Kimono Outfit Ideas

hey there thanks for visiting my lauriepopchannel where ideas pop today we're popping into a kimono you may say comeon oh I can't wear a kimono and i'm going to say kimono 0ver and let'stalk about kimonos i'm going to show you tons of ways to wear a kimono jeanshorts

monochromatic graphic t-shirt blue jeans skirt textured short a littlenicer loafers it can be done you just have to figure out what looks good onyou I have some good ones and I did somereally really bad ones and i'm going to show you those so what you're going todo is

you're going to take a basic look t-shirt and jeans shorts or amonochromatic look like in this black outfit I've got a black top I've got blue jeans and then the kimonowith black and some greenish in it and that looks fun the draping of the black tank top isgood

here is the miss here's what I started out with i thoughtOh under kimono a solid mono chromatic look would look best under akimono but no it didn't i see how it just looks it just ages me right on thatthe blacks are just they don't fit me right the

top doesn't hit me at theright length just something to think about so I switched that kimono up with thisoutfit and see this works much better don't you think ok this one I got target just love the colors oh word they're sopretty and the little flutter sleeve not gonna

be perfect for a kimono and so Itried a kimono with a belt and a tshirt highlighting those that aqua color butyou can see the belt I just thought belt with a good time upkimono because most kimonos you think look great just hanging down and they dobut i just

wanted to kick it up with throwing a belt on there and it justdoes not look good it just doesn't go with t-shirt I don't think that lie likeaqua color is ok i like the word Texas with the boots i didn't try it withoutthe belt but anyway so you

can see that one and then the other one is this bluetank and the scoop neck just does not go well on me with that it cuts me mystomach area it adds it makes your eyes go to my stomach area I think that'swhere I gained all my weight so

that's what I try to cover up when i'm doingsome outfits um anyway so now you see the outfit dolook good together and I just love it love it with blue t-shirt and the bluejean skirt it just it it is the monochromatic that i was going for inthe other

outfits and just couldn't quite pull off and i also love it withthe Aqua shorts I never thought about that and those off shorts on rocky andtell but there's there with an eyelet kind of fabric and so it adds differentsteps of texture to it i just love that part

of the outfit i suggest asking youreleven-year-old to take a picture of you with your kimono front on from thefrontal view ok it just changes the whole look at the outfit you can reallysee what you're going for actually worked and a lot of times itdoesn't someone's it does i

really really wantto find this tie dye it's blue and white I kimono from anthropology and cannotfind it anywhere but I love seeing that in the airport i tried doing themonochromatic thing with this and not work with the tank top and with kimonosmy friend Noel my BFF beauty style

bestie my BFFL of Noel we think that Oh a tank should go under a kimono andit should be fitted and the jeans should be fitted and this can be the superstarbut it tell me it does not look good it's not flattering okay take your time get youreleven-year-old to

take your picture and see how it looks I tell you taking a selfie with thecamera above you it does wonders for your figure for youroutfit but it looks different from heaven view from the front it's worth the timejust have fun with it just see and get out of

your box and just try-try thesekimonos outfit ideas and see what works and what doesn't work and see what youcan find that's already in your closet so this kimono is from target and i lovethe deep colors in it don't you the main Colarossi in there is a peachso I

wanted to accent peach and let that be my base outfit and hey sugarplum ablog lady that I follow says that you should start with a base outfit and soyou can see this peach is what I started with and it really did not work on meand you'll see that

it cuts me cut the length of flow of that base outfit but idid find some that did go really really well with this color and these are the finishing hits or thefinishing stars of my experimentation and a good thing about trying somethingout of your comfort zone is that

you do make misses but you do eventually say ohyeah this one does work so this is these are some of the outfits that I reallyreally like with this kimono and that was easy to go with I just love thiskimono i love the bright blue that's in there and

the pops of pink that her inthere i love how long the tassels are but this blue and pink ensemble that Itried to pull off just doesn't quite do it for me the tank is scoop neck andthat's not the most flattering look on me the pink was sticking out

under theirjust cuts it and that tank is a little too tight for my tummy area that I'mcomfortable with so because my style BFF Noel says a tank should go under a kimonoi try a looser black tank and that still just was not flattering it made melook older or

something i'm not sure what it is about it that I did not likeit just wasn't fresh and fun anymore so i tried a loser blank black tank withblue jeans in some blue loafers you can see that looks good I'm someplace with that outfit I wouldwear a necklace I

think I didn't have one that I feel comfortable wearing withthis outfit but i really love the graphic t if you ever have a problemwith having finishing off an outfit go with the graphic tee right this one'sfrom friend jessica's and I listed below link it below if you click

on thatupside-down black triangle it will show you all my details and stuff like thatand my friend Deborah had style at 50-plus says a smile is the best curve on a ladyand y'all that is so true it's it's fun to talk about outfits but it is reallythe smile that

shows what's in your heart all that stuff just have fun looking forkimonos and outfit ideas and pop over again soon