Trường Giang "âm thầm lặng lẽ" đến thăm COLOR MAN FASHION và FOODMART mà không hề báo trước !

What a day! I've been so busy since early morning.

I'm wearing flip flops 'cause I couldn't find time to put my shoes on.

I was at my shop this morning.

Since a guest has paid a visit to my shop, I had to come back here to welcome him myself.

He would get mad at me if I didn't come.

If so, I guess he'll refuse to participate in the shows I make.

Plus, he's a generous guest.

That's why I came back here.

Congratulation! Why didn't you come here in the morning? I was at my restaurant, which is only 300 m away from your shop.

This is for you.

Why his gifts are too small? It's okay, bro.

Take this one.

It's fine.

You also sell perfume? Give it a try.

I'll give it to you as a gift if you like it.

You know, it's quite pricey.

Good! Its smell is similar to the perfume Dam Vinh Hung wears.

This is a gift for you.

May I keep it? Yep.

That's the gift from me.

Oh my goodness.



300 m away from here.

What? – Your restaurant?- White House.

Has it opened yet? Next month.


So, .



Very beautiful.

When you open it, I'll close this shop.

Nonsense! White House sells steaks, not clothes.

Have you toured my shop? Not yet.

I've just arrived not long ago.

– Will you sponsor clothes for Hidden Voices next season?- I'll think of it.

Hey! Where's Khanh Ha? Exquisite suit jackets! These colors are for men? Men look good in these colors.

Come here and check these out.

Do you want a tailor-made jacket? Maybe no.

This color is likely to suit you more.

I prefer those bright colors.

As you wish.

Any color you want.

These ones look fanstastic.

They may suit you.

Try them on.

Can I? Do I have to buy it then? Give it back if you don't like it.

I'll try this one.

It suits my shirt.

You and I both love colorful clothes.

I'm not so manly, you know.

Wow! Oh my goodness! It's like the jacket was purposely made for you.

It fits me perfectly.

Step aside.

I'll wear it when filming Hidden Voices.

Our tailor will adjust it to fit you.


It's inexpensive.

It's affordable.

I don't care about the price.

Give it back.

Hang it on.

Exquisite jackets with reasonable price.

Is he your brand ambassador? One of my business partners want to invite you to *** – Is that so?- He sells shampoo.

He owns a hair salon.

Why do you and Khuong Dua keep trolling me? Nah, I have a business deal for you.

– In the morning, Khuong Dua went here and messed things up.

– Bro, I'm serious.

One of my partners, whose business is about imported seafood.



such as King Crabs, Alaska Crabs, Australian Abalones, etc.



wants to invite you.



– To review?- Yep.


In return, he'll sponsor seafood for The King of Food.

– What do you think?- That sounds great.

He works in F&B field.


Let's co-operate.

We finished brainstorming ideas for The King of Food next season.

It's far more interesting than ever.

Let me help you.

No need.

Just place it here.

Beautiful girls, help him keep the bag.

Giang only likes gorgeous girls.

Give him a bottle of water.

I want to visit your store.

Which store? Color Man FoodMart.

It's quite small.

It doesn't matter.

She's the CEO of Color Man Food.

Is she available? I don't know.

– Let's tour my shop then I'll take you to Color Man FoodMart.

– She dedicates her youth to serving you.

It's not easy to have you here.

What's in here? The way to go upstairs.

Warehouse? No.

Just keep going.

Everyone, feel free to take photos with Giang.

Ah! This way leads to another street.

Cool! Hey! Hi Vinh! Congrats, bro! You did a very good job, bro.

The shop is incredibly amazing.

She's taking my measurements to make a jacket for me.

Nguyen Thanh Vinh the film director.

Wait for me, bro.

I'm busying chatting with Giang.

Let's go to my place for a drink.

Where? Color Man House.

Work hard play hard, bro.


It's my pleasure to have you here.

Women outfits are also available.

– I sold many sets of Ao Dai this morning.

– Really? Sam herself bought 5 sets.

She's rich.

You're poor, right? Truong Giang is handsome, but he's poor.

Right, Giang? What's in the upstairs? A studio.

Brilliant, bro! The story of renting this house is not less interesting.

Your wife must fall in love with this Ao Dai.

It's from Hue.

I sold very well this morning.

At first, I purposely build this shop to be a closet for man only.

That's an outstanding set.


She's finished university in England.

Now I have 2 secretaries: she and Xiu.

Many secretaries.

You see, I always go alone.

Find one for yourself.

– No need.

I'm still fine.

– Your wife will get jealous.

Here are items in Saigon Street Collection.

Is it a photo album? This collection is a collaboration of me and an artist.

He drew illustrations of street food vendors then I got them printed on shirts, T-shirts, tote bags, and notebooks.

They're called Saigon Street Collection.

They're impressive, aren't they? Get a bag for your wife.

– That's my present for her.

– No, bro.

No? Not enough for your whole family? I can't do that.

Secretaries should wear outfit like this.

They prefer this one.

It's not suitable to go for a drink.

Hi boy.


All the best wishes to you.

There's a studio upstairs.

– I can't wait to visit Color Man FoodMart.

– Okay.

Let's go.

– Tram, guide him around.

– Yes, boss.

– I opened 2 food stores today.

– That's amazing.

One is on Nguyen Huu Cau Street, one is near Tan Dinh Market.

Wait, Nguyen Huu Cau Street is near Tan Dinh Market.

My bad.

One is on Nguyen Huu Cau Street, the other one is on Bui Huu Nghia, near Ba Chieu Market.

After visiting the store on Bui Huu Nghia, we'll go straight to Color Man House on No Trang Long Street to dine and drink.

I gotta go to work.

Drinking so regularly is not good.

He's too busy while I have lots of free time.

Take my measurements? It's your turn, Giang.

Keep his measurements, we'll sponsor his clothes.

Sponsoring Hidden Voices, for example.

Even when you star in any film, I'm willing to sponsor.

Hurry up.

His time is precious.

Chest: 95cm.

It's eyond standard measurements of a Beauty Queen.

Beyond standard measurements of a Beauty Queen.

Waist: 84.

Hey, this will amaze you.


Hip: 100.


Beyond standard measurements of a Beauty Queen.

Your measurements can't compare with mine.

Shoulder: 47 Length: 90.

I'm sure.

It's my leg length.

Arm length: 55.

– Will you measure his thigh?- Sure.

– Duy came here this morning.

– Who? Composer Nguyen Hoang Duy.

Sam and other artists were here, too.

They came to attend the opening ceremony in the morning.

She waited here for so long.

Leg length: 95 cm.

At that time, you wasn't here.

95 cm in length, right? – Who did she wait for?- It was you.

You was too busy at other stores.

I had to make offerings at that time.

My schedule was very tight.

Thigh size: 58 cm.

You have need a 16-seat van, right? From now on, you'll travel by a 16-seat car, won't you? A small car doesn't have enough seats from them.

Of course they will use another car.

Where's Tram? She's left.

– Where's Tram Lam Dong?- She's downstairs.

Is that so? It doesn't take much time to drive to Tan Dinh.

My food mart is worth a visit.

Nguyen Huu Cau is an one-way street, isn't it? Why don't we.



? – Turn left at Tan Dinh Market.

– We will drive through Dinh Cong Trang street, then turn left.

Why don't you drive down Hai Ba Trung and turn left? – We're not allowed, bro.

– It's one-way street.

Why don't we go to Tran Quang Khai street? I think we'd better drive along Dinh Cong Trang street.

That's okay.

It's much closer if you go to Tran Quang Khai.

Let me show you then.

This is a gift for you, Giang.


– It costs 3, 5 million dong.

– Oh really? Yes.

It isn't appropriate.

I'll pay for that.

– It smells amazing.

– Here.

– It smells like Dam Vinh Hung's perfume.

– Is that so? You don't like it, right? I mean he usually uses this kind of perfume.

– Arabic perfume.

– Yeah.

The perfume in Dubai.

How about producing Chac Ca Dao perfumes, bro? Mind your step or you will fall down.


Watch your step, or else the roof will collapse, girls.

– Just one clip?- Yes.

I'm leaving.

See you then.

Goodbye, sir.

Do your best, girls.


Let's go.

Let's show him our new products.

I'm so eager to see your new food mart.

Excuse me, Mr.

Giang!Can I have a look at your bag? Which shirt, guys? – Size L?- Nah, girl.

Which size is this shirt? Can I have a look? Give him a shirt and he will know which size it is.

Let me take it out.

Why don't you take that one? – Here's an L shirt.

– It's too big for him.

It won't fit me well, girl.

Give me an M shirt.

Take the shirt which has the same size as mine.

Which one is M? M shirt.

It looks good on you, bro.

For sure.


This one has the same patterns as mine.

Okay, thanks.

– Such a comfortable shirt.

– Yes.

It's made of linen, right? – I'll go first, sir.

– Okay, see you soon.


Here you are.

– Let's go, guys.

– Will you go with me? I'll drive there later.

Let's get on the car.

Drive there later.

And you go with me.

Hello, sir.

It's a stall of ground coffee.

That's so good.


How beautiful the store is! Travel size.

It's our new product.

This is our new brand of soy sauce.

Oh, soy sauce.

It tastes very good.

– Don't forget to give him a gift.

– Here it is.

– Why are you laughing?- I remember when I told Dai Nghia about this.

At that time, this kind of soy sauce hasn't been on sales yet.

– Remember what you told me at Pixel Studio?- I do.

I have some soy sauce and fermented tofu for him.


I've just sent him a box.

Instant taro coffee?It looks so strange.

Instant taro and coconut coffee.

It's a must-have drink for office workers.

It's slightly sweet.

Do we have Auntie Ri Mam Ruoc (shrimp paste) here? Yes, we do.

We have some Malaysian products here.

That ginger tea tastes amazing, bro, This is Auntie Ri Mam Ruoc, the most famous one in Hue.

We're the exclusive nationwide distributor of Auntie Ri Mam Ruoc.

She's very friendly, you know.

There's a variety of her products.

– Mam Ca Ro, Mam Nem and many else.

– These products are distributed by Auntie Ri? Not really, just some of Hue products are provided by her.

We gets some Quang products here.

Here's dried snakehead fish.



in Hong Ngu, Dong Thap.

This is the most delicious dried snakehead fish I've ever tried.

Sure that Mr.

Giang will love these products.

It must be a great gift for him.

Alright, I'll give him a bag of dried fish as a present.

He would prefer local products rather than soy sauce.

– I mean these local products.

– It won't be appropriate if I take so many products.

Nah, it's just a small gift, bro.

It won't be appropriate.

Give him some local products like Mam Ruoc.

Here are some cans of Gula Melaka.

It's a great ingredient to cook beef stew.

– Gula Melaka?- Yes.

No one can make such delicious Gula Melaka like this in Vietnam.

– This is the best one.

– Gula Melaka syrup, right? It doesn't have a sour aftertaste like Vietnamese one.

You're right.


– Does it look good, bro?- Lots of products.

70% of the products here.



Another gift for me? Here's your discount card.

– So many gifts for you.

– That's enough, bro.

It won't be appropriate if I take so many products.

Put these in a bag, please.

It's Mam Ca Dua.

– Is it inappropriate to take them all?- Huh? – Is it?- Nope.

Ah, Mam Ca Ro.

Auntie Ri Mam Nem is amazing.

Do you know Ro fish? Take a look.

It's very small.

Do you know killer whales? – Does it look like a killer whale?- It's much smaller.

– Who does it belong to?- The girl over there.

– Is it yours?- Yep.

So good.

I wanna stay here for a while.

– It is appropriate to take them all?- Why don't you visit the other? Visit the other food mart?It's the same as this one.

Should I take them all? You shouldn't.

I don't drink coffee.

I've just drank some to please you.

I get hyper of I drink too much.

Ginger tea.

Don't give me anymore, please.

I'll come here to get some later.

– You can give these back to us one day.

– That's right.

She must be kidding.

I got chili sauce already.

You've got his hot sauce and fish sauce.

I've got every products from him.

I just haven't had him yet.

I've got it all.

– It's super crowded this morning.

– Is that so? We couldn't greet all of them properly.

I'm up to my ears in this.

Alright, let's go.

It's good enough to be here.

Come on, let's go.

– Let's have a drink.

– At Color Man house? No, I gotta something to work on.

– I thought you're done with it.

– Not yet.

I've just had a meeting.

He wouldn't dare to go drinking.

He has changed.

Of course.

I'm married now.

Is he mocking me? I always go drinking.

You have Mrs.

Van following! No, she doesn't.

– She'd drag you home.

– Oh god! How could you say that? That's all, guys.

Let's take a picture with Mr.

Giang, shall we? Yeah.

Come here.

He will let you take a picture of him for free.


– Let's go.

– Where? – Here.

– There? Standing here is fine.

We can take the whole view of the mart.

Hey, come here.

That's right.

Alright, let's do it.

Where do I look? Our staff really wants to meet Mr.


They begged me to invite you.

You all happy now? That's nice.

What if my eyes get squinty?! Alright.

These ladies want to have a photo with you.

– Go on.

– Stand next to him.

Let me hold the camera.

– Can you hold your liquor now?- Well, not yet.

– Not yet?- Yeah.

I can't believe she's still working for me.








– Done.

– Excellent.

Those baskets look nice.

– Lovely, isn't it?- Yeah.

You can't take that.

I can't? Hey, come here.

Stop hiding.

She's from Quang Nam, Da Nang.

– Who?- She is.

It's me.

– Where exactly?- Ha Lam.

Oh, Ha Lam.

Back then, there's an old lady there selling extremely tasty mi quang.

– That place's name is?- She's a vendor.

A vendor must have a name! She passed away.

My grandma also sells mi quang.

– Where?- In Binh Quy.

– Binh Quy?- Near the hospital.

– Right at the three-way intersection.

– No, it's not.

– Four-way intersection.

– Binh Quy is my wife's hometown.

Yeah, Ms.

Nha Phuong's house is not far from mine.

I've just visited hers recently.

Right at the crossroads, there's a white house.

Turn left and you'll see a fine mi quang bistro.

– Near a three-way intersection?- Yeah, right after you exit the highway.

There are many great mi quang bistros there.

I bet they're drinking.

What for? It's just a party to celebrate our opening.

Who are there? Of course there are people from Color Man Food and Color Man Fashion.

Why did you have to go all the way to meet me? No, I must give you a special welcome.

They told me: “Mr.

Giang is here!” Then I instantly rushed to the store.

I can use you to promote our shops.

This place's cool! – Is that so?- Yeah, cool as a cucumber.

Well, they're my own products.

My store can't be as big as the other brand.

Like Co.

op Food, they're big company.

We can't have such large business as Bach Hoa Xanh.

In my store, there are my products and ones from some other brands.

That's all.

I haven't tried this yet.

Instant coffee is best used in the office.

– Khuong Dua's already been here?- Yeah, he turned my stores upside down.

He left for work.

He caused a lot of troubles! He exaggerated our promotion.

That made everyone curious and crowd my store.

He yelled: “Buy 1 get 5 free”.

No wonder why he drew the crowd.

– Naughty!- It's a mess this morning.

He didn't stop there, he moved to Color Man Fashion.



and told everyone he'd give each one 5 million VND.

This is really lovely.

Tram chose that.

She does have a taste.

Her taste's quite fine.

How are you doing, Tram? – Have you fully recovered yet?- Fine, I guess.

She spent her time for this business.

– You look quite skinny.

– I weigh 39 kilos.

39 kilos? If you have a role in a scary movie, you don't need any makeup.

She weighs only 39 kilos! Like a zombie! Funny, isn't it? And one is too fat.

Oh, please! Stop! You don't want to eat or something? I can eat normally, I just.



She grows her worms! Oh dear! Her worms eat what she eats.

Eliminate them! She weighs only 39 kilos! Today I come here to wish you prosperity.

Good luck on your business, Color Man! Hope that you can get what you want.

– I won't open a bistro.

– What? – I won't open a bistro like yours.

– Oh yes, please don't do that.

Thanks a lot, Truong Giang.

There's a great bond between us.

That's why I must rush here.

He's super busy but.



he managed to pay our stores a visit.

Well, it's very kind of him to do so.

Note our address: 407 Hai Ba Trung, .



ward 8, district 3.

– It's Color Man Fashion.

– Yeah! The address of our food mart is.



53 Nguyen Huu Cau, ward Tan Dinh, district 1.

Another one is at 87 Bui Huu Nghia, ward 1, district Binh Thanh.

We're about open another food mart at 540 Hung Phu, ward 9, district 8.

There are 3 upcoming stores, I want to bring my products to all of you.

There will be one in district 6.

– One in Tan Ky, Tan Quy.

– One in Laos! There's one in Hanoi: 50 Lac Trung.

I'll go to Hanoi tomorrow to celebrate its opening day.

Really? In Can Tho city, my store's at 107 Tran Van Kheo, district Ninh Kieu.

My products are available at A Dai kuy teav bistro: 53 Phan Dinh Phung.

Or Uncle Ut snail bistro in Soc Trang.

It's right at Den bridge.

All of my products are there.

In Hue, you can find my products at any store of Mrs.


Goodbye, everyone.

I'm thirsty! Get me a drink! Here come the customers!.