stripe it's just a series of those beautiful nail head studs that go all the way down yes all the way you'll notice they're just forward of the seams they actually have a slimming effect it's like they're just slicing the inches off your thigh and then are you ready for this shove siobhan i am live beyond excited look at how cool this is a fringed raw hem right there at that ankle length but then you've got these really cool flirty tassels and they're not a fabric they're actual metal beads that give you that beautiful little extra flounce and flare okay i'm going to go through colors and then you can tell us all about it this is the indigo it's a beautiful dark blue and again you'll get the pockets on the front pockets in the back the belt loops that nice that nice rise that covers everything coming and going loving this shade this is the chambray i would not be surprised if this is gone in a heartbeat look at how cool that is i love it all the silver tone studs are there then we have it for you in a black even the black is sort of this cool sort of a whiskered look so you've got a little bit of that fading it's almost like a dark gray and then if you want some fun fashion colors check these out why not if you're going to wear fringe you might as well wear it in teal and then over here we have it for you in gold now i want you to look closely at i'm sorry the white the reason why i said gold is because the white is the only one that actually comes with the yellow gold tone in the studs that go all the way down to yes you guessed it yellow chain so if you are someone who loves italian gold jewelry you love the gold tone you want to show off your tan that is your perfect choice they come in three inseams petite average and tall the petite 24 and a half inch on the inseam average 27 and a half tall 30 and a half okay siobhan how do we get it the right size should we should we start right there because we have numeric sizing 2 through 24.

that sounds like a great plan this is classic stretch so you do go with your true size look at how much spirit these have how fun they are that little cha-cha on the ankle right there if you are interested in having that extra boom and just being the head turner i am telling you what but you want to be subtle about it you're right this is the way to do it the chain is so beautiful it's beautifully fine and i've been just investigating how it's been attached at the bottom sarah so it is really securely in there for me what i would personally do is i would wash these in a garment bag just you know those little like lingerie bags just for extra super special care but you know this is dg2 so it is built to last that hem by the way does have a raw edge but there's also a stitch going all the way around so it won't run like pantyhose it won't bloom too much more just a little bit which i think is great because then you've got a like a layer of eyelash fringe from the fabric and then this layer of the chain mail the chain mesh all of those gorgeous pieces of chain just dangling i just you know this is really the imagination of dg2 the imagination of this incredible designer diane gilman who does such a beautiful job for us so consistently never resting on her laurels and uh it's just it's a personality piece sometimes they're personality pieces and they're like you know things that are very specific and like i love kitty cats so we have tops with a black cat on it looks so cute and stylish but that's very specific right this is very chic rock and roll hip happening ageless and timeless but lets everybody know you are young at heart without being juvenile and believe me your daughter and your granddaughter is go they're going to be like we're get those those are supposed to be for me and you'll be like uh excuse me those are mine hello i'm the i'm the one who taught there you go sonia right uh well she was just kind of dancing i think you almost uh they're you have to like salsa or merengue or something in these you got a shimmy you gotta you gotta shake it uh i love love love that detail at the very very bottom but to your point siobhan i think you're so right i mean these are not embroidered they're not a specific color pattern that you have to work with it's not a peacock it's not a feather it's not a bird we love them we love those it's not a rose it's not a peace symbol we love those but these can be like an everyday jean and you have to actually come pretty close to see the details so they're subtle but let me tell you no one else is wearing these jeans and and i just think you're going to feel fantastic in them okay the colors are the indigo the chambray which i would not be surprised if that's the very first to go there's something about that chambray color that just says summer and 2020 all over it but i love the black too if you if you love that rock and roll vibe if you love that sort of downtown cool you know wear that with a moto jacket that would be incredible wear that with a black pump a black heel spice it up a little bit of course right now you can just wear them with the flip-flops or a great little sparkly sandal we have the teal again all the colors except the white have silver tone studs only the white has this beautiful polished yellow gold look with the yellow gold chain at the bottom and i'll have to i have to say siobhan the chain detail it's very delicate it's very soft it's almost like jewelry quality i mean it's just going to kiss your skin it doesn't feel heavy or you know uncomfortable at all right sometimes with handbags when the chain on the bag is really heavy it digs in and it becomes an issue where it's wearing you and you're not wearing it you're still wearing these right they're not wearing you to your point sarah they're lovely and yeah you're right the closer you get the better which is so refreshing in today's day and age because so many things are so big and bold from a distance but when you get closer and closer here it just how lovely what what a lovely fun tasteful just really exquisite execution in terms of these jeans i have to say bravo to the cooks in the kitchen on this one brava because they nailed it i agree and you know what if you're on the petite side the inseam for you is going to be 24 and a half inches on the inseam we have the average a 27.

5 inch inseam the tall 30 and a half inch so really that fringe can hit you anywhere you want it to you can show a little bit more skin or that fringe that beautiful chain detail the bottom can sort of kiss the top of your shoes or even sort of go over an ankle strap i think it just looks beautiful any way you wear these again we have numeric sizing for you 2 through 24 so you're going to pick your numeric size and again this is classic stretch so do you go do you go down to size in your classic stretch what are you a regular size regular size regular size and the classic stretch that's exactly right good question yeah you go regular size you know sometimes we do hem details on jeans at dg2 that are embroidery to your point and there it's kind of challenging sometimes to make sure you get the right shoe but in this case it's like the the chain is almost part of your footwear visually so i love that idea you can do anything you want but it's not gonna it's really not gonna compete instead i think it's gonna complement really nicely like all jewelry should yeah right look at that isn't that pretty fabulous the stud placement uh it's it's not as like sporty as some of those stripes and of course we're seeing a lot of the fashionistas rock those stripes it is a nice vertical line but it's sort of facing forward on the seam right so that does give you that visual slenderness and tone and this is not i always say it and i still you know will never not mean this it's never about a size it's never about being that zero that we've just added to so many of the genes we're working on even more it's not about being teeny weeny it is about being healthy and a beautiful silhouette and being you know comfortable in your own skin and being that bold fashionista that you are but being your version of a bold fast fashionista not someone else's idea but instead you having your own personality revealed through these clothes and performance you know they are phenomenal phenomenal performance denim performance quality and i have to say that gold on the white is like that's a living pinterest board right there to me that's like one big instagram account it's really glam isn't it especially if you have any like uh gold tone shoes or if you have just a fun sort of gladiator sandal or maybe you just got a nice little slide with a little bit of leopard print or something that would just look amazing both the tops the girls are wearing are also available for you this hour so you can shop either the flutter sleeve tee i think the one that sonya is wearing is called the printed charmouse blouse that also has some fun kind of cool animal print inspired designs on it but just you know really dive in and try something new try something different once you wear one pair of her jeans and you start getting compliments you'll be like oh i get it i finally found jeans that fit me jeans that are comfortable denim that it has this incredible stretch it's super forgiving it covers everything it's not too low in the front it's the perfect rise in the back so it covers up that muffin top or those little love handles anything that you're worried about about the midsection so let me give you some updates the indigo again you're the first to see this so you've got uh the best chance now of getting your favorite color and your favorite size this is our indigo which just looks great with anything you never go wrong with a nice dark denim the chambray are we losing any sizes in the chambray i heard uh my producer mentioned the chambray so we do have the petite the average and the tall in all of these colors i think it's the perfect mix of kind of something kind of sporty and fun and also high fashion here's the black and that's going to be that sort of soft gray fetish i think chambray's the most popular now and then over here we've got it for you in the teal this is a nice sort of all-over uh pretty teal color you don't see whiskering you don't see fading so if you just love a great colored denim you can't go wrong oh quick update now it's the white that is the most popular and by the way siobhan this is not a see-through white with dg2 you always get great coverage you always get great coverage with dg2 and in the lighter cover colors you never have show through there is enough you know opacity to it so there's no sheerness and that's all by design right that's all you know diane wears the clothes too i wear the clothes too we all do so this wouldn't be appropriate to be like oh we'll just let the white go and be sure no very carefully designed to make sure that the fabric will not have any show through you know if you want your leopard standings you do that but that's your own business love it a brand new jeans brand new jeans there's a reason why they call diane gilman the jean queen i don't know how she does it there's new designs all the time and for those of you that have great jeans what about getting a great signature jacket to go with it this is a true collector's item it is a one of a kind every single color has its own unique embroidery so they all have a different vibe a different motif i'll grab these on this side excuse me while i just kind of do a little rearranging here but we do have a really great value for you today in fact these jackets are on sale for 69.

90 i know the original price was 88.

so i i love when we can do a sale here today it's also on four flex pay and you'll see that is also very unusual we usually have three flex pay but this one is on four not gonna i'm not gonna say anything if you're not gonna say anything all right get it home for about 17 and change so the one next to me is called ombre mid-tone this one has the floral detail and there's only two that are done in the ombre so it's a darker sort of denim color through the upper body and then it fades to sort of the chambray color below it's absolutely beautiful you just have the center panels that have the floral detail and each and every single jacket is going to be signed or you'll see her signature actually stitched into the hemline so you really are getting a one of a kind today the one that i'm wearing is just called chambray so far the most popular it's the butterflies that's what i'm wearing and you'll see genuine embroidery in the butterflies and this one also has butterflies on the sleeves as well as scattered throughout the design and then the back is all clean on this one so i just i just love the butterflies so fun and fabulous this one is called ombre chambray it rhymes nicely it's all white at the top which is kind of refreshing and fun and then it sort of has this beautiful dip dye technique that gives you that wonderful ombre shading so it's more of a lighter blue down here at the bottom this has gorgeous floral details throughout the upper part and then of course it's all simple and clean on the back and then there's two more one is called mid-tone and this one has all the paisley designs notice there's not a lot here through the middle just the shoulder detail but you also have really cool paisley designs down the sleeves so every single jacket looks totally different so if you get two two different designs they'll all have a totally different look and no one would know it's the exact sort of same style and then in the black you're getting this beautiful sort of moroccan motif this fun sort of diamond like design it also has the fun little sequins that add a pop of color and that's a rich rich black we have extra small all the way up to 3x it's 25 inches in the center back length and a wonderful cotton blend but as to your point siobhan they're really stretchy they're really comfortable they're really special too so it's going to be unusual if this is the first time you have ever put on a dg2 jacket because you're going to put it on and you're going to be like i love the look wait a minute it stretches it's very surprising and in the best way you can see right there the kind of give that it has but also the bounce back just like with all of the jeans if you love to have collectible art you wear it and you love the compliments you love feeling special for you you know even if you're just getting one you appreciate the designer detail there of diane's embroidered signature very subtle but super you know prestigious and showing that it's that's kind of designer jacket this gives you all of that and each one has such a different personality sarah that one that you're seeing right there with the paisley's is sort of exotic definitely boho chic definitely you know that kind of international influence and uh the colors are rich in the the fuchsia and the navy and the the payet's filling up or the sequins filling up that paisley they're of course going to be perfect for when it gets chilly but right now over a an easy tank or over your maxi dresses or whatever you've got going this is a jacket that is timeless so years from now we're not just talking about like yeah next year i must love this jacket this is this is like the 10-year jacket the 20-year jacket and whenever i think about that for dg2 i always say i wish i had it 10 years ago and i know i'm going to love it in 10 years because they're that timeless you actually read my mind because i was just thinking you know once you make an investment in a really great denim jacket it is like your best friend i i don't go anywhere i don't take a single trip whether it's a weekend or whether it's a you know a longer break i don't go anywhere without a jean jacket i wear them when i travel i wear them in the middle of summer i wear them all through the fall i wear them in the winter i wear them indoors i wear them outdoors it's like that third piece that just sort of it's very cool and very effortless and you just feel kind of cute in cash no matter where you are and what you're doing it pulls your look together so so you're right and there's only one anniversary signature jacket that diane gilman has designed for you and once this is gone this is gone this is not coming back you won't see your signature on any future designs that look anything like this and i think you're just going to be so thrilled that you're watching and shopping today and getting this home for seventeen dollars and change so enjoy the flex pay those are monthly interest repayments i'm wearing i think it is it might still be our most popular choice i believe it's the butterflies so i'll double check but i think with the yellow butterfly you've got a little pink butterfly you've got a beautiful coral butterfly you've got a blue and green butterfly it's just the right amount of attitude it's not too over the top it's not like you have something on the back like a big american flag and i know diane does that too and it's fantastic but the fact is this is really versatile really really something that you can wear day in and day out you'll be so glad that you have that cute and cozy denim jacket we have extra small through one x only which what's the name of this color chambray i know what are we calling it chambray okay all over chambray this is the mid-tone with the paisley i'll just give you the colors one more time this is the black with the uh sort of moroccan design this is called ombre mid-tone this is the chambray that i'm wearing and then we have it in the ombre chambray hombre chambray okay which one are you going to get tonight i hope you're getting at least one if not two because it is on sale and of course we've got those four flex pays to take advantage of looks great over that little asymmetric ruffle tank we'll have more great jeans and more great styles don't go away my singular goal is to improve the quality of people's lives everything we do is intended to be unlike any other company of our kind we just make exceptional vitamins so you could have exceptional help it's not important that you get the products i'm offering but it's very important that you get the information i'm sharing because information is the key to being a healthy person hey michelle did you hear who's coming who well i heard it's a sunshine day when this guy's around marlo marlow marlow it's going to be simply groovy it's out of sight neato well tell us what it is well why don't we let him tell us it's me christopher knight and i can't wait to be on hsn with my new bedding collection [Music] i'm actually looking forward to that premiere that'll be fun okay in the meantime welcome back it's our big birthday month here at hsn my name is sarah siobhan standing by to take us shopping for dg2 if you want to look cute you want to look casu we've got some really great ruffle tanks in fact this one has to be one of my all-time favorites i could actually live in this tank tron this could be my go-to everyday any day tank we've got all kinds of colors coming up but first siobhan you are our next contestant on a justin birthday trivia and if siobhan doesn't get this right she's actually been a part of our hsn family is it been 20 years for you it's 21.

this is 21.

okay i thought i thought it was i thought i was close okay let's let's do this which las vegas hotel was partnered with hsn for a series of hsn live events featuring michael bolton was it a bellagio b venetian see golden nugget can i phone a friend sarah i need to phone a friend i don't call me because i don't know i don't know i don't i think it's the bellagio okay she's going to guess bellagio and the venetian [Music] i was not part of that remote okay so you have a good excuse all right well let's just remember the good old days and let's remember michael bolton for just a moment okay all right good times good music and now some great fashion the asymmetric ruffled tank wow what a darling darling tank i think i think everyone is falling in love with this because it's done so perfectly you can cover the bra straps in the front you've got a beautiful nice scoop neckline it's done in a super soft and stretchy cotton modell blend sixty percent cotton forty percent modal machine wash line dry and then you've got this great little asymmetrical ruffle that goes across the front and bottom hemline it is nice and long 26 and a half inches is the center back length this is the red i love this red it's a beautiful gorgeous red however we only have 100 left okay moving on we've got the beige isn't this cool i love the beige you're also going to see this really cool seam line it's kind of like an exposed seam that goes down uh the outside of the garment to kind of give it this fun sporty look this is the ivory we have it in black and then over here chambray i love this color it'll go with all your denim i'm wearing the sunflower which is this little bright golden shade and we have it in the navy so we don't have every color in every size i'll just tell you that so siobhan what makes this so fantastic well you've touched on the bra friendliness the length is certainly right those ruffles work beautifully you know so i know sarah you have been rocking it you know at first when i was watching you with jay and you were standing behind the desk i thought you had on the sheath dress but it was then i saw the ruffles and i'm like oh i know that tank top because from the from the ruffle up it just looks like this beautiful tailored tank but it's not too tight you can see it's not going to cling and then at the bottom whether you are fuller through the hips or you would actually like the appearance of curves a little bit more because you're not not that curvy girl and you long for that this gives you that really nice balance wearing it underneath the denim jacket gives you that layered look and it works really really well that way but it's nice also if you did want to wear a pair of leggings or jeggings and you are like me and you want to make sure the top you wear is long enough to give you you know modesty this one does the trick really really nicely looks great for sure it's great oh it's it's just so easy and i love how it doesn't cling around the midsection just kind of floats over your curves covers up anything and everything you've been eating over the last few months which has been everything in my case so i get it home today for 34.

it's easy on value pay you've got those for 11.

33 a month if you just want to you know make the most out of your investment today and i think you're just gonna really love those okay so uh that's available for you uh we'll keep you updated i think the most uh limited colors now are the red the chambray and that beautiful golden color that we called sunflowers final call on those three okay another hsn exclusive again hey if we're not going out shopping we might as well shop from home and have something delivered i don't know about you i'm not going out to stores i'm not going to try something on i don't want to you know maybe ask someone to help me or or grab clothing for me off the rack this is just the best way to shop so i'm so glad that so many of you are joining us today so happy sunday okay let's do this one let's do the classic the one and only the iconic the famous the best-selling virtual stretch boot cut jean this one also really affordable at 49.

99 we have petite average and tall end seams we've got great colors like the chambray the black the indigo the mid-tone all right siobhan let's let's kind of go back to the very beginning because i know this is one of her number one best-selling styles and it's their number one best-selling fabric so virtual stretch just to get it right out of the gate you go down a size okay we do have petite tall on average and the thing is this is an iconic pair of jeans right everyone wants a pair of boot cuts and we've tried and failed when we've gone to other you know brands and brick and mortar in the past where there wasn't the right stretch it wasn't designed for a woman of a certain age who has lived and had lunch and had kids or whatever you've had this gives you all of that resilience that sonia is showing you right there the bounce back of the fabric the performance this is a brand that is dg2 that is part of the whole diane gilman empire so she's been at hsn for 26 years and dg2 13 years ago was born because she couldn't find a pair of jeans that worked for her as her body was changing and so this is now almost 16 million pairs strong in such an incredibly short period of time and only here at hsn so it's not like they were you know available on you know you know on every street corner in major department stores it's only been here at hsn where there's almost 16 million pairs have been spoken for and one of the reasons and you'll see it right here is the proportion of that leg the way that it softly opens up from the knee down just softer softly relaxes i nickname it the baby bell it just works on all different shoes and in petite tall and average everybody's got a choice here in terms of how they like to wear them and they they do a lot for one's figure because they do balance out those curves and the silhouette that i keep talking about so you can see whether it's you know night day sightseeing you name it i love when people talk about how confident they make it make you feel because that is priceless to have that feeling from a pair of jeans that experience that perception from a pair of jeans like diane says it's a miracle and a pant leg and that's an example of it not to mention you look mighty fine really good our girls today look mattified let me just double check their sizing sonia is a are you wearing the the four okay sonia is a four in the tall and then mary kate she's a 10 and the tall so uh and they are tall girls so that's a 33 inch inseam for the tall i would be wearing this in the average that's a 31.

5 inch inseam and if you're like 5'4 or under you might want to go for the petite which is a 29 and a half inch inseam so you can see all their sizing and see if that is something similar to what you are at home there's also the great sizing charts online but i really want you to see the before and afters because if you're in the right gene it can make all the difference in the world right siobhan and a picture's worth a thousand words right so this is the same model same day within moments if you're looking doing something else come look at your screen because it's so powerful her eyes and the jean is not right in the in the other brand and the darker pair of jeans right there look at how tiny that fly is it's just so short and it's almost like what's the point right it's just not doing her any favors here on the dg2 from the front and the side we're going to see it in the back these this is an example sarah of what happens when your clothes fit properly right they look like they've been custom made for her they obviously look even more comfortable too look how it's grabbing on the back of her left thigh there this gives you a proportionate look the pockets are placed not too low which gives you droopy looking but just nice and visually lifted these are some of the subtle examples in this fit of how dg2 has cracked the code on women's genes for real women with real women's bodies but to look their best 15 million women can't be wrong and nearly can the nearly 500 of you that have written your reviews on this exact item so there's 467 reviews right now on hsn.

com which is one of our most highly reviewed jeans of all time 700 have been spoken for now so go ahead and just jump right in i mean this is a great place to try dg2 if you've never bought one thing off of this network i can actually tell you that one of the best places to start is with a great pair of jeans and do this one it's her number one best-selling style and it's her number one best-selling fabric this is that virtual stretch so it gives you incredible stretch they have wonderful recovery so they don't bag or sag they don't stretch out throughout the day you don't get those kind of like sloppy look in the knees or around the midsection and then we call them boot cut but i love how you describe it siobhan it's not an exaggerated boot cut by any stretch of the imagination it's not a big flare it's not like some 70s wild child boot cut it just gives you that perfect balance so if you are a little curvier throughout the hips if you do kind of want to balance out your curves it's a great place to go and all you do is pick your color your size these come in numeric sizing 2 through 24 and they also come in the inseams petite average and tall that's the other reason why thousands and thousands of women shop dg2 jeans here at hsn because we have your size we have more sizes and fit more shapes out there whether you're a pear an apple a carrot stick or a tomato i don't know i don't know what kind of shape we all identify with but women of all shapes and sizes find these jeans work for them speaking of sizing siobhan in virtual stretch what do you recommend as far as finding our best numeric size this is where you go down a size to your right right so the way i remember it sarah is that classic stretch started it all virtual stretch came along and changed everything including the way you size so you go down a size in this and that has been really so consistent that we confidently say that we don't say maybe no it's really true go down a size and it's because of what sarah is showing you all of that stretch the resilience the bounce back and and we've all had things in the past that stretched but they didn't come back and then it's like droopy and like that's no good who cares you don't want to wear that garment but here because they bounce back you have to remind yourself to wash them because even at the end of a busy week or day i have to sneeze sarah by the way so pardon me okay um i feel it coming um they they look as if you haven't even worn them that day that's what's so incredible about these in terms of like another mesmerizing quality to them but the first time you put them on when you're pulling them on and normally you might feel a little resistance from another pair of jeans or another whatever and you go wait wait a minute they're not fighting me and then you think oh i've gotta suck in my tummy so i can button up you know we used to lie down on the bed to you know make sure they can get buttoned and zip none of that they just beautifully stretch they they fit like a dream and you've said it before they're not tight when you get the right size but they fit and they feel good and that's a huge difference there it is showing you my point exactly can do your jeans do that i don't know if your jeans do that and that's what i love about virtual stretch because there really is room to move there's room because we expand throughout the day we know that that's been that's been scientifically studied and when i look at these pictures of another brand versus dg2 i know we've all worn those jeans on the left hand side of your screen i've been there i've done that and now i'm asking myself what was i thinking what were the designers thinking because they weren't doing us any favors in fact they were accenting all those weird shapes finally these have the rise that sort of smooth out the midsection they cover whether you call it a muffin top or little love handles or baby back fat or you know any of those little issues around the midsection it just makes you feel like you're all pulled in everything is looking smooth and fabulous a boot cut is one of the most flattering silhouettes you can wear on the leg it's like you have legs for days and these are really affordable today we've got flex pay for you so you can get them home for about 16 and 66 cents if for any reason you need to return them or exchange them we have our 30 day return so you never have to worry about a thing and then i'll give you some quick updates on our sizing so again numeric sizing we have petite average and tall in seams this is the chambray right now we still got all colors and sizes for you this is the beautiful mid-tone and again you're going to see that kind of worn in look you don't have to break these in you don't have to wash them you don't have to wear them they're already so soft and so stretchy the minute you take them out and then we've got them in a great black you can see the black is going to stay rich it's going to stay true to its color and then the indigo in fact here's what i want to recommend maybe you get two different lengths because maybe you'll wear one with flats and you'll wear one with heels just an idea because i'm thinking you know what i might need to get a pair of these to just rock with my tennies and i might get the petite to wear with tennies and then maybe i would get the average to wear with the heel what do you think siobhan you could kind of wear this in in different lakes depending on your your shoe height right i agree with you 100 and and if you do like to wear sneakers you do like to wear flats or if you do like to wear you know thicker heels espadrilles and platforms it's nice because the the baby bell covers those and sometimes i feel like when i'm wearing skinny jeans and i'm wearing a sneaker i feel like it looks great to the ankle and then i have a larger foot i wear a nine i've had some big feet ever since i was little sarah big for my frame anyway whatever i'm glad they work that's the main thing so i love having that little bit of fabric over the top of my shoes when i feel like you know if i'm wearing white sneakers with with a pair of darker jeans i love the look but i also like the proportion right there at the ankle of the coverage i'm totally with you i'm all into my tennies these days hey if we're spending a lot of time at home and you're working from home you've got to have jeans that are comfortable they shouldn't be digging in you shouldn't have you know indentations on your hips from your jeans at the end of the day you shouldn't feel like you have to unzip your jeans towards the end of the day i know i've been there do you ever like unbutton them maybe when you're driving home from work because you're thinking those jeans fit like a dream this morning and now they don't it's not you it's it's your jeans and that's the wonderful thing about diane gilman the stretch is there the fit is there so a quick update again we have three different in seems uh would you say like five four and under would be petite on on this one siobhan it's a 29 and a half inch inseam remember boot cuts you get a little extra length because they're assuming you wear some kind of boot or some kind of heel some kind of heel yeah i could i could wear a petite with a flat and i'm probably five six so so i think i'm five four and a half and i can wear the average in the boot cut i think that um i think that's fine if you're you know if you have like like if your legs are a little bit shorter and you're five four and under definitely do the petite right so i think you're really safe there and then the tall five nine and above perfect but i think we also know that like your leg length is the key to that so there's a little buffer on each end but there's no top stitch contrast there so they look very polished very dressy when you want them to be very much uh okay here's i guess what i want to say in just a few mo a few seconds left sarah is that they are a phenomenon almost 60 million people or i should say almost 16 million pairs sold many people within that a group have bought multiples even hundreds of pairs because they're collectible once you get one you're like oh my gosh where have you been all my life and you realize oh they have more than just blue and black they have purple they have white they have you know great khaki colors and grays so there's a whole variety that you can choose from but that very first pair what a great way happy birthday hsn moment where you can get this whole new chapter and and your wardrobe and a whole new lease on your wardrobe they're fantastic on on all shapes and sizes that's what happens and you don't have to pay those designer prices i mean like two hundred dollars for a pair of jeans uh have they lost their mind that's not in my budget and i love that we can do the jeans for you tonight and those are going quickly so jump on in you can order those online and we'll give you a two minute special on this cute little slub pocket tee another summer wardrobe must-have it's 32 dollars so really affordable really fun we got great colors this is going to be our turquoise and you'll see not only a great little slub knit but you've got this nice little pocket on the front and a nice little folded back hem on the sleeve this is our coral oh this is pretty there's a lemon color and then over here we've got navy if you just need some great white tees go for the ivory i would say that's like a true white and we also have it for you in the black 26 and a half inches is the center back length you can machine wash you can dry it flat extra small through 3x and this one has that nice dolman sleeve so it's not going to be tight around the upper arm just gives you nice coverage over the top but it's not going to be tight throughout so this is this is a really great silhouette siobhan it is one of my new favorites i predict that this is the new easy tank of t-shirts because that goldman sleeve that little drop shoulder me and what you were just saying with it not coming up right underneath the underarm makes it look like it makes it look so that your arm is toned even though it's a short sleeve trust me on this i've been testing this and staring at it and wearing mine all summer and i love the way it made my arms look which i don't think i've ever said in my entire life flexing in the mirror again no that's the whole point the t-shirt is doing all the work it doesn't work for you i love that by the way i think the coral is going to be the first to sell out but just go ahead and stock up on your basics this was so much fun siobhan good to see you and we'll see you soon you can check out more dg2 online i'll be back tomorrow night kicking off a great event called home fair we'll have some fantastic phones that ollie can say you can always find me on facebook sarah anderson tv andrew lessman's coming up next what really separates a house from a home a home should provide comfort coziness and convenience join me on monday nights where i'll be giving you great ideas for your home your kitchen and your life it's our big birthday deals weekend cue the confetti more smart deals more birthday surprises big brands like curtis stone bethany frankel dr nasif korres and more come join the fun friday at midnight the appraised values you see at hsn are set by independent professionally certified appraisers they determine as closely as possible the approximate retail cost of replacing or recreating the item not the possible sell or purchase price because subjective estimates and judgments are involved appraisals may vary by as much as 25 call your customer service rep for more information [Music] happy 43rd birthday hsn you don't look a day over 20.

[Music] well happy sunday everyone great.