Summer fashion essentials 2020

hello beautiful peoplein today's video we will be talking about summer fashion essentialsand i know that we are already halfway through the summer but still we haveplenty of time to enjoy it and wear some beautiful clothes so iwill share with you seven staple wardrobe pieces that willmake your summer

more fun beautiful and stylish and let's juststart so the first item that i've beenobsessed with is high-waisted bermuda shorts they'resuper comfy stylish they're perfect for almostevery body type they define your waist andmake that beautiful line around your hipsand just in general they make your body look better believe

me bermuda shortswork for almost everyone so please try them if you'll see themin the shops just try them out and i'm sure you will be in love with themas much as i am and i have bermuda shortsin black beige and white color all of them are vintageand they

look really amazing neutral colorsare very basic and they work for all body types so i really suggest youhaving some in your wardrobe and if you lovecolorful clothes colorful bermuda shorts will bereally fun as well you can combine them with whiteor black or some neutral colors and yeah they

are just amazing so here aremy favorite bermuda shorts vintage bermuda shorts inblack color and i just want to show you the othervintage shorts that are not high-waisted and let's justcompare them i will show you how this can define yourwaist and make your legs look longer thebermuda shorts and

the white top and also these cuteshoes so i want to show you the differencewhen you wear the bermuda shorts and i don't know the classiclow waist shorts the shorts that are almost on your hips so you will seethat bermuda shorts make you look more i don't know feminine

yeah so thisis the basic look so this is how the other shorts look and i don'tthink it's that bad but definitely the high-waistedbermuda shorts look much better and yeah when i wearsomething like this my legs they aren't that long becausei'm not tall but still i want them to

lookbetter so i really suggest you no matter how tallyou are wearing the high-waisted shorts andbermuda shorts are especially good so yeah guys and i thinkthe shorts like this with a low waistline can also look supercool and trendy you just need to style them the different way butbermuda shorts

are just super easy to style with everythingand you don't have to think a lot to create a really cool look the next itemthat is essential for summer time and especially trendy this year isbaguette back or small 90s style bag it's really cutebecause of its size and it looks

really lovely and i thinkit gives kind of a flirty feeling to every outfit that you wear it workswith almost everything starting from thesportswear to cocktail dresses and it's reallyfeminine and cute and also it's really comfythere's a lot of space in it and it looks smalland cute at the

same time and i personally havetwo baguette bags the one i bought in a thriftstore it's dark ash gray color and it has a red lining inside i'veshown it to you guys in my previous vlogs and theother one is actually from korean store that ibought on gmarket if you

don't know what gmarket is i havea video about it it's a huge korean e-commerce website where youcan buy almost everything so if you're curious pleasecheck that video as well and baguette bags are really really cuteand they really trending this year so the next piece that isessential for summer

time at least for me is a sport braor crop top i suggest you to have at least twoof them the one in beige color so you can wear itunder the white clothes and it will help you just feel more comfortable if you'rewearing too transparent clothes with a lighttextile

or you can wear it as it is andit will look good with almost everything because of it'svery neutral and very basic so this is thebasic beige bra that i have and it looks really nice under whiteclothes so you can see that this textile is really transparent but stillwhen

i wear beige bra it looks really nice and the other top isuggest you to have in the black color i love wearing blackcrop tops or sport bra with the shorts or with a skirt orpants or almost everything and i also lovecombining it with the blazer and some high-waistedshorts

or the pants i know that all of these pieces in general arequite masculine and not too feminine but when you wearthe crop top under your blazer it gives the more feminine feeling becausethere's a that line of the skin that is seen and i thinkit makes you more i

don't know maybe vulnerable in agood way and more feminine and more fragile andthere's something in it in my opinion so i really suggest you havingthe beige bra or sport bra or crop top it will just make your life easier andthe black bra will make your life more stylish

andyour summer as well next item is white t-shirt or white topor white blouse with the short sleeves just likethis one the one i'm wearing right now i think it's really nice to havewhite tops in your wardrobe especially for the summer time because it's thebest time to wear white

i feel really good wearing white clothesi think they boost your mood and you look more fresh and yeah it'sjust nice to wear whites so i havethis white t-shirt it's really basic very simple made of cotton and i reallywant to buy one from uniqlo i've heard really goodreviews about

the t-shirts from uniqlo so i have this onefor a year or something and it still looks goodand i suggest you to have at least two t-shirts in your wardrobe because it'sreally staple item and you can wear it with almosteverything for example with a denim and blazer it will

be like a timelessclassy look and during the summer time it'sreally cool to wear it with the bermuda shorts a skirt or justanything that you will feel comfortable in andyeah this is the white basic thing and i also have the whitevintage top it is really beautiful the textileis more

like a flying more sophisticated and when i wear this one it's lesscasual and it works with everything as well andit's just super beautiful super comfy and yeah the slides shoes i bought minefor about five years ago in topshop and they're made of genuineleather and they're in white color

you knowthey're reminding me of the Chanel's dad sandals i don't knowif you remember them i'll put the picture here people eitherlove them or hate them and i actually love them butthey're really expensive so not everyone can afford themand yeah you can wear something similar to themand for me

these shoes really remind me of the Chanel's dadsandals so i love them and you can literallywalk in them for hours and combine them withdifferent outfits they're super fun and supercomfy next high-waisted pants made of lighttextile you can have them in white or creamcolor any light color is okay

and i think thisitem is essential especially when it's super super hot weather and you want tohide your legs from the heat from the sun and i personallylove wearing such pants during summer evenings and whenthe weather is more cool and i just think it's a reallybeautiful piece and you

can wear it and you can feel comfortable and confidentand when to wear the whites if not duringthe summer time and i also filmed a white lookbook videoso if you're looking for some inspiration please check it out as well so here are my favorite high-waisted vintagepants they are more

like a cream color natural textile so yeah i'vebeen wearing them during the summer for the past few yearsand they're very basic very cute and very nice and i feel nice wearingthem so here's a total white look and i'm wearing vintage again the topand the pants so the next

thing that is essential for summer time is thesunglasses but i suggest you to have vintagesunglasses i have mine in the green color and there's a reallyfun story how i got them actually my friends movedto an apartment a new apartment in moscow and they'vebeen going through the stuff actually

wanted to throw away some stuff and it was okay and they wanted to throw away thoseglasses the sunglasses they're amazing and yeah they just gave them to me as agift so i've been having them since then andi wear them during the summer time ireally encourage you to buy

vintage because first of allmost of the vintage items are very unique and there are really smallchances that you'll meet someone wearing the same things as you doespecially if you bought them in thrift or vintagestores second of all it's really affordableand also the quality is really good most of

the vintage clothes aremuch better than things from the mass market so yeah guys please buy vintage it's really cool and please find some vintage sunglasses that willcomplement your look and you will feel confidentand good in them and i hope this video was inspiring and i will see you

in thenext one bye