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[Music] every day or night at midnight we launch our very best value of the day so if you're watching right now you're in the right place because you can get your size in this beautiful versatile top that also works as a jacket it has gorgeous hidden button fronts when you button it up it's a blouse you unbutton it it's that third piece three button cuffs very stylish in a gorgeous gorgeous mother of pearl and then that back inverted pleat is so feminine it's so flattering we have extended sizing for the very first time in marlawynne from extra small through 4x and even though this looks like that blouse that you would send to the dry cleaner you can machine wash and tumble dry and this top and i have a lot in common we both hate iron so you never have to use an iron on this shirt it is a shirt that also is a jacket is your third piece i am wearing it right now as that third piece with the brand-new tank that i highly recommend you get now just to warn you at this price these will go very very quickly and the tanks we did not buy enough of the tanks to coordinate with this shirt so if you like that entire look like i've got it this is the way to dress seamlessly and stylishly this is the this is the lilac gray you're seeing that price right by the way 40 dollars off retail extra small through 4x lilac gray this one is called the light olive gray oh that's such a pretty really flattering color this one is spice which for the fall is going to be paired with all of your browns and right now you might sort of highlight that it's a little bit more of that coral if you put it with white and cream you're going to wear this right now and all the way in through the fall then we have it in the color that i chose storm blue year-round beautiful color in fact when you see andrea you're going to see that she is wearing the jacket that matches this perfectly this one is called ochre which i think is like a daffodil color kind of a sunflower very sunshine we need all the sunshine we can get these days this is the black and there is nothing more chic than a black sort of a menswear inspired tailored shirt but those can be really uncomfortable this one is stretchy it is soft it is even cool to the touch we could all use that and then there is your fresh crisp snow white now you noticed me maybe earlier putting my hands in the pockets because this is not just a shirt it's a shirt that is a jacket and as marlawynne herself would say she would put pockets in her underwear if she could we're glad that she did because that sort of gives you that versatility with this top to make it a jacket super easy sizing if you want to know anything about sizing will run the sizing for you on the side there here's how you order you can order your true size call on the phone put 16.

66 on any credit card or go to hsn.

com take a look at all of the colors all of the sizing it is going to be so easy and one of the things that is great about this stretch tech is that it is well it is stretchy so if you are busty this works for you if you carry your weight in your tummy it has a flow to it almost a float and you can wear it right now over those little tanks you can wear this button up and this one has hidden mother-of-pearl buttons but they are hidden when you button them up it's got that very sleek sort of panel that hides it that's new for this top and the pockets even have a very beautiful but kind of hidden mother-of-pearl button all the details when it comes to marla are thought of when you get this home you'll say what everybody else who makes all of marla's pieces a customer pick says marla thank you this piece did not look like it only cost me 49.

99 and marlawynne if you are unfamiliar with marlawynne she's had at least two of everybody's dream job she was a producer in hollywood and then completely reinvented herself into another dream job of being a fashion designer but marla is the best way to describe my marla is unapologetically marla marla is as she encourages us all to be ourselves marla you are authentically marla and we love you for it well i'll apologize right up front for being just unfiltered me what i'm so excited about is not only do we have an amazing ts we i'm going to show you all the different ways that you're going to be able to style this from this wonderful mesh jacket that you can find on hsn.

com to our matching scarf to i just just to give you an idea how we thought this went out for you so you can style we have an amazing little pleated duster we've got our wonderful printed cardigan that you've seen that ties back to our ts we've got a new sweater we've got jackets we've got pants we've got accessories we've got jewelry we've got everything for you it is so much fun to put this together and i am in denver colorado and i will tell you one day it's hot one day it's cool what i love about my stretch tech is i can wear it as a jacket which i love and i can just button it up as a shirt and i will tell you for all the zooming i've been doing it is the ideal piece so i think it's going to be a really exciting fun ts last time we brought this to you you loved it you asked for more you asked we listened and i hope that you will write to us if you have questions let us know if you want to reach me directly you can go to info marlawynne.

com we'll answer your questions we'll help you curate your outfits and the girls are looking great tonight yes and we are live on facebook so you can ask us any questions on facebook i will probably have an ipad out here we'll be able to take your questions you can also give us a phone call i know how much you love to be able to tell marla how much you appreciate her fashion expertise her design and this today's special is really really special now that is the jacket that i was telling you andrea is wearing so andre is wearing the today's special as a blouse under that stretch tech boxy jacket we won't have a long time to see it we only have about like 1500 i know that might sound like a lot that could sell out tonight to be honest and we don't even have time to show it to you completely so if you want that ask your representative on the phone there it is 711-836 that comes in four different colors a jacket that doesn't need ironing and doesn't need to be dry cleaned is incredible and when you shop with marlawynne we're talking about building your wardrobe making investments in yourself making investments in pieces that are going to they're going to go to over and over and over again and this is today is the launch of our fall fashion edit and of course who would we go to other than marlawynne we have really high we have really really really high high standards when it comes to launching fall fashion they say okay it has to be something that we can wear right now in the hottest months and then all the way through the fall it has to be colors that we would wear now and then all the way through the fall it has to be for all ages it has to be customer picks and that narrowed the field all the way down to marlawynne and this top and jacket so marla you were the only one who could be this fall fashion edit launch because you really do check all the boxes well you know it's funny because you talk about wearing it through the fall i have completed designing now all the way through q1 2021 if that isn't crazy and guess what all of these colors are not only right now i'm wearing it with our wonderful little pant that we'll talk about later which is this luxe knit which fits you exactly like your essential crepe knit pant so we are going to show you how to style these pieces why they work what they work with how you can put together an outfit and it really is about just picking your palette and accessorizing it up i love to have a little scarf with it but i also love that i can take it off you know when it gets it's so strange because early mornings here in denver are cool we'll start out in the 50s and by the end of the day we're in the 90s so i am just like all day putting it on taking it off putting it on taking it off and i also love it all by itself but what we've done is we've done this detailing here on the little top that goes under it with these baby pin tucks so that if you do wear it as a jacket and you want it as a set it really ties together and i think what you want to do in these times where you're making an investment and you're thinking about what can i wear right now what can i wear later how am i going to make it all work one of the things we really really think about is carrying things from one delivery to the next to the next so that you're not just buying oh i'm gonna buy marla's shirt and i'm you know one and done you can really build outfits to go with these pieces and i think that's part of the fun whether it's the little jacket that andrea is wearing and hi guys thank you for being up late at night for me my beautiful models i miss you girl so much but in any event you can wear it as a little jacket i particularly love that beautiful spicy color that we have with denim and i think that this the ochre is gorgeous with denim and another little surprise is that we have all different colors of pants that are going to go with it so if you want to wear it as a jacket it's great you really have to take note how's my hair in the back is that smooth i don't have a mirror to see in the back so okay so i got my act together here we go so you see it's got this wonderful little inverted pleat and when you wash it it will stay those of you who bought our stretch tech pleated back shirt i don't i didn't remember when we did it but it was it did blow out and that's why we did it again because so many of you wrote to me and said more and more why because first of all you know yes it's true i put pockets in my underwear so i might as well put pockets in my shirt and what's great about these pockets is you can unbutton the little mother of pearl right so it comes with its own little can you see that it's actually made from the fabric so it doesn't show when you have it closed so it's very discreet on the side when you want it closed or you can open it up i have to admit i wear them open all the time because i love to put my hands in a pocket because otherwise they're flailing around in the air because i don't know what it is i think it's like a genetic thing for me like if i can't move my hands i can't talk so i need a place to put them to allow me to talk and have a nice place to put them and this is great when i'm walking the dog i can put the you know things i need in there i love having it for kleenex for my lipstick but most of all i also love the collar and we've started to call this inside my company the marla collar because why the collar doesn't have a traditional collar stand it you'll see here that it stands up and even though this is an incredibly soft easy fabric there's no stand here so what i like about that is it comes up on my back and you see that it just gives me nice coverage here which i like and then it comes around and it frames my face because i like to friend my face and there you go it's all framed on such a pretty face yeah like you should have seen me do you know what my stinking ratty little son did to me while i was doing my pre-ts thing so jason is out here with me and i'm getting ready for my ts and i have a ritual so i'm sitting there with you know three fingers in the nail polish remover and i have my coal mask on and my son thinks it's really funny to come into my room and film me doing this because it doesn't always look like this i gotta tell you it takes some work but what's so great is that i literally before we launch i throw my clothes on at the last minute right and they're just so easy to mix and match all the pieces and you are going to be able to make so many style choices to go with this collection just to give you an example there is a pleated pant that ties back perfectly with that so those of you who love olive gray you have that we have the gorgeous scarfs that go with it we've got so many different pieces and the little jacket that andrea has on in blue is so gorgeous and it's water resistant it's instead of a little uh think of it as instead of a jean jacket it's a fun little piece to take us into the rainy days and by the way we have been getting so much rain in colorado i guess it's we're getting the the storms that you guys are getting down there yeah we're passing it on to you we can't hold all the rain thank you so much sharing is caring is that what you're telling me sharing is caring yeah you can keep your storm okay you can keep your lousy storm girlfriend what is it august showers i don't know um bring food no it's april showers brings may flowers i knew it and all august does is bring mud that's it andrea that is beautiful isn't the spice beautiful it's great and andrea has a new necklace on andrea put center your necklace for me it's flopping there a little bit um and this necklace is the same one i'm wearing but i've got it doubled over but you can see how beautiful that is whether you're wearing a black pant a denim pant i love the little bit of the um opening in the back right the little um pleat in the back i think is delicious with that little one little button in the back and guess what when you're sitting and reading a book when you're visiting when you're playing with your grandkids when you're if you are on zoom calls whatever you're doing this puppy let me show you what it does let's just give it a little test okay so you squish it and you go oh there's a teeny little wrinkle and i don't know what does this i wish i could do this to my forehead right like because i always go like this no it does not get rid of the wrinkles when i do this but with this that's all there is to it you just give it a little brush and the wrinkles disappear if i could bottle that i could win a beauty award don't you think i think so i'll do that that's right third that will be your third world reinvention stay with this because we are so glad that you are this is our best value of the day and it works for everybody i just want to let you know black and white they are neck and neck and most of you are buying black and white and then one other of the fashion colors in extra small through 4x for the very first time it is 40 off of retail today and today only try it out if you have never tried anything from marlawynne this is the perfect way to get started with her collection of course it will go with anything that you have at home you can try it out for 16.

66 on any credit card and you've got 30 days to fall in love with it we know it will take you less than 30 seconds to fall in love with it as soon as you get out of the box you go this fabric though it is absolutely incredible and you'll be so glad that you got it for 49.

99 you will think oh i should have gotten more colors and here to tell you a little bit more about knowing that you should get more colors shelley is joining us from texas and shelly i understand that you're not going to wait until you get them home to decide that you want other colors tell us how many you picked up today i picked up four today oh my goodness i have all seven of the prior today's special that was the stress check are you kidding me shelly you need an intervention girlfriend you are out of your mind i love it why do you like these shirts so much well the fabric is is just amazing it wears like iron it does not stain i mean if you if you spill something on your shirt it does not stain it wipes right off and if you do get a little spot it washes right out it is it is an amazing it is it's a nylon blend and that's the magic to it and have you ever had to iron yours no never never and did the plate stay did the pleats stay yeah the police stay fine and they also uh like i just usually just line dry them i hang them up to dry i don't even put them in the dryer or anything and they just come out perfect every time they look brand new and some of them i've owned for a couple of years now it is it's an amazing fabric to me to have the look of a clean crisp poplin blouse that i don't have to iron and won't wrinkle is i just love it and i love white shirts and i do i mean my my favorite did you pick up the white one what colors did you get today i already had the white one from the last one so i picked up all the new colors like i picked up the ochre and the storm blue and the purple gray and i went ahead and got another olive gray because i wear so much of that color so when one is in the wash i kind of like to have another one available well i'm so grateful that you called in because you know shannon and i like to sit and talk about this but the truth of the matter is we you know our arms get tired patting ourselves on the back here so it's much nicer to have somebody else talk about it and i really you know and what pants do you wear when you wear these tops do you wear them with your jeans what do you wear them with well just about anything but i actually have all the colors of the stretch tech pants that you made so a lot of times i'm wearing a monochromatic outfit well guess what girlfriend this time i got a stretch tech pant for you i forget all the colors we have them in we have them in the lilac gray we've got them in the color that i'm wearing the olive gray i know we've got them in black and i can't remember if i have any other colors in the stretch tech pant but check those out oh we i think we have the blue as well the beautiful blue so we have stretched more stretch tech pants for you uh you see this is what hsn.

com is for my love you have to go into hsn.

com and you got to check out all the stuff because you might miss the show tomorrow and then you'd miss your head to toe look so if you want that head to toe look boom i've got you covered and i get compliments every time i wear that look i love that shelly i'm so glad thank you so much for calling in to shelly that is what that is what we really need to hear girlfriends shopping with girlfriends and you telling us that it really is i love that you said what did you say it wears like iron it's like indestructible very cool to the touch so even though like marla said she has to take her jacket off and on all day i live in texas and when i wear it i don't ever feel hot because the fabric is very cool to the touch that's what it is it wears like iron but it feels like it's it's very i find it's very silky on my skin i guess is what i would say it feels very soft and silky silky and cool shelley thank you so much for calling in we appreciate you so much oh thank you and marla fat daddy says hello well hello to all of you and shelly keep in touch through either our website or facebook and and join us and and stay in touch i really appreciate this call what a great way for me to launch my ts oh i love that and that shelly was one of the lucky ones who got your today's special last year when it was a today's special and came back and bought four more so if you're watching right now this is a guaranteed favorite in your closet you'll love how it feels how it does not need an iron we are live on facebook so thank you good morning debbie says nice top totally agree you're saving 40 dollars today fran loves everything about marla's styles kimberly says your colorado home is lovely totally agree and then robin is asking about the price and the number for the tank because we are showing that tank and i do want to let you know the tank is available right now but we will definitely start to lose colors and sizes you can see that victoria has it on in the pure white and she sort of had the pure white on with a couple of different colors andrea is wearing the today's special in spice we have that tank in spice as well so there it is item number seven one one nine six one that's 55 dollars today and it's three flexible payments of 18.


33 we do have it in black light olive gray lilac gray the ochre pure white spice or storm blue the same colors as the today's special and those are available in extra small through 3x we've been talking a lot about ways to wear because it's all about your style right and getting pieces that work for you so you can use this shirt the today's special as a layering piece that's what we're talking about maybe you want to layer it with one of the wind layers tanks or of course the tank that we have right now and then are those that luxe knit the lux knit pant because those are coming up in just a little bit and i think those are amazing this is the perfect transition into fall and this the sleekness of this top will tuck in to anything so if you want that if you want to be able to wear it under a pencil skirt it will still be very sleek this is probably the most versatile piece that will be in your wardrobe so i'm going to go through the colors for you again so that you can see all of the colors this is the lilac gray we have the lilac gray we have that tank and then i wanted you to see this is how victoria is wearing it she's wearing it with the plum berry brand-new luxe knit pant isn't that a great combination then we have it in the light olive gray that's the one that marla is wearing then we have it in the storm blue that's the one that i'm wearing and i'm wearing the storm blue with the darker luxe knit pant so you can wear these sort of tonally there's the spice that's the one that andrea is wearing there's the ochre which when you pair this with brown will be perfect into fall but right now with your lighter colors it's going to look like that sunflower yellow talk about perfect transition and then everybody is loving this pure snow white it is called pure white and it there is no show through you can wear this on its own it is crisp and white and will always look like that perfect menswear inspired but definitely very feminine white blouse and then there is the black sultry sexy and of course works with everything that one really highlights the mother of pearl buttons that you see there's three mother pearl buttons on the cuff you can roll it up it stays pulled up if you like you can wear it down and you've got the mother of pearl buttons on the pockets there are pockets you've got a slight slit detail here and the way that this flows marla is it gives if you carry your weight in your tummy this just sort of glides over but then in the back that pleat the pleat either either sort of glides over if you don't love the way that your back looks or it kind of gives you a little bit of a shape if you tend to be a little bit more flat in the back well what this is is a fit and flare right so it's fitted across the bust now i am wearing a large in this um because i'm chest i'm busty right so i i'm pretty sure i'm in a large jay i'm in a large right i gotta check here my trusty assistant yes i am um i often wear a medium right now but because i'm busty and this is where it's fitted so what you want to do is go very true to size across the bust right so if you carry weight in your bust and you're going uh should i be a medium or a large in fact i was on the phone with my girlfriend earlier and she had been over to the house and she'd seen me since she was like as soon as they go off online i've got to get them and laurie and i were talking about it and i said oh i think you'd be a small and she goes uh uh i got the one last time i'm busty i'm to do a medium and she was right so the medium was the right size for her the large is the right size for me andrea's wearing it in a large and i'm guessing you're in an extra small shannon is that right i am indeed and it fits perfectly i wanted to say that andrea is so andrea is in the large you're in the large it's got a great stretch to it so it fits it fits around the bust but then it stretches and stretches it stretches around her arms it stretches through the shoulder it is victoria you're wearing a small okay so this is it's so versatile victoria has it on with the white that pure white tank which by the way we will show you it also has a great flow it is it's got a little bit deeper slit on the side on that tank and the tank is very bra friendly i'm pretty particular when it comes to tanks and this one you can easily wear with or without something over it but this together is you look so put together and i know marla we have not even talked about you being in paris for two decades this has that sensibility of i'm so put together but it feels like i mean it feels so comfortable i think we're all looking for those pieces that make us look put together even though we don't feel put together but are really really comfortable well what i like and what i think i picked up on living there is the game is to look put together without it being a big effort right and one of the things that to me makes something cozy and comfy and right for any seasons is when it's got a lot of stretch and i want you to see the stretch in this so that you really understand the incredible stretch right so there is a ton of stretch and what's beautiful about this fabric because i'm pulling and i'm pulling and i'm pulling and i'm pulling goes right back right which is a great quality and and again as we were talking about earlier you could just ball this up and go in the washing machine you can dry it on a hanger you can throw it in the washing machine and by the way if you you know a lot of us i think are starting now to take car trips and go visit family and packing up a little overnight bag what's great about this thing is when you wash it it dries incredibly fast it's very silky smooth on the body i also love the ochre with denim i love it with black and as you said you know i have been very pro light colored pants whether it's an oyster or whether it's my canvas pant or whether it's a cloud pant or your white denim what i want to be able to help you do is take it through every season so i love the way victoria's wearing it she's got the white top by the way the scarf that she's wearing in a really wonderful way ties back to the whole plum berry group which is beautiful we'll talk about those later and she's got the plum berry pant on but it looks very fresh very clean very of the moment and i am taking these colors all the way through 2020.

so if you can only get one piece i want you to not freak out buy what you can or just have fun hanging out with us but one of the things you'll see is all these colors are going to go all the way through 2020 into 2021 so you'll be able to build a wardrobe that's very coordinated and easy for you to mix and match that's what we want we want to be able to buy and this is a steal today at 49.

99 this is retail and it is exclusive here but it would be retail for 40 more but we still want we want the best bang for the buck which means you're going to be wearing this over and over and over again with all different styles so everybody's been asking about the tank this is that brand-new stretch tech tank it has beautiful pintuck pleats down the front it has it has darts as well so it's very flattering it's designed to fit and flatter and then these are those deeper slits on the side which really make it so that you can wear this with a slimmer pant it has that still that great silhouette it also makes it so that it does stretch to fit and it is not going to be too tight around the hips or the bum now one of the things that i wanted to show you before i even go through all the colors is marlo this is what we were talking about so this is that brand new uh the brand new luxe knit pant there it is an oyster you're gonna wear that right now see it right next to the today's special and then when you want things to darken up a little bit just put it with a black pant now that is your transition into the next season or maybe even at a different time of day or maybe just like a lot of black that's a great way to be able to do it so it really does change with whatever color you put it with i'm a jeans girl so i can wear any one of these colors at any time with my jeans of course i just wanted you to see those and yes we will be showing you those pants in just a little bit they are brand-new so this is the lilac gray that one is limited it's one of the most limited colors extra small through 3x in the tank remember the today's special goes up to 4x for you for the first time this is the light olive gray that one would also look great with that oyster there is your spice that is the one that andrea was wearing she put hers with the black and that looked fantastic very striking that color this is the storm blue and i put the storm blue with the inky blue new lux knit pant you could wear it of course with anything if i was where i had the oyster pant on earlier and then i just changed into the inky blue you really can do that and mix and match this is i was just getting an update how many left 600 left in the blue oh my goodness okay everyone is awake right now and shopping and so excited to get these before they're all gone this is the ochre this is a beautiful standalone tank it is gorgeous order your true size extra small through 3x only 500 already remaining in the ochre that means will start to lose our sizes for you there is the black trust me you need a good black tank wear this with a little shrug or or just a pencil skirt that can replace your little black dress that stretch tech is so sophisticated but still so easy to wear and then of course we all know you need a good pure white tank and marla this is that white that is not going to fade or yellow or pill it is just that perfect it will always look just like this this fabric won't peel it won't fade it takes color amazingly and i want to show you why a tank like this is so great a it gives you a set when you wear it with our today's special okay so i've got the little tank on now let me show you and that's why we go to hsn.

com so this is a little mesh blazer that we've done you guys have been asking me to do a neat little boyfriend blazer for ages well we finally did it look how beaut and we've got it in a bunch of different colors i just want to show you all the ways you can style this little tank right so i can put it with a little blazer i can take the little jacket that we saw earlier i think andrea had it on handing things to my trusty assistant jason and then i can throw on this little jacket and it's so perfect this is how you're going to transition from season to season to season right or if you don't want to do that you could take we've got this really cool new fabric that you're going to love that's pleated it's all perfectly dyed to match so you can take that same tank with the beautiful pleating down the front and all the great stretch that's in it and by the way very bra friendly great armhole covers everything and it has a beautiful little sort of squared uh v which i love and look you can take this and you can put this over it like you know whatev there's something for everyone here not everything is for everyone but i literally have so many different choices that can go with this like look at this there is nothing in this collection that doesn't mix and match and of course our scarves pull it all together or perhaps you were one of the people who picked up our beautiful little um kimono this is a fine gauge kimono sweater look at this so when i tell you that from delivery to delivery and season to season we're giving you outfits look at all the different outfits that i was able to just literally throw on and then fling at chase and i kind of feel like an on-camera stripper who keeps her clothes on you know my kid right there you go but do you see what i mean how you can just mix and match everything because we bring the colors through everything and it really gives you so many different options of ways to wear it and one of the things that i love and that is an influence from paris i i must say parisian women all wear their scarves they love their scarves it's sort of like their signature and i love the scarves that we have in this collection because they really increase your ability to mix and match and the scarves themselves are gorgeous gorgeous fabrication we'll talk about those later i actually popped the blue one on and victoria is wearing hers around her hair which looks so cute now victoria people were asking if the white is see-through do you have anything underneath that i mean well i mean your bra but you don't have a camisole okay good to know so there you have it it didn't look like it when i was looking at it closely i just had to ask so you can see that it is you don't have to wear anything underneath it you'll love the feel of the stretch tech silky soft fabric right next to your skin now you can wear the today's special without a tank underneath it if you're wearing it as a blouse but i love the look and the options of being able to layer and then you get to wear it just it looks you look so finished when you got the layering but marla did all of the work for you so i just popped on i popped on the um the scarf i'm just showing you how i've got our today's special which is 49 today the tank which is just 55 but very very limited and then i've got our brand new luxe knit tech pant i mean this is it feels so good marla had asked me earlier she was like oh do you have it on yet i was like it feels like it feels super soft and stretchy these are so comfortable and they are true true to size so extra small through 3x in the luxe knit ponte brand-new 62.

and you will wear every single one of these colors again all year round so this is let me make sure i get you the right color names this one is called latte it is creamy it is perfect it is like that light beautiful almost like a blushy taupe this one is your inky blue that is the one that i am wearing this is these are by the way 28.

5 inch inseam so they are a really great length this is the plum berry that looks fantastic with the lilac gray today's special you see it right there the lilac gray then this is the oyster this is going to be a perfect winter white a great all year round color it's just got a little it's like a beige white and then of course you've got the black these are machine wash tumble dry incredibly stretchy flat front you've got the pleats in the back not pleats but the little seams in the back that give you a little bit of a little bit of a bomb lift you've got stretch all the way through but marley these are not they're not a skinny pant sometimes when we see stretch we think oh no that's going to be too skinny these will cover a variety of ills well first of all i may have lost weight but i didn't lose a little pucker and dimple here there and i'm wearing this in in the oyster which i i love to me it's a perfect transition color i love it right now and i love it later and it just nothing shows through those of you who have my essential knit crepe pant this is the exact same cut right so whatever you wear in my win layers essential knit crepe pant this is the same thing but it is in this amazing luxe knit and i call it lux because it's luxurious and it is not like you would normally find in a ponte at all first of all the stretch and recovery is awesome i can sit around and these lay around in these all day i will tell you you know we talk about this all the time and the real testament to how much do i love something is how many pieces i go onto hsn.

com and buy for myself because i only get one of every color i'm in the medium pant i love it and i went on and i bought i have two pairs of black god i have two pairs of black and and then i have all the other colors but the medium fits me perfectly they are super comfy um i know andrea and victoria are used to wearing the knit crepe pant do you guys find that your fit is is the same as the knit crate pant and that my advice to go with the same size you would wear in that is is working for you do these feel right on the money for you in terms of that pant because i know you wear it all the time they're nodding you can't see them they're saying yes and by the way our models are statuesque so victoria you're six feet okay six feet so where you see it hit on her ankle and then andrea your 5 11 510 okay so it is it's a little bit more of an ankle pant on you and then on victoria it's almost a crop so if you also are six feet tall and watching that's about where it will hit on you and victoria you're in the small right and then andrea you're in the large okay i'm just so you know i am i'm five eight i'm wearing the extra small they're all going to be 28 and a half inches long so mine goes down below my ankle bone but there you were showing you the sizing this is and marla you're five nine so it hits you just right right at your ankle then right now i was five nine i'm five eight and a half but if i really suck it in and stand up really tall maybe i can get another half inch but i had jason move back the camera because i really want you to see how these fit right because so this is where i carry some things that i wish would have left my body but they're just here to stay and i am wearing that beautiful oyster and i got to tell you i just think it is such a great pant i so much love our essential knit crepe pant and it took me a very very long time to find a pant that i love as much as the essential knit crate pant and i consider these the next essential so those of you who love those knit crepe pants you are going to love the feeling of this it is an extraordinarily beautiful fabric it doesn't feel like any ponte you've had before and just to give you a heads up i'm going to be continuing to work with this incredible ponte all the way through q1 and we're going to be bringing things in next year that are in the oyster that are in the olive grays that are in these colors so you'll be able to build a wardrobe even with the pant so whatever pieces you choose today if you love a certain color know that you're going to be able to build on your wardrobe as we go forward through the seasons which we can't do anyplace else you go to a department store first of all if you go to a department store you can't try anything on secondly you're not allowed to return anything here at hsn we're going to let you try these on in the comfort of your own home and safety in your own home and you can try them on if they're not the right size just exchange them or you can send them back for a full refund of your purchase price these will not be coming back you choose your true size extra small through 3x and maybe you are maybe you're a medium right now or maybe you were a medium and you're a large right now these really do stretch to fit and they will feel incredible you can even break them up into interest free payments on any credit card even your paypal even a debit card for 20.

67 will send them right to you luxe knit is the perfect description of these they feel incredible they really do feel like and i used to live down the street from the famous knits store in beverly hills they feel like the most expensive knits that that that always lay just perfectly but these ones are comfortable and they're comfortable for your they're not going to break the bank so this one is the black very very popular this is called the inky blue that's a great alternative to denim if you need to sort of mix things up or you want to be comfortable and also office friendly you're going to want to get that inky blue i'm wearing it with the storm blue our today's special which is just 49 and change today if you're just joining us that's what this shirt jacket is then we have it in plum berry which would perfectly match that today's special in the in the violet gray isn't that pretty and then we have it in the oyster that's the one that we will match any one of the colors of the today's special no show through by the way as marla showed us and then we have it in the latte again that's the perfect update to any of your khaki pants if you've got some khaki pants and they ever need to be ironed or they're getting a little bit faded or they look like you've had them for a while please come over to the luxe knit you will not be sorry we're going to give you a little bit of a chance maybe to get an hsn credit card where you'll save ten dollars off even on the today's special and then you get extra months to pay everything off interest-free you get an extra flex payment on everything when you've got an hsn card so we're gonna give you a chance to do that while you're on the phone or on hsn.

com and then we will be right back with some more incredible styles from marlawynne including a great jacket and this beautiful scarf so we will be right back we use goat milk because we had it and that's how our company started but what we learned over the years is how beneficial goat milk is not only for the skin but for your body goat milk adds moisture to your skin it's really the most amazing ingredient people really do notice the hydration of their skin the farm-to-skin difference only with beakman 1802.

august is hsn's anniversary month and we have plenty of milestones to celebrate i love you yay we'll be recognizing some of your favorite brands including chef wolfgang puck professor amos and smashbox cosmetics plus jay king has a few surprises this is my absolute favorite event the pikmin boys bring their friends and we'll relive fun moments celebrating suzanne runyon's 15th anniversary you're gonna be a part of it tune in all throughout august to celebrate hsn's anniversary month on hsn and at hsn.

com if you want to find your perfect fit at hsn start by taking accurate body measurements make sure that you're wearing clothing that is fitted to your body so you're not adding extra inches there are three points of measure your bust your waist your hips we'll start at the chest bring the tape measure up and around to the fullest part of your bust you want it to be snug but not tight next is your waist to find your natural waist bend side to side where your body naturally creases is where you want to measure last are your hips you'll want to measure around the fullest part of your bottom and around the hip i'm a 1x or a 16 to 18 w depending on the bit and now you can find your perfect fit at hsn i started my mala journey a little over a year ago every day i wear mauler clothes from head to toe and it's giving me such a confidence that i didn't even know that i had about myself i never really felt good in any brand clothing any type of outfit i just can't explain the feeling and it's just it's magical i love hearing the incredible testimonials of how marlawynne has taken you maybe on a journey of self-discovery self-expression being able to sort of be more comfortable in your own skin literally comfortable because her fabrications are so soft and stretchy but also comfortable saying you know what i look and feel my very best so welcome in if you're just joining us i'm your host shannon fox and we are celebrating fall fashion but with a piece that will work right now and then all the way through fall winter spring next summer years and years to come it's this top that is also i'm wearing it as a jacket it's 49.

99 that's our today's special today we're going to show you so many different ways that you can layer and mix and match and have your closet welcome you in in the future instead of kind of judging you and going nothing in here matches when you've got marlawynne everything looks perfectly put together so this is brand new it is exclusive here oh my gosh i had not even felt this before this is so soft you want to live in this this is longsleeved it is a knit top it is a buttery soft stretchy knit and it has a chiffon hem beautiful little bit see-through just a little bit of that transparent and then the opaque super soft knit with a nice high slits if you're wearing these with leggings you've got that little extra give and then of course the fashion detail this is a true long sleeve it has that nice rounded neck we've got great colors 48.

50 my goodness you're going to wear this all the time this is called fern we also have it in latte we have a latte pant as well by the way that would look gorgeous with this there is your storm blue that one would look great underneath the today's special i'm wearing in storm blue as well this is the oyster which yes we have the oyster in a luxe knit pant as well and then we have the black you will love this in black alright marla and i are always encouraging each other to venture away from black but i think this one you need this in your wardrobe no matter who you are extra small through 3x this is such a soft fabrication marla well this is our viscose span that we do all the time in my wind layers collection and it really is a wonderful piece and you talked about it being long sleeve but i'll tell you why i did that because i like to rush everything even when i wear a jacket i rush it up so the way you're going to wear that right now is you're just going to rush it up because it's lightweight it's super soft it's super easy to wear mine didn't make it to me in time for the show and i'm jealous and i'm envious because i know i'll live in it because i love the fact that it has that little bit of chiffon so you're getting that layered look without having to buy two layers so that's one of the things we wanted to try many of you bought my chiffon tanks and many of you bought our viscospan little tops this gives you both of them in one piece so i'd really like some feedback from you about how you're feeling about it because i i plan to do some that are also tanks with chiffon with that little panel there but it's very elegant and elevated and i love the way you're showing it right now you can see how even though that is chiffon think about that that is chiffon it's viscose span and it's our lux knit pant look how perfectly those colors work together so you can really mix and match the colors and what this gives you is a very loungy easy look right so you're gonna pick your palette whatever it is and you're gonna start mixing these different pieces with it so if mine were here i would definitely have it on in the oyster because i think that well there you go miss thing looking fabulous with the oyster and you've got it on with our little um water resistant jacket it's so cute but look how elegant that is but i am telling you that the way to go from family dinners or hosting events at your home seeing your friends venturing out to wherever you're venturing to these days rts is great you can layer this under our today's special our stretch tech shirt but you can wear it all on its own plop down on a couch curl up and feel comfy because these knit i i'll tell you a little secret about these this lux knit it is so delicious that i'm actually gonna make sort of a um i don't have to explain it sort of a just let's call it a comfy cozy sweat style pant out of them that's how comfy they are i can plop on the couch with it you can really dress this piece up that she has on dress it up dress it down try it with the jacket she's wearing or the little jacket i'm wearing you can mix and match everything in this delivery i really did this like garanimals for grownups i like that it's 28 inches long too so if you would like to wear it with leggings you can do that as well now that jacket has already been very very popular and i know we only started out with about 1500 so these are very popular that one is the sand that andrea is wearing ooh she's also got on with the brooch that we have coming up in our next hour it comes in the storm blue which is the exact color of our today's special it comes in ochre that perfect sunflower and then also in black and i'll show you all of those colors here you must get one of these they are they are so chic and their rain water resistant right so if they this is the coolest water resistant jacket but of course you're going to wear this all the time it's stretch tech so it does not wrinkle it doesn't peel it is smooth and soft you don't have to dry clean it look at the ochre that ochre the ochre and the jacket and that will perfectly coordinate all right i'm just tossing out of the corner might hold one second this is the storm blue this is what i saw out of the corner of my eye our producer kevin's like what are you doing shannon okay this is how you'll feel in your own in your own closet when you get the different pieces from marla so this is that scarf i'll find out exactly what the name of the scarf is because that would go with that would go with the it would go with this it would go with the fern it would go with the light olive gray today's special it would go with the ochre isn't that fantastic all right those are an extra small through 3x those are definitely generously sized so i'm going to ask andrea are you wearing your your true size you're wearing a large okay so that is how it will fit if you're wearing it in your true size it's designed to have that sort of floaty look and what andrea is doing is exactly what marla would recommend you dress in a column one color and then when you pair a little bit of a roomier boxier top over it it gives you just the right balance it's all about proportion that's sort of that french way of dressing when you when you go a little bit boxy on the top and a little bit more form-fitting on the bottom it is just right there is information on the scarf and let me get the colors for you of course you can always look it up neutral all right let's see neutral is the black one here let me show you real fast so this one is neutral it's got a black surrounding color these are gorgeous trust me on this this is the rose the rose has little bits of olive as well and some merlot a little bit even lavender that you can pick out of there if you wanted to pair this with the with the lilac gray today's special that would be stunning then we also have it in the blue which is what i'm wearing and then the ochre is the one that i showed you with the ochre boxy jacket which of course has that light olive gray in it as well 57.

27 it is nice and long as well this is an 80 inch by 30 inches wide you can do a lot with it and marla you have given me a little bit of encouragement when it comes to scarves because i have always found myself to be very scarf challenged like this is this is it this is about the extent of how i wear well you know what there's a million different ways to wear i'm sorry because i'm still wearing the boxy jacket because i do want to make a correction it is not stretch tech i don't know how that mistake went up there it is a different fabric than our stretch tech shirt and it actually is a woven it is not a stretch it's a boxy jacket and it is a woven so it's a different fabric so i wanted to make sure that i clarified that because i don't want anybody to get confused and we will get that fixed for tomorrow when it comes to wearing a scarf jay do you have my scarf that i steal it back i want to show you all the different ways you can wear it if i can find it quickly um but apparently i can't because i've got so many great things here but ah here we go got it jay so i want to show you all the ways you can wear this scarf and i want to show you the dimensions on it so it's a very long scarf it's not quite as overwhelming as i've done sometimes this is a wonderful cotton wool blend it's going to take you through all the seasons i love to do this i think this is a great look right shannon just builds it up as we go into the cooler months you can one of the ways one of the things that i've noticed about french women when i was living there i have the most absurd collection of scarves because i've collected them over all the years so i love the way that we have it right now in victoria where it's we're using my new brooch because i think pins are on their way back in and i love them but you can throw it over your shoulder so i'll show you that in a minute there are so many different great ways to wear a scarf and i love the way victoria was using it in her hair and you so you can even make a turban out of these because they're nice and they're long and on a nice summer day if you're wearing the little stretch tech tank like i am and you want a little bit of coverage right that's it and by the way i'm moving around and it doesn't fall off because this is a wonderful wonderful fabrication it's very lightweight so don't worry about that but i love the pattern i think it's so geometric so elegant and this has of course the ochre as you pointed out which is great with the little jacket we were just looking at with our today's special the oyster is in it we've got fern in it we've got olive gray in it so this scarf goes with not only this month's delivery but next month's delivery and the one after and the one after whether you do the plum berry or you do the one with the blues or you do the more neutral with the black and the oyster whatever you want to put with it you can mix and match we love that so even the one that you have on would look great with this brand new dress this is it's a dolman sleeve panel knit dress this is the sand and then we have it in storm blue oh i could wear that with this today's special as well over that as like a little jacket there's your heather gray and then here is your black the easiest dress and i know marla you have shared with us dresses were never really your thing but this is a really this is such a marla dress because it's got the asymmetric hem it's got the seaming detail that brings interest to it it's super soft look at that the seaming detail just adds interest it sort of it makes it just makes it cool nice and stretchy really soft next to your skin it's got a great sleeve it's a dolman sleeve but it covers that back of your arm if you don't love your arm but in enough of a way that you don't have to wear a second piece over it as well but this is such a great one extra small through 3x and it just glides marlo this is new for you right this is a new piece actually you know so much of what i'm going to show you tonight some of our jewelry pieces many of the pieces in the collection were inspired from some trends and things i saw during my last trip to um italy i was in florence and this kind of detailing that that you see on this is really something that i saw in so many pieces there and i loved it this is again our wonderful viscose span and when you talk about having a piece that you can just throw on and enjoy if i one thing that this house is missing is a swimming pool colorado's not big on swimming pools i think it's because they've got those mountains and they go skiing but if i had one i'd be wearing this around the pool you can wear it with a legging you can wear it as a tunic it you know what you can sleep in it you can play in it you can lounge in it i wanted to give you a whole variety in this delivery of course i love our today's special but i also want to give you pieces that i know you can wear for all the different weird ways we're living our lives today and this is a piece you can wear all day and you know me i'm going to probably flop into bed in it and wear it the whole next day the only problem with living with someone now that i'm living with my son is i get caught when i wear the same thing two or three days it's like mom really you had that on a sunday could you take it off it's tuesday so you know he does have a point there but this piece is so soft and so yummy and i love the colors and our rand span has a very very um cool hand to it do you know what i mean by that like when you touch it just it's cool and it's refreshing so this is going to be a great one you're going to wear it now as a dress you're going to wear it with leggings later on as a tunic it's like a big oversized t-shirt i i don't know if you do this with your husband but i certainly remember doing this um first it started with my stealing my father's t-shirts and then i started stealing boyfriend's t-shirts then i stole husband t-shirts now i just have to make them for myself because i got no one to steal them from right now but what i love about it is how comfy and easy it is it's the perfect little lounge piece right now and again you're going to be able to layer over it as we go into the fall months you're going to be able to sleep in it playing at lounge and read in it run to the store in it wear it to the beach wear it around the pool there's a million different ways to wear this piece and it's so comfy and so nice it is oh you're going to love it so easy it's one of those pieces that's easy but again you look put together and we're going to show you some great jewelry to finish your outfit when you get this or anything else in the hour in fact we're going to give you a chance to take a look at our today's special we've got some incredible marlawynne jewelry like this teardrop necklace and this bracelet coming up right after this get the best deals on the things you love with the hsn card as an hsn card vip you'll get all kinds of perks like 12-month vip financing on select items plus extra flex on beauty jewelry shoe and fashion purchases all day every day and at least eight vip savings events a year includes fraud protection and there's no annual fee apply now and instantly get 10 off when you're approved call 1-800-695-1418 or visit hsn.

com hsn card [Music] wow.