Nhân viên cửa hàng Color Man Fashion bù lu bù loa vì cháy hàng Sài Gòn Streets… mới thấy luôn !!!

I'm so worried! I just landed at Tan Son Nhat airport, came back from a trip with my family.

We came back from Phu Quoc.

I'm really worried, so I have to drop by.



my Color Man Fashion and see how the business is.

I didn't receive any report from them.

– Can I take a photo with you? – Oh, Hello! Oh my, so cute! – Let me get the phone.

– Alright.

Can someone help me? – Where do you live? – In district 4.

Alright, thank you.

What did you buy? This one, right? Which graphic design did you choose? He's trying it on.

His belly is a bit wide.

I think we have a bigger size for this.

Is business good? – It's okay.

– Okay? – Okay as in good? – The sales are really good! You could have been more specific! – It's really good! – Really good! Then why is the long face? Answer me, Linh! It's too good, I can't even say anything! Why is that? – Please don't yell at me.

– Why would I do that? Duyen, tell me? Everything is good.

The sales are good.

Then you should be happy instead of this.

Let me go up-stair.

Take care of the customer.

Strange! Business is good and their faces are long.

Hello everyone! What are you doing? – I'm assembling the shirt for a customer.

– Assembling? How is business lately? It's good! Was there a lot of customers? – I couldn't catch up with the demand.

– So why is the long face? Because I skipped my lunch break to catch up with the schedule.

– Hundreds of orders? – It's gonna be more if you livestream.

– It's overwhelmed.

– Why are you so sad, Thu? Why is the long face? We don't have enough products to sell.

I've never seen this before.

Look at their faces! Who just stepped in there? This is Ms.

Duyen, Store manager.

She thinks that I'm in Phu Quoc right now.

They didn't expect me to come back so early.

How are you, An? – I'm good.

– You look suspicious! What? What's the matter? It's nothing, business is really good.

Don't worry! Really? So why is the long face? – I guess we're just tired.

– Tired? – How about we call it a day and get some rest? – No way, we've just got it running.

Their acting is really good.

Look at Linh! What's the matter? I don't want to be yelled at! – Why would I do that.

– I'm too afraid to say anything.

What's the matter, An? Tell me.

– Everything is good.

– Then what are you afraid of? – It's nothing.

– Stop messing with me.

– I don't know anything.

– Yeah? Why are you avoiding me? – Ha? – It's nothing! – Tell him the truth.

– What truth? Speak or else! How about I send you to the HR office on the 5th floor? Tell me the truth! I received a lot of messages.

– What messages? – Complaining messages.

Why? Why is it? – Is it about your attitude? – Let me quote it.

“Why are you open if you don't have anything to sell?” That's all.

I think the complaint is correct.

Right, guys? Why is it? We didn't listen to you.

We didn't prepare enough products.

Only 1000 products.

– Sold out too fast.

– What? – What was the best selling? – Saigon Streets was the best selling collection.

I saw some of them downstair.

Only 4 of them left.

4 shirts with XXL size.

The customers asked for different sizes.

We got nothing left.

There was nothing we can do.

How about our Ao Dai? I heard they asked about it a lot.

The tailor is exhausted because the orders were overwhelming.

We sold hundreds of them.

– Because we didn't listen to you.

– I told you.

I told you to make 10, 000 of them.

We could wear them if they're not sold.

We will have an unlimited supply of clothes.

I told you.

You gotta have plans for everything.

– It's too late to do anything.

– Right.

– Did the customers scold you?- Yes, I had to bear it all.

She deserves it, right guys? You didn't listen to me and I had to endure being scolded.

Who scolded you? – Many people did.

– Yeah.

– They sent you messages?- And they also came here.

– Is that so?- From Binh Duong, right? – Yesterday, a customer from Binh Duong came here.

– I understand.

That person complained that there were no clothes to buy after going all the way here.

– From Binh Duong?- Yes.


– Some customers are from far away.

– Anywhere else? Bien Hoa.

– Okay.

– And Binh Chanh as well.

– They saw your livestream.

– Okay.

So they came all the way here to buy but there was nothing left.

– That made them unhappy.

– Does it fit? – Yes.

– That's good.

The last shirts of Saigon Streets are all gone.

– You know, there was a big shirt.

– Okay.

And it was too large for a customer.

He said that was his only chance to buy it so he wanted us to make it smaller.

And he wouldn't mind if the form of the shirt wouldn't be the same.

He was afraid that it would be sold out so he bought it eventually.

I'm worrying about the fabric supply.

We have to find a solution.

Guys, as you can see, I've just got back here and this is what I get.

These girls won't leave me at ease.

I've not even finished this bread.

They just had to shove the news into my ears.

Why are we getting upset due to such a great sale?Doesn't make sense.

– We've been working so hard.

– You deserve it.

Please keep it coming, guys.

– Please take it easy on us.

– Message her on Facebook.

It's Nguyen Khanh Ha.

And Nguyen Bao Linh, right?Okay.

Thanh Thu An here.

And Duyen Da.

There you have it.

Feel free to make any complaint if the clothes are out.

I just don't know how to answer all the messages on our fan page.

Color Man Fashion fan page.

Yeah, you can do that.

But please don't scold me.

I will be upset.

I was having such an uneasy feeling, you know.

And it turned out to be this.

– So what do we do?- It all comes down to the fabric supply.

– It's limited.

– What about suits? Yes, female suits sell like hot cakes.

– What about male suits?- Yes, customers love them.

– Many came to have bespoke suits.

– A guy came and said.



He put on a jacket and said that it was his first time wearing such a fitting one.

He then ordered two sets.

I can breathe while eating this.

Get him some water.

Forget it.

I can drink the hand gel instead.

Okay, on behalf of.



Let be serious.

On behalf of Color Man Fashion staff, first, I would like to thank all of you who have supported us during the past week.

– Okay.

– Second, I want to apologize for all of our shortcomings and limited supply.

We have caused you the trouble of coming all the way here for nothing.

We promise to improve our service to please you even more.

Now, we need a solution.

Give me something that could solve this.

The only way is to go and find supplies for the same type of fabric.

You know, our previous fabric was limited.

It's not easy to find.

– I always pick unique types of fabric.

– Right.

That's why we have to buy it all when we have the chance.

– From now on, let him buy what he wants.

– Yeah, don't stop him.

She didn't let him buy the fabric, guys.

That's how a designer would think in such a situation.

But we have to think like our customers.

Considering all possible options is a must.

That's a lesson for you.

We have to stock up on substitutes.

– That's right.

– Like identical materials for a type of fabric.

– Our customers really love that type of fabric.

– Yeah, the solution is simple.

Let's go and buy any type of fabric identical to the one we've used.

– Now?- Yeah, no time to waste.

Okay, thank you and sorry for all the troubles, guys.

Now, I will take them to the market and buy all the fabrics there.

Such a mess.

– Oh, isn't that our new Ao Dai?- That's right.

We received orders for them already.

– Oh, is that so?- Yes.

These Ao Dais are Hue-styled.

I went to Hue, and saw great designs of Ao Dai, so I took some photos and got my staff make them.

These designs are adored by many customers.

Especially the black one out there.

I love it dearly.


This one is gorgeous.

There should be more.

Many will love it.

They say that its design is beautiful and the colors match each other.


Overweight people can wear it as well.

– Yes.

– Can you see the difference? Our clothes are almost out.

– Right.

But stop.



– Only a few are left on this rack.

Stop that and behave well, or misfortune will fall upon us.

We shouldn't be full of ourselves.

– Well, I'm just being honest.

– This shirt has the same fabric.


But there's no graphic design here so it's not as nice.

Okay, let's go.

Guys, please support me.

Come to Color Man Fashion |at 407 Hai Ba Trung, ward 8, district 3.

Okay, see ya.

Please support us.

Let's go and buy some fabrics.