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[Music] good morning everyone i'm tina jennings i'm so happy that you are joining me this morning you're gonna be super happy that you're joining me this morning as well for a couple of reasons first thing is we're going to have two hours of some fabulous fashion and accessory clearance but i have to start out by saying this because i am like fangirling slightly i'm a little giddy stick around with me because the vanessa williams will be skyping in this hour to talk about the outfit that i'm wearing by the way i think she wore this exact outfit when she was here in studio so i am literally doing like a vanessa williams moment um both of these items are in the hour both customer picks and she will be joining us this hour to talk about them super excited um we have so many customer picks by the way in these two hours jam-packed um i do want to give you a little bit of um sneak peeks of some items we have coming up including this super duper cute nina leonard striped stretch midi dress that you see there on amanda that is gorgeous and what she has on is our navy color this is a jersey stretch knit that midi style i love that length in a midi v-neck empire waist and i love the little band of decorative in the middle with the little belt there it goes and ladies we know when we're talking about stripes they're not all made the same the way this lies is absolutely elongated and makes our body look amazing we have this 22 dollars off lowest price ever we'll have a full uh presentation oh you want to show the rest of the colors yay okay that we also have it in the grape there's the one that we had on amanda there's the grape then there's the coral there's the black and then we have another one that's called bermuda that's a gorgeous aqua color all available six five two six four three um on there and then the sandal that amanda has on that's from naturalizer graceful feminine designs we love the comfort from naturalizer that's the whistle woven leather flat sandal another one first time at this low price that will have it that is in the white we also have it in a sandal and a multi which is super cute flexible breathable leather upper multi strap sandal that's kind of going to be your go-to and i love the adjustable in the sling back so again lowest price we've ever had that one as well six nine three zero five six oh there's the multi i love that one that one's gorgeous and then we also have it in there it is there's the saddle we have two of those also coming up in uh full presentations uh tai is gonna join me for that one as well but let's go back to the nina leonard because i have a couple of pieces starting out let's do this gorgeous fun top and if you've never purchased anything from nina leonard they're a new york based company but their whole motto is it doesn't matter age doesn't matter our size our lifestyle we should all look and feel beautiful but very comfortable which i'm on board with all of that so we have a couple of items let's start out with this super fun flutter sleeve top with a crochet detail in this one this is 19 off another one lowest price we've ever had it in this is 28 inches in the length the sizing on this one is extra small through 3x and i've got in a couple really fun colors we're going to start out here in the navy then i have it in a gorgeous ivory i have it also in what we're calling coral reef and our staple that you'll always have in the black this is got a lot of detail to it a lot of things to point out but i'm going to bring in not only the president of nina leonard but she's also an avid nina leonard clothing wearer kate mandela is going to join me on skype kate uh i always love to have you on thank you so much sweetheart it's always a pleasure to be with you and the gals well i love this top first i love the details but i when we're diving into it when i talk about things being comfortable i don't always just mean the way it lays and comfortable feeling but you guys also gave us really good details on here on a little bit of modesty so we want the fun of it right we want everything kind of covered in the right places um do we do we want to kind of start with some of the fun details on this sure well this top is fantastic because it is giving you that kind of peekaboo effect but only just as far as we felt comfortable going so then you have a modesty piece underneath even though it's all open weave and open crochet because we're not ones to show the bra straps to make you feel uncomfortable we want you to be able to move and live your life and your day look at the gussets underneath the open sleeve you know a lot of people don't do that and you raise your arm and then you see your bra you see things that you know what you probably don't want to show the world uh so we're giving you all kinds of coverage but still that great modern sort of style you have the extended sleeve that's covering the part of the arm uh that none of us really particularly care for a rounded bottom that great trim which really adds a three-dimensional uh feel to this garment you have the pleating underneath the chest that allows us to give you plenty of room for your tummy for the your hips and for your tushy area and this is the sister to our wonderful miracle matte jersey because this is our miracle stretch crate well it's really really really great it has a great hand to it it feels i have to say it feels super expensive how's that oh it absolutely does and if you love the coral reef that vel has on right now i only have 160 left in that particular color um but i love we got the little tiny little pom-pom details on the arms also on that hemline that you're seeing the crochet element is right there in the front and you can see on val where there's again that little bit of a peekaboo at the top which is giving us a little bit of extra skin so you can see that it gives a little bit of extra detail but right below that is what kate was talking about it gives us that coverage because of course we want the crochet detail but we don't want to show all of that and you're right kate when we're talking about having a shirt like this it's light it's fun it's an easy way to kind of look put together and have a little fun and details on it but this one's a machine wash even though we've got those pom-pom details on it we have the crochet element to it because you guys are also all about easy wear easy care yep that's for sure and it's not going to wrinkle on or off the body wrinkle resistant so fantastic for travel you know you can really almost crumble this up in a ball put it in your suitcase when you get to your destination shake shake shake you're ready to go and all the colors are going to be colors that you're going to find in the nina leonard range very classic our ivory is almost towards a white it's not a yellowed ivory our black is a deep rich black navy is a classic classic navy and then our coral reef is our fun fun pop of color you're going to see that color in lots of our different various prints as well so it's a great accent color i think looks great on all skin tones oh my gosh that looks amazing on val so again that's the coral reef we have it in the navy the ivory and the black as well this is 28 inches in the length a 95 polyester 5 spandex easy easy 24.

92 cents 3 flex available at 8.

31 also we have available um kate i know it's a quick hit but we also have the high tech crepe narrow leg pant um 19 off these 45 dollar pants oh my gosh grab these girls because this is amazing as far as price point goes i live in these these have a little snap that you don't even have to unsnap to put them on that is a detail at the top you slide these on they feel great the high-tech grape has a wonderful crepe band on the outside beautiful smooth surface on the inside and i call them control without compression they give us a smoothing sort of effect and those are the navy that we see on val by the way that's one of the color options but we also have it in what we're calling the black multi which has these really cute daisies on them we also have it in the dusty coral and we have it available in the black now this is going to be sizes extra small 33 x and we do have an average and a petite inseam for this one so it is a cropped length tapered leg on this one i love that little side tab which gives it a great detail on it again this is a forty five dollar pant today twenty six dollars and twenty cents i'm really feeling that black multi with the daisies on it i think that's super fun it's adorable i love that you guys do really well in in the patterns by the way kate oh well thank you they're all exclusive to us we developed them to make people look their best well speaking of making them look their best kate uh ladies we know right stripes are not all the same sometimes we see something and we're like oh no that stripe that's that's not going to work with this body these are the perfect stripes to put on a dress look at how this makes our eye line make how this is going to make your eyeline look slender and longer it's in a midi length which i am loving midi length dresses which just means it's going to be about mid calf for you this is normally over a 56 dress we have it down to 34.

55 midi length so we're talking about 46 inches for my ladies here are the colors i have this is in the black so this is going to be a black gray white option in here then we have it in what we're calling grape gorgeous gorgeous grape color on this one we also have it in the navy which i think we we still have the navy available then we have it in the coral and the last option is what we're calling bermuda and that's a gorgeous aqua green teal color in there extra small through 3x is the sizing on this again machine wash tumble dry it's a 95 rayon 5 spandex so we of course have that stretch on here i love the belt on here the wide belt that you're giving us kate i love that it's sleeveless i love even the v-neck lends back to that elongating look of our body this dress is just so flattering what's great about this is that it because it is a midi it's not picky to hide so all of our gals can wear it it's a great dress because of the fact that the waistline that a solid piece kind of finds its natural place your smallest place on the body so it accentuates that and the belt just lies flat so these actually make you look longer leaner taller so this is really appropriate for all the gals out there because you don't have to worry where it's hitting on the calf sort of area and it feels like a t-shirt that's a great soft on the body i love it that's the grape that we're seeing on amanda right now um and amanda how um tall are you so amanda's 5 8 we kind of see what you were talking about kate kind of how um it lands um on her and um oh look there we go amanda oliver sizing boom boom boom i love that so i love a midi length i think for me kate a midi length in a dress whether we're talking about this or i know you guys have some other midi dresses but for me a midi length is so classy well it is classy it get it along it does elongate the figure it allows us to wear it with a sandal you know with a heel it's not uh dictating to us as to how we're gonna wear this you could pair this with a cute little jacket for the office or you could wear it very very sporty with uh sneakers you know it's going to look great no matter where you do it i love the fact that the fabric is the rayon spandex it really feels so so soft and it has that same stretch in return as our miracle matte jersey so you don't have to worry about wrinkles and of course you throw this in the washing machine and it comes out like a dream light is a feather on the body it's really like wearing better than a nightgown i would agree oh my gosh that you were saying that it kind of does feel like it's like your favorite uh nightgown that you would wear around the house except that it looks fabulous and it makes your body look amazing again the grape is the one you see on amanda we also have it in the black the navy the coral and the bermuda all still available as well sizing again is extra small through 3x here is the navy here is the coral that we're seeing and i love these colors they absolutely pop pop pop and this is what we're calling bermuda so if you go to hsn.

com or your app this is the bermuda option for you 34.

55 on this one lowest price again we've ever had this dress kate thank you for getting up early with me it's okay it was brief but it was fun oh i love to see you all the time you're just so much fun to be around thank you kate so much thank you so much take care all right now let's switch gears oh wait before we go to the next item i actually used this this morning if you go to hsn.

com or use your app and you go into the search bar right there and you put in fit guide if you didn't know it's like a tool that you can use to do take your measurements and it'll help you find your sizing i'm telling you here at hsn i promise you we don't want you to get anything at home that is not right we want you to get it home love it we're going to even talk you talk to you about clothes fitted if it's a fitted outfit if it's loose if it's semi-fitted so that way you have as much information as you can get so you can make an educated correct uh purchase so i just want to let you know that tool is available there i mentioned earlier that this is a jam-packed two hours of customer picks we're gonna do some soft and cozy all of my soft and cozy for the next two hours all of them are customer picks so it's not just on clearance because it's on clearance they're top rated clearance items that we have soft cozy is um exactly that it is something that's going to feel good it's going to be cozy you can wear it at home outside the home but it still looks nice it won't feel a little weird taking it outside the house i've got a couple of items let's actually start with the color block sweater is that where we're going to start out yes okay this is the sweater knit high low top now it's a very very slight high low on this one it's another customer pick like i said half off of this color block knit that you're talking about 27.

5 inches is the length machine wash tumble dry sizing is small through 3x this is the first option we have what we're calling animal so it's got the heather gray in there and then it's got these gorgeous little wine colors inside the animal so when it says color block the front kind of has the pattern and in the back there we go we've got a solid in the back so that's the color block and you see a little bit on the side which by the way gives you the illusion of a thinner waist which i love then our option is the light gray heather and there we go with the darker on the back and our last option is dark wine heather and again the dark gray on the back on this one it is a sweater stretch knit round crew neck long sleeves pockets are hidden in this one let me see if i can find it there we go look little pockets in the front you would never know you would never know on this one and i know my girlfriend ellen bunner loves pockets anything ellen i think the pockets and the thumb holes on this one are like little hidden secrets they are good morning tina good to see you you know soft and cozy you're all familiar it's blankets and cuddly things that we love um they did in the line of loungewear and you know the the manufacturers that made these for us have been doing it since 1908 over a hundred years still family involvement and they are experts in making loungewear and tj's so this is a beautiful addition to your loungewear or your outdoor wardrobe i mean you could wear this anywhere what i like is the fabric it's that lightweight sweater knit so you can actually wear this now it's light enough to do it it's all brushed inside next to your skin and it's blended with rayon so you know that has a silkiness to it and a softness and then we added about three percent spandex so it's it's fitting without being tight it just hugs your body but it's streamlined because of that darting that you see on the side and the color block how it kind of just brings everything in down your body which i think is we can all appreciate that right now and also just the tunic design where it comes down a little longer so if you want to throw this on over leggings and then i love all the details the fact that we color blocked all the way down to the cuffs the back is done in that heathered i love a heathered fabric it just adds more texture to it and then of course even on the scoop neck which even the neckline on this it just fits it's easy to get off and on it's not cumbersome but this is a really lightweight sweater net so it's not going to be heavy or hot it's just going to really be that comfy livable piece and i think the animal is really fun don't you think tina i think i've seen you i think i've seen you wear the animal before i have yeah i have and we have the um i i also love that oh my gosh that wine heather that's one of my favorites because that color just brightens everyone up it's and you can really see the heathering in that so if you want something a little more solid and then i'm a huge fan of heather gray i'm telling you and and the way that we did that when it's like two tones of gray so you can wear it with so much okay and when we're talking about ellen was was explaining it and i mentioned it off the top you see how in if you look at it on val when we're talking about just right here right in the front you get a little bit it's it's slight but this um i i think ellen what because i have a dress that kind of does that and i always get the compliments of you look so like slender in that dress i'm like i'm wearing this dress everywhere it's very slimming it's so slight but powerful well and that goes back to again the manufacturing on this they know all those little tricks of the trade that really i mean look at that the way it hugs the body and it streamlines everything and it's in it's um fitted in a good way do you know what i mean it's not tight but it just kind of hugs your curves very flattering a huge customer pick everything i have in this hour and next hour big customer picks people have gotten these home and love them and you know you can't get soft and cozy anywhere else whether it's the prints the fabric the look even down to the stitching did you notice even the stitching is done in the contract so many fun details on this and what a bargain uh yeah it's a customer pick ellen at 33 dollars we're getting it today at 16.

91 3 flex gets it down to and sixty four cents but hey if you wanna even take ten dollars off i feel like that's really doing some damage if you open up an hsn credit card and you use your ten dollars on clearance that feels amazing getting something like that that's your first perk you get with the card is using your first ten dollars that you're getting but we can't have comfortable on top without comfortable on bottom so let's do some pants ellen i love these another customer pick like she was saying everything soft and cozy i have for the next two hours all customer picks everyone loves them this is the cool lux knit ribbed pant now i'm going to go through the colors on this one because i want to go through also a lot of details i have it in the graphite which is going to be my darkest of the colors i have it in an indigo and the lightest i have is what we're calling dusty rose these are 48 dollar soft and cozy pants the length on this is 30 inches machine wash extra small through 3x but let me tell you why these are 48 pants first thing is is it's got that cool luxe knit that is moisture wicking that is antimicrobial and then when we're getting down to these pants it is 95 rayon from bamboo and then it's got the 5 spandex which is giving us the stretch but think about everything that has bamboo in it right now how expensive those things are ellen you do bedding right you know how expensive when we say bamboo and something is your pillows your bedding whatever it is that gives you those cooling properties the elements in these pants and we haven't even gotten the to the fashion portion of it makes these 48 dollar pants but you're getting them on clearance today oh they're so luxe and i'm telling you the ribbing detail that's in there too and then the way that they kind of come down into a bell at the bottom so the pockets on the side these are live-in pants but they're also the pants you can throw on with a wedge or even a boot in the hall and wear out because the drapiness and that's where the bamboo comes in bamboo to me is one of the most luxe fabrics it's very silky and against your skin but it's also cooling so we love that but it has the best drape to it so we did these pants drapey for a reason and they even have a weightiness at the bottom so it really just adds that little bit of movement so whether you're lounging on the couch or you're wearing these out to run errands you're going to be comfy and i don't know about you tina comfy is is high on my priority list these days look i really updated my wardrobe comfy is high on my lips for two reasons one it's just the way the world right now two i'm a new mommy uh so i need all of that all day because soft and cozy for me ellen is we're gonna i love this hour because we're gonna have some pieces like what i'm wearing right where you're gonna wear it out you're gonna feel like i i just look and feel fabulous and then you're gonna get a pair of pants for under twenty dollars that you will live in and there's something we'll get every penny's worth you will and you know you can really dress these up or dress these down and i think right now you know if you you know the beauty in this fabric is soft and cozy a lot of times you think of um our blankets you know that are like furry and um you know wintery these have that cool knit and they have a little bit of stretch too so i mean they are not they're not like leggings where you feel like you have to cover up everything you can even tuck into these they have that right amount of stretch and give and the pockets and look at the flow i mean aren't they so pretty that graphite color is gorgeous i love and you're right it is that boot cut in the leg but not too much just enough to give us a little bit of flow a little bit of ease there you see all of val's sizing information so you can kind of see where it lands on her how it hugs her the sizing on this one is extra small through 3x they're even easy to care for which i'm loving as well again that is what we're calling graphite i have it in dusty rosen indigo as well which are the two colors that i have up here six one 613-773 is the item number for these pants from soft and cozy ellen will you come and join me next hour as well i will yes i will good to see you yes go have some coffee or you know hang out for a little bit enjoy the show do some shopping i will definitely i might do some shopping i love that i gave you guys a little bit of a teaser at the beginning if you didn't know actually naturalizer back in 1927 they were the first kind of footwear company to specifically make shoes for women's feet so back in 1926 they didn't have that basically they made men's shoes and then they said well just squish them a little bit and then women can wear them no our feet are different and we want something that's stylish we want something that's comfortable um and we're in 2020 and they're still giving us all of that so this is what we're calling the whistle woven leather flat sandal i gave you guys a little bit of a teaser at the beginning we're taking 25 off for clearance getting this underneath 55 i have three options for you the first one over here is what i am calling the multi so you see all the different multi-colored strands on this i love the multi-strap design by the way then i have it in a white so if you've been looking and looking and looking for a white sandal i've got it for you this is that gorgeous gorgeous true white then i have it in saddle so this is going to be 6 through 10 whole and half sizes and then i have at 11 and 12 hole size only not only that they're giving us a mini medium and a wide width again they're thinking about our feet they're thinking about our comf our comfort but let's go through all of the details on this gorgeous shoe but i'm going to bring in uh miss taya tomasello for me ty are you on skype i am hi good morning oh when you've got the white in your hand i'm telling you it is so hard to find a white gorgeous sandal i know aren't they just the best for summertime too like this is the absolute perfect time to be wearing a white sandal especially this one which is going to be in so incredibly comfortable you can dress it up or dress it down you know i love to wear it with even just like a nice printed dress that's where the white and the saddle come in really nicely and it's got that naturalizer comfort you were talking about how we made shoes originally back in 1927 for a woman's foot to fit the contours of a woman's foot and they you're right they did not do that before and we've been doing that for almost 100 years if you can believe it so as the technology enhances and we're able to add more and more to the shoes our the comfort of the shoes just continues to get better and better every year so i love this shoe it's got just like a little bit about a three-quarter inch feel on there which gives you just a little bit of lift you can see that little bit of lift there and then we've got the contour plus comfort technology which gives you that additional padding throughout the shoe it's going to make you really balance from heel to toe so there's actually a little heel cupping in here and then you've got the great arch support and a lot of padding all through the shoe and then we've got lightweight materials here so even though this is a full leather sandal and you've got some nice padding on the sole this is incredibly lightweight and it makes it super easy for you to wear all day long and then we've got the great easy super fast hook and loop closure so i'm just making it super easy to get on and off making sure that you get that fit that's customized to your foot so that's super important if you're going to be wearing a shoe all day you don't want something that's going to be rubbing or be too loose on you so getting that exact uh size to meet your foot is super important and then let's talk about the style too because this is just such an on trend style i love the straps it's got great coverage on your foot as well so if you've got you know if you've got high arch supports if you've got bunions like i do this covers them up very nicely but it doesn't put too much pressure there it's just the right amount of sandals for the summer well and if you're looking at it on val that's the multi by the way and i only have 140 of those to go around for everyone so if you love the one on val right now that would be my most limited of all of those but these are 79 leather naturalizer sandals absolutely but we're having on clearance today 54 dollars and 20 cents three flex payments which means three monthly no added interest payments we send it to you when you make your first 18.

7 payment these taya are so lightweight breathable because i love that strap design on here and when we were talking about flexible flexible flexible um that goes back to our foot right because my foot doesn't do this all day right it bends it moves it does and that it's going to move with you so whether you're you know running around running errands chasing after your kids or your grandkids if you need to be on your feet all day these are going to get you through all day long you don't have to change into that extra pair of shoes you don't have to necessarily get into sneakers i know everybody is sick of sneakers now you know we've been wearing them for so long around the house we're not going out and doing much i want to look stylish so i love a great little sandal that feels like a sneaker actually because it comes from naturalizer right well and when i was talking about again the sizing for this is six through ten whole in half sizes and we've got 11 and 12 in whole and you're giving us medium and wide width first off not all shoe companies give us half sizes let's start there and not all shoe companies give us medium and wide widths they really want to make sure the shoe fits the foot yes i was like that sounds kind of like i'm going with a cliche there somewhere in a a part of what i was saying but literally naturalizer wants to have the shoe even the adjustability in the sling back because we've all had right the shoe that was too narrow too wide the sling back that was too snug and even as your foot adjusts throughout the day you can adjust this as you go and it's super easy so it's you'll be hard-pressed to find another brand that really overthinks wanting the shoe to be a perfect fit for you right i mean that's what naturalizer started with the shoe with the beautiful fit back in 1927 uh making shoes that fit the contours of a woman's foot and we just continue to do that year after year and we stay on trend with the styles so we're making sure that not only are you comfortable but you are super cute too um you see it styled so nicely with a dress there uh with pants or even shorts like you can wear this with anything i mean i've worn it with my gym clothes and i just feel like a little bit more dressed up not super casual and it just makes me smile it makes me feel better and and just the compliments that you get on this this is such a great style and i love the multi-color way it's just something like a fun little pop if you're wearing a lot of solid colors um it's just a nice little conversation piece you'll get so many compliments on it and you'll be comfortable with the what's better than you know having compliments on just on your style and being comfortable all day well anti i know the the title of this is flat sandal but you we do get a little bit of a lift on there and even the way this heel is made can you see see how that's done that's even very different for a sandal right absolutely so that just gives you and it really helps with the heel cupping right so that you're going to feel balanced from heel to toe this little bit of heel it's going to give you just a tiny bit of lift but you're not even going to feel it um so you know a lot of people wear those super flat sandals that just don't have anything on not the greatest for your foot because your foot has contours and to give get some of that balance from heel to toe it's going to relieve some of the pressure off the ball of your foot as well as off the heel of your foot so it's really going to give you that balance and that's the difference with the naturalizer shoe you know you're going to really feel the comfort all throughout because it has that contour plus to fit your foot whether it's medium or wide or has bunions or whatever well 79 for a like i said naturalizer leather sandal on clearance today lowest price we've ever offered the sandal before at 54.

20 again the multi the white or the saddle are the three colors that we have available pick the one that you or maybe pick up two that you think will fit within your wardrobe taya thank you so much for joining me on skype this morning thanks for having me absolutely i want to remind you guys also i am live on facebook right now on hsn's facebook page please jump on because we're going to take a little bit of a break and then miss benelli vanessa williams will be with me so jump on in if you have any questions we understand every woman's skin is unique we offer real beauty solutions for individual needs of real women empowering women to achieve healthy radiant looking skin backed by over 30 years experience made from important ingredients combined with advanced science for affordable skin care that truly works change the story of your skin and your life forever genuine beauty begins with skin [Music] so welcome back we are in the midst of some fashion and accessory clearance i'm tina jennings um you know the host here we get to choose a lot of uh designers here at hsn that we would like to wear and i think that i have worn every piece this lady has brought here to hsn every single one and i'm waiting for new ones to come in here everything that we see in the clearance item i uh either own or i have worn here at hsn vanessa williams of course grammy nominated singer actress and i'm gonna tell you what throughout the years if you've ever been like she is fabulous she's dressed to the nines she took her own inspiration of her style and brought an exclusive line here to hsn that is just relaxed yet elevated and sophisticated i've got three customer pick items from miss williams i cannot wait for her to join us on skype but let me get talking about uh the first item that i have this could not be named any better this is the boss lady blouse you're gonna feel like a boss lady when you put this on 27 off this customer pick gorgeous gorgeous top i've got it in several patterns still available first we're going to start out with the animal which is going to be a darker animal that we have in the browns the blacks the tans i also have it in what we're calling mosaic which has got those gorgeous red hints here it is in what we're calling asian which is that navy with beautiful birds um on here this is called the ivory with all of those gorgeous yellows greens and purples and my pop of color in the magenta these are 28 inches in the length extra small 33x this is a machine wash button-down style i love of course the little necktie on this but i could never ever ever do this shirt or these items justice that is why we are bringing in miss vanessa williams herself on skype this morning vanessa thank you for getting up so early with us good morning how are you well i'm going to tell you what everybody's been freaking out that you were going to skype in this morning to talk about these items i'm telling you your line here is absolutely gorgeous thank you thank you i'm so glad that people are connecting with it and we've got a lot of different items for every kind of feeling that you have and uh lots of tops for all those zoom meetings for sure oh yeah and what i said boss lady was the best way that you could possibly have uh named this but all the details you did on this first shirt vanessa from the necktie down to the cuffing on this i could i've worn this shirt here at hsn but i literally could do this a million different ways absolutely and what i love to do uh is to pair it with jeans uh especially since a lot of times we're not even you know uh with all the business that we're doing now you basically see from shoulders up but but that's a great idea you've got a great like sophisticated blouse but throw on a jean underneath and you feel sophisticated but also casual and uh it's light it's airy it's not see-through so you feel the breeze going through but you have to worry about doing any kind of camisole or under undergarment um and it's just especially the blue the this this asian floral that that all my prints are just for me so they're you can't find them anywhere else exclusively from my line um but it's it gives you that great uh option to be kind of sophisticated on top and then casual on the bottom oh you could you could if we're zoom meeting it if it doesn't we could do like sweats on the bottom it doesn't matter if we're boss babe from here up we're like ready and set to go my my favorite detail about this is the necktie detail at the front which to me if you tie it in a bow you let it lay flat uh whatever you want to do with this for me that sets this shirt off absolutely yeah you can do a double tie you can also leave it loose a couple buttons and have it kind of you know relax more casual but um it's it feels like silk obviously you can't feel it now but it just feels light and and smooth to the touch uh so it feels kind of dressy and and like you're wearing hardly anything as a layer but it gives you that wonderful feminine um flow that i think you feel really feminine when you're wearing it you could absolutely look at that i love that on val with the white pants i was gonna say she hasn't tucked in i have worn this tucked in with um your pencil skirt which we're gonna have up next that's what i i love the pairing but you could leave this untucked tuck it in you could put it with a pencil skirt you could do so much with this but it is light breezy easy and i'm gonna tell you uh vanessa the patterns on this as you were saying are exclusive to you inspired by you you know something that you yourself would want to wear but these patterns are absolutely so feminine and gorgeous thank you and i i really want you to build your wardrobe i mean i you know yes there are fast fashion that you can get for whatever the style is for that particular season but this boss lady blouse is one that will never ever go out of style so again you can wear it with slacks you can tuck it into your pencil skirt you can uh wear like a loose boyfriend jean and have it kind of that's what i usually do i usually wear one of these blouses with a like a boyfriend ripped up jean with a booty or you know a sandal and it just feels like you're relaxed but also just finished but it just collected enough so item number again is 668085.

by the way vanessa all the items we have are customer picks um that's got to make you feel good that you brought this line here to hsn and everybody came back and they were raving about every single piece including this pencil skirt and ladies if you have a pencil skirt we know it's kind of like a staple in your closet but do you have a pencil skirt in these amazing prints probably not and we've got them on clearance today 22 dollars off this one is what we are calling the leopard so this is going to have that traditional kind of darker tan darker browns and the leopard what i am wearing which you could wear with any pop of color is the zebra um this will go with so much in your closet i think we actually saw this with um one of the other tops we just had then this is called the mixed animal these are 24 inches in the length and when i say stretch 90 poly 10 spandex this is a hand wash hang dry extra small through 3x it is a full elasticized weight waistband vanessa um you don't know this about me i'm a new mommy and i got into an extra small in this skirt this morning i'm feeling myself this morning good girl that's right well you know the great thing about this when you feel it it feels like suede like you're wearing a nice soft buttery suede and uh we started out with the zebra at first and it did so well that we brought the mixed um the mixed animal for the spring summer just to give it that wonderful sunny glow and i know it's a lot so ladies these are very strong prints so if you love the print throw it on with a solid which exactly what you're showing you you've got my beautiful kelly green um sweater on a solid then the the uh the the skirt will pop and you don't have to feel like you have to mix anything uh and you know because i know a lot of p i i show a lot of patterns which i love and i've mixed patterns as well but if you're not bold enough to do that don't worry just throw a solid on top and it still gives you that wonderful bold print look at that amazing creamy beautiful sophisticated if you're looking at a pencil skirt and you're wondering what will i a pencil skirt is year round if you want to do it with a sweater like i have it on or amanda has it on or you want to do a strappy top with it you can if you want to layer a jacket we actually just saw vanessa in a video a few moments with that if you want to do it with a blouse like we just had a few seconds ago do these with a heel you want to do these with a boot a pencil skirt is a staple in your closet it is something that goes with everything all year round you could work it in the pattern is your pop vanessa that's your you know sometimes you don't have to overthink your wardrobe if you've got that one piece that already does the work for you exactly exactly and pencil skirts again will never go out of style nope we've seen them uh you know in every hollywood movie uh and um and they when you you'd mention that the stretches you could really feel how comfortable and relaxed the stretches i see you're showing the stretch right now so it looks like it's kind of nice and fitted but it is so comfortable you can sit down all day at a desk walk sit and drive in it and it feels fantastic and it's great to travel with as well oh my gosh i love it classic powerful fun sassy unique a customer pick go see what the other ladies were saying once they got this home six six eight five four four twenty two off for this on clearance now let's talk about the top that amanda has on as well as myself another customer pick the ladies are loving everything in vanessa's line this is the off the shoulder knit sweater first time we've ever had it at this 43.

17 price it is 25 inches in the length extra small through 3x it is a off the shoulder a one shoulder drape but it is not overdone again very sophisticated very classy not showing too much and it's not enough where it's going to bother you i have it in that gorgeous ivory that you see on amanda i'm wearing it in the emerald but we also have it in a magenta and we have it in a black so lots of options for this one and i love the little kind of slit detail on one side vanessa it's got a little bit of something going on either side yes it's not quite an off the shoulder so you can wear your bra straps you'd have to worry about showing too much and it's not quite a tunic so it's not so long that you don't have to worry about having too much covered and that slit on the side just gives it a little bit of detail so it's one of those classic sweaters that again a solid color nice little bell sleeve i know sleeves were having a moment for the past probably three seasons or so so it's got a little bit of uh attraction but not so huge that where you've got a voluminous sleeve to worry about and ivory of course is one of those classic beautiful tones that goes with everything and will always enhance your your closet and make sure you wear the the right underpinnings of course to smooth it out but it's just elegant the green i always have something green within my collection uh just to keep it um that's kind of one of my neutrals i love khaki of course i'm wearing green as well but i love uh to follow the green and then that raspberry it's um you know it's it's not quite hot pink it's not quite fuchsia but it looks great on your skin and it can go through every season because it's it it's one of those great colors that just looks great on everybody well if you want to do these with a skirt like amanda and i both have it but think of this even with like some skinny jeans some leggings you could put this on and i was also thinking about this vanessa with the little side vent on here if i did like a cami maybe with like some little lace detail you could also make this kind of look like a layered a layered look on this and give another little peek of something on this side so there's tons of options with this sweater and it's not heavy but it's substantial which is like right in that little perfect spot and i do have cami so if you want camis you can go online and select a cami with a little bit of the lace that will show underneath see vanessa's thought of everything so again the length on this is 25 inches so i feel like if you wanted to do this with leggings or something and like we're going into that time of the season i know maybe it's still hot in a lot of places um but we're going and you're gonna want that one sweater that's just easy to throw on but it's got enough detail that kind of makes you feel good vanessa i'm actually i am wearing a bra with full straps on it with this right um because that off the shoulder is not overdone and i i went through like an off-the-shoulder phase of my life at one point where i had everything off the shoulder so i know that you have those right where you're constantly tugging at it you're constantly adjusting it the whole time you're wearing it that's not this sweater right do i wear a strapless bra what's the kind how's it going to look so this you can wear your normal bra just tuck it in a little bit on the side with the with the uh off the shoulder side but again it gives you some detail you want you know my my whole concept is you want to be noticed when you walk in and not notice for a bad bad design and bad dressing but just notice like wow where'd you get better wow that's an interesting look and that gives you a little bit of interest so it's not just your average sweater absolutely well vanessa i loved you before now i'm loving you even more for skyping in this morning so thank you so so much thank you and have a great day absolutely um yeah everybody vanessa williams just skyped in with me my day has been made i'm loving her entire line by the way if you go to hsn.

com like she was saying you can see everything that she's brought here to hsn exclusively including these three items that we had while you're on hsn.

com go there and put in the word fit guide in the search bar at the top and that is a great way to find out exactly what your perfect fit is oh it was right there on the screen so it's going to ask you to figure out your measurements and you'll figure out are you a small are you a 1x are you a 3x it's also going to let you know when you're looking at descriptions of clothes here at hsn it'll let you know what it what does it mean when it says fitted what does it mean when it says semi-fitted it's going to give you all that information there we've got lots of tools available at our website this is just one of them that i want you to not miss out on before i let you guys go for a second i want to remind you if you're just tuning in we had a soft and cozy color block sweater earlier with a hi-lo with ellen these are so lightweight and soft soft soft these have again on the side it's got a little bit of the color blocking on the side on the back on the cuffs and even in the neckline it is very heathered so i've got a light gray heather i also have it in the animal which was the first one the dark wine and there's the animal all of them are available packets oh pockets in the front which are super adorable and thumb holes which i think is great 16.

91 on clearance 663 244 for a customer pick soft and cozy i just want to remind you that just in case uh you missed that earlier just tuning in all right are we moving on to uh the next item okay i'm just making sure kyle okay let's um talk about we're going into different types of weather soon right or if you live in florida it's always raining this would be the jacket you could use um during all of that this is from l'oreal this is inspired by the city of montreal which is where they're based sophistication makes function is their kind of baseline i believe this is a customer pick as well this is what's called the emma it's a soft shell water resistant jacket with hood more than half on this jacket is what we have available today i've got it still left in oh all the colors are still up here yay i've got it in the yellow i also have it in the white furthest from me is the orange behind the orange is the royal and we also have it available in the black let me bring the black out these are 30 inches in the length this is a machine wash tumble dry jacket first off that's amazing was the last time you had a jacket that you could do that with on here extra small through 3x is the sizing for this this is water resistant this is wind resistant but it also has a soft jersey lining on the inside so the part that actually touches your body is super soft and actually gives you a little bit of extra protection so we'll go through more details on the jacket i gotta bring in jacqueline bradley who's my brand ambassador good morning jacqueline good morning welcome to my little lake house here in northern ontario canada where by the way it's been raining for two straight days and it actually is giving me a little drizzle now so my emma jackets have really had a fabulous workout are these not the best way to bring pops of color to these rainy and dreary days um yeah and uh i love you said pops of color because look we're we're gonna need right a jacket going into these or like you said it's raining there rains here in florida all of the time but being able to get this more than half off it's going to be the jacket you'll constantly go to because it's not too heavy jacqueline it's not too heavy it's not too much of a jacket so it'll be the one i always turn to you know my mother used to have to remind me to bring my rain jackets and now i love this jacket so much nobody has to remind me the minute i know it's going to be yucky out i want this bright pop of color i want this bit of extra stretch i've actually layered this with a sweatshirt it's got a fabulous a-line styling you know at laurier and co we're all about fashion meeting function and this really does that beautifully so as you spoke to earlier i can wear this all day up at the lake house day in day out roll around in the mud with my son feed the squirrels feed the chipmunks wash it and dry it and then i'm gonna go take it back to the city put it on with my dress pants and my pumps and i'm good to go for city chic as well so jaclyn my uh male producer just asked if he could get into this jacket because he says this is a over a hundred dollar jacket on clearance today for under forty dollars he said i wanna buy this jacket i'm telling you being able to have your jacket done and taken care of for the season for 40 bucks is amazing and jacqueline it's machine wash and it gives you that movement it's got that great jersey lining it is layerable which i really love and i also love that it's so universally flattering so my mom's favorite is the orange my favorite is the royal and my daughter's favorite is the yellow so we actually all rotate in and out because we're so in love with it and my mom's always cool so she likes to layer the little puffer under it to keep her extra warm i've got a sweatshirt under here not sure if you can see that and you can see on our beautiful models you know they've got it sort of street where she that great pair of pumps how gorgeous ladies i miss coming to see you all um but we've got this really unique styling in that it has that versatility i'm literally wearing it with rubber boots right now but i love it with the little sneaks i love it the ability to wear it with those pumps and it's still so universally flattering with that gorgeous a line and the water resistance the wind resistance and that fabulous hood that actually covers my hair i love the hood on this i love the colors on this i love the pocket what is there not that i'm loving that like every piece of everything you're saying jaclyn i am like on board and i am over my eyes are like bugging out that this is easily 110 retail jacket i feel like even that's low in my opinion but the fact that we have it today for under 40 you can break this into flex payments by the way 13 and 10 cents because look whether you live where jacqueline lives or you live in florida you live in seattle and it's always raining and you have to have that one jacket but still be stylish still do a pop of color yeah still do something fun i'm looking for that's exactly it and you know the reviews on this are so amazing you know we hear time and time time again on these amazing reviews um what amazing quality what gorgeous styling how fabulous the fit is and something else that we're hearing a lot is hope it goes on sale so i can get more well what a fabulous opportunity then well and jacqueline i said the sizing on this one is extra small through 3x do you have any tips on sizing for this so it depends how you want it to fit i like the layerability so i go true to size okay but it's because it's got that little a line it's not boxy it really is a very slimming flattering fit hits at a great spot on the hip which is really important but if you like it a slimmer fit and let's say you well i don't know if i'm a large or an extra large but i like things a little slimmer fit then go down to the large because we've made it generous for that layerability and it depends where you live you know i need the wearability here in canada i like to have this with a puffer or with my sweatshirt like i'm wearing it right now because where i am it's a little chilly so i like that layerability it just depends how you want it to fit remember that you have that little bit of stretch you've got that great movement this is not the slicker of yesteryears that was crunchy and didn't move that jersey lining makes this so soft and so wearable and i'm i'm telling you when we have that one jacket that i i have jackets right at home that are very heavy they're you know i take them out for specific types of weather this is the one you'll always grab this is the one that hangs on the hook near the door and you'll go to over and over again and then one day you'll be like man i can't believe i spent forty dollars on this jacket that i am wearing so often and by the way uh jacqueline are you seeing how val cuffed uh the sleeve i love doing that too and can i share something with you just for fun yes this is a cup of water so let me i know it's going to be hard for me to show you but let me just show you how i can pour this on and it beads off it literally just slips away like it wasn't even there when i say this is water resistant it's water resistant water resistant wind resistant walking the dog going out to get the mail whether it i mean we may not be going a lot of places but we still got to go outside there's still things we got to do out there and this will be the jacket the black is still available i am in love with this yellow what if it's dreary outside put a yellow on that will give you a little bit of sunshine we've got it in the white i also have it in the orange and the royal which are the two colors you've seen on the ladies but it doesn't matter what color you go with they are so just good looking jackets that again you don't have to dry clean you don't have to baby these usually we take out our jacket right and we dry clean it once a season yeah this has been washed mine has been washed i'm ashamed to tell you how dirty i get up here but i always have it washed and ready washer dryer good to go back in the city again and city wear chic this is more than half off again you guys off our price off the already great hsn price it's a customer pick for a reason make sure you grab your favorite color in the sizing that you want jacqueline thank you for skyping in this morning you look adorable thank you i miss you all thanks guys absolutely okay we are gonna actually hear from dimitri james about skin but we will be back with an entire other hour of some fashion and accessory clearance [Music] we use goat milk because we had it and that's how our company started but what we learned over the years is how beneficial goat milk is not only for the skin but for your body goat milk adds moisture to your skin it's really the most amazing ingredient people really do notice the hydration of their skin the farm-to-skin difference only with beekman 1802.

here at hsn we base our retail values on nationwide information retail value is an indication of the price you would expect to pay for the same or similar item elsewhere not the price at which you would be able to sell the item prices do vary around the country so ours might be different from prices in your area for more information call one of our customer service reps at 1 800 thirty nine.