London Clothing Haul 2020 & Try On (Zara, H&M, Uniqlo, Peacock, and Deichmann) | Lee Lance

“I don't wanna waste no time all alone.

” I really like this light pink sweatshirt.


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So, it has been a month since the last time I uploaded a video so welcome back to me, like, literally.


So .




How are you? How are you, guys? How are you? How are you? So, we're going to have a haul in this video.

So, that's it.

Then, I've noticed, guys, that my hair, like, compared to my, to the four videosthat I uploaded on YouTube, here on YouTube I've noticed that my hair style is different now.

So, yeah.

I like it.

I really like it.

Isn't? Do you like it? Or do you like me? Anyway, guys, let's get onto the video.

And, by the way, guys, I'm sorry about these– I don't know what happened to these walls.

But, it's– I didn't paint that, okay? So .



don't get irritated.

And I've also written the names of the products that I've purchased because I'm not really a fashion vlogger.

So, I want everything that I'm going to say to be correct.


So the first product that I want toshow you, to share with you guys is this polo.

This is from Peacock.

It's so beautiful.

I just really really really really like its style and design.

These kinds of clothes are not really my style.

Like .



Like, it's not appropriate to me but since I'm skinny, so, I bought it even though it's kinda big for me.

So I feel like it being loosed will be balanced with the slim structure of my body.

So, that's it.

This one's really good.

So, I have two purchased [shirts] in H&M.

So, I got this one.

It's still in the plastic because I didn't– I haven't– I haven't open these clothes yet.

I haven't worn them yet.

Like, legit.

So, that's it.

So, I bought this– Wait, wait.

Let's check– Let's check my cheat sheet.

I bought this light beige hoodedjacket.


So, let's try.

I mean, let's open it.




This is already the hoodie.

I know, guys, some of you guys are reallyfond of hoodies and I personally like those hoodies which are pastel.


I'm more likely into this type of colour: pastel.


Is it “bij” or “beyj”? “Bij”.


I don't care.


So .



Its texture is nice.

You know that kind of simple– It's just like a simple hoodie but it would be good to suit with, you know, white shirt then white trainers and then, um, black– black trousers or black pants, wouldn't it? Yeah.

So its texture is good, guys.

I love it.

I love it! This is so cute, guys.

I really like this.

I really like this light pink sweatshirt because it's very– It's very nice! I think this one is really cute.

It's just super cute.

And it looks cool, like, if you're gonna wear it.


Like .



Like it's loose when you're gonna wear it.

You know that? Like that.

Those kinds of clothes.

Like, I feel like I'm more into loose–um–outfit.


I don't know.

I don't know.

So, this one's really cute, isn't? This one's really cute.

Just say “mine”.


Let's go to Uniqlo.

I just bought two shirts in Uniqlo.

Well, originally, my plan is to really buy shirts which have prints in.






Those who have prints in front or in the back.

But it's like those kinds of shirts are not really my type now.

So I bought this one.

[memorising the product name so I'll look smart] So I bought this one, guys.

It's also beige.

It's also beige.

I'm getting conscious in my pronunciation.

What's the pronunciation of 'beige'? Wait.

No! “I don't wanna waste no time all alone.

” Beige.



” “Beyj.

” “Beyzh.

” “Bizh.

” “Beyzh.

” “Biyzh.

” “Beyzh.

” That's it.

It's “beyzh”.

I've already checked it.


So this one is raglan crew neck half sleeve.


So .



[I'm such a witty person.

] It just really looks nice! I don't know why I keep saying that but it's just really nice.



Simple but nice.



This one's really cute.

It's really my type.

'Coz, look at this, guys.

That's its fabric.

So, it's very– It's like– it's very nice.

It's very elegant.

It's so cute.


So this one– Yeah.

So this one is– Ah.

So this one is waffle crew neck half sleeve.


It's a half sleeve.

Is it half-sleeve? Is it half-sleeve? Short sleeve.


I have a cheat sheet here.

I don't know.


There it is.

If you really are going to look at it up close, there, it's more beautiful.

It looks nicer up close and you'll really see the texture of the shirt.

So those are from Uniqlo.

So let's go to Zara.

“It seems as though I'm floating in space, but still I drown in your–” “And if this is it for us–” Woh.



You know what, guys? When I've received this parcel– 'Coz I bought these online and even the H&M, the H&M stuff that I've purchased, I really bought them online.

My armpit is itchy.

Just wait.


When I first received it, I thought I'm gonna be married because it [packaging] is totally good.

I thought it was– What do you call it? Tuxedo.

Right? There.

So, it's packaging is very nice.

Very elegant.





” Then, this is how it looks like when you're going to open it.

Hawe! There.

You're like getting married.


So, these are the ones I've purchased in Zara.


So– So, I bought this one.

This is like a sandy white trousers.

At first, I wanted to return it because it really doesn't fit me.

Like, it's so long.

I mean, it's not that really– Because it's not just right for my legs because my legs are just super short, guys.

[But], it's like even though it's loose, it will look good if you combine it with different kinds of tops.

I really do like it, even the texture.

Even the texture, you'll like it.


The texture of the fabric is so good.

To be honest with you, guys, this one I've ordered is for 13 to 14 years old.

Then, it still doesn't fit me.

Like– This one is abstract print bomber jacket.

It looks great how abstract it is, guys.

And it feels cool to the body [when you wear it], to the skin.

That's why I bought it.

And then I got this cute mustard .



short sleeve sweatshirt.


Hoo-hoo! It's so cute.


It's very cute.


Then, this is– Ouch.

This is the design of its sleeves.


And then I got this basic blacktrousers.


For work or for church.



But this one's so cool to stylise just like Korean then just tucked in.

Long-sleeved top then plain.

Mayb– Plain top.

This is my favorite among all the thingsthat iIve ordered online.

So this is oyster white bomber jacketwith contrast detail.




In short, jacket.


It's just a jacket.

Why is that? There.

That's it.

It's so nice.

Then, the texture of black is different.

The black is– The black is leather.

Then, the white, I don't know what fabric is being used here.

But one thing I know.

I'm pretty sure of this, of the black.

[It] is, um, leather.



So I got this medium wash regular jeans.


It's just like a simple jeans.

But, it said it's fit but it's not fitted on me.

So, probably, I'll just cut it.

I'll fray this part.

But most probably, I'm just gonna leaveit as it is because it really does look great.

And, look.

This one is only for 13 to 14 years old.

And I'm nineteen and still doesn't fit right on me, so .




Thank you.

If we have top, we have bottom, I also bought lower bottom.

I bought a pair of shoes in “Deich”, Deichmann.

I'm not really sure if my pronunciationis proper and correct.

But, yeah.


When it comes to shoes, I really don't care about the brand as long as I can handle it [fashionably] and stylise it.

Then, it's okay on my feet.

It's alright even though what brand that is.

And, I really don't mind about the brands.

Actually, even that's second-hand, it's okay with me.

Actually, my other clothes which are here in London, they are second-hand which I bought in the Philippines.

I really miss second-hand.

So, I bought this .



I don't know what's the name of this– Wait.

I'll check the name.

There's nothing.

It's just “shoe”.



So, I bought this pair of shoes.

They're very fantastic.

Very perfect for summer.

This kind of shoes.

Because it has windows.




And it's like– It's like from the Philippines.

You know our products in the Philippines? Like, those which are braided or stitched.

Like that.

It seems like that.

And, there.

It seems cool on feet so I bought this.

And it's brown.

I like– I really like brown.

And, that is our haul 2020, guys.


I bought these because they were sale.

Fifty percent sale.

Sixty-five percent sale.

I really don't purchase expensive ones, like, I just bought these because they were on sale.

And I don't really buy clothes like every month or every week.


I don't do that.


I'm just buying these, like, you know, because they are sale.

They are sale.

And, some of them are for winter or for fall.

So, yeah.

I just prepared myself.

And half of them are for spring andsummer, half of them are for winter and for fall.

I hope–you guys–you like this video.

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So, see you in the next video.

Bye, guys! you.